Bubbles, and Wig Breakdowns

Housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 5 bubble soccerThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 5, Shade in a Bubble

Ashley takes a yoga class, and invites Candiace, and Gizelle.  Candiace arrives first, and  says Ashley has been really helping her with her wedding, and has been very supportive. This is also the first time Candiace and Gizelle meet! Ashley was hoping Gizelle would warmly welcome Candiace.  It does not go that well, but well enough.  They are friendly, and have fun in this yoga class.

Robyn has Karen, Charisse ,and Gizelle over to her knew house for a painting party. They write insults over the wall.  Gizelle talks about Candiace, and tells them that she said that her husband is white, but his penis is not.  Thank you for the weird news, Gizelle.
Ashley comes up next, of course, and Robyn talks about how she, and Ashley need to get to a better place.
Charisse makes fun of the bad paint job everyone did. Charisse, please come back to this show!

Ashley, and Michael talk about the situation with Ashley’s mother.  Ashley talks about how difficult is was to talk to her mom. Michael is insistent that Ashley cut her mother off financially.  Michael says he does not know how they could go forward otherwise.

Everyone arrives at bubble soccer!  Candiace welcomes everyone, including Robyn. who does not remember meeting Candiace two weeks ago.  Candiace’s sister Crystal, also meets the ladies.
Everyone gets into their bubbles! Gizelle claims that Robyn is the person is person to beat.  Robyn and Monique run into each other as hard as they can, and end up falling on their backs.  Karen arrives with her assistant/friend, Matt.  Candiace is disappointed that some of the women did not invite their husbands, since this was a couple’s event.
The game starts! At some point, Monique gets out of the bubble, and tries to toss the ball in the net.  Everyone is sweating because it is hot in those bubbles, and needs to hydrate.
Karen wants to know where is the food, Chris assures her it should be there any second. Karen complains to us that this is not proper event hosting etiquette.

Everyone gets food!  The men sit at one table, and the women sit at another. The women grill Candiace, and it comes out that Candiace’s mother pays her mortgage.   They haze her some over that. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 5 candiace karen Ashley tells us that Karen is happy that the focus is not on her, but thinks she should not be so harsh.  Then, Karen’s wig comes to life, things get worse as Candiace and others try to help Karen re-adjust it, and there is a wig disaster.  I wish this would happen every time she behaves horribly to someone. Also, I admit, I would probably be a walking wig disaster if I get into wigs.
Candiace thanks everyone for coming, and tells them her next event will be held indoors.

What did we learn this week- This was a snoozefest of an episode, and Bravo needs to stop dragging out seasons like this.  Karen’s wig mishap was the only halfway entertaining thing about it, and that is hardly noteworthy.

I hope Candiace getting financial support from her mother will be not coming up throughout the season, and on the reunion.  I do not know why this is a big deal to some of the women, since either they, or their children are trust fund babies.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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