Untucked, Episode Six

drag race season 10 episode 6 team body hugsRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked – Season 10 Episode 6, Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

Team Face goes backstage.  Wigs are removed, and Asia asks the group how they feel about being safe.  Asia says she is cool with it, but if this has been a week with an individual-based competition she probably would have won.  Of course she is cool with it.  Monique is not happy being safe.
Monique mentions she had gone to seminary school.  She ran out of money, and started hair school.  It was a very dark period in her life, because she tried to “pray the gay away”, and was working with a lot of gay men at hair school.  Monique gives the world a PSA about how nothing changes if you try to pray the gay away. Preach!
The rest of the queens join the bunch, and tell the others that it looks like The Vixen and Blair will be the bottom two of the week.
A TV is wheeled into the lounge!
It is for a video from Eureka’s mother and sister. Eureka’s mother is currently fighting cancer.  Her mother tells Eureka she is her number one fan.  Eureka cries, most of the group cries.  Tissues, and paper towels are requested.  Asia says it is great Eureka has the support of her family.
There is another video, and it is Blair’s mom!  She is a sweetheart, and tells her there is  big chunk of ranch dressing waiting for her.
Cracker prepares to give it her all if she has to LSFYL.  Eureka and Kameron come to comfort her, she feels very sad about losing this challenge, being judged as not funny. She says that comedy is her bread and butter.

Blair discusses again why she goes to a lot of shiny, pretty things, because her first sexual experience was rape, and she has been trying really hard to get in a place where she can be happy.  Blair says she never used the word rape before this day, and Vixen and everyone tell her how brave she is for sharing her story.  It is a good step for Blair, and she helped a lot of other survivors out there tonight.

Blair leaving after elimination is so sad, and so sweet! She gets a note from every single queen, and leaves on such a good note, buried in a fuschia, tulle boa, with hanging crystals.  I love her so much, it’s sad to see her go, but I cannot wait to see how her drag progresses over the next few years.

CW: Rape, Sexual Assault



If you, or anyone you know is the survivor of rape, or sexual assault, and needs resources, advice about talking to police, and lawyers, or just someone to talk to, please contact RAINN
Phone number: 1-800-656-4673
Online chat:

-Aoife, TV Guru



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