Reunion Part 2: All Dorit Electric Boogaloo

beverly hills housewives reunion part 2 lisa rinna teddiThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 20, Reunion Part 2

Vanderpump starts off by showing us her double-sequin dress that turns from pink to gold on her breasts, but then turns it back to pink. Everyone asks Lisa to turn it back the other way, but she will not. I want this dress, and guess who has this?  Kelly Rippa was on WWHL, and said she also has this dress. We know it comes in short person sizes, which is good for me.
We are shown a montage of fashion this season, and Erika wins the season. Erika wins fashion on this show.  You would too if you had money, and Erika’s glam squad.
Erika once again talks about the difficulty of wearing latex, but that it is worth it.  She explain the baby powder helps you slide on in a latex garment.
Erika spends forty thousand dollars a month in “glam”, but Erika Jayne is making that kind of money. Erika, Mikey, please send me end of the month rejects!
Andy asks the burning question, who has the most shoes.  It is no surprise Vanderpump is the winner of this question.  Yes winner, because she has hundreds of shoes.
Andy then asks Teddi all kinds of questions about her breast implants, because he loves boobs.
Everyone is asked about their favorite look of Erika’s, a bunch said her Tokyo pink wig look. beverly erika tokyo

Kyle is asked about the break-in, and robbery at her new house.  The thieves stole not only expensive items, but sentimental items which cannot be replaced.  This is horrible for Kyle, a robbery is so violating.  The security system from Edwin, Teddi’s husband was not yet fully installed.  Vanderpump gave Kyle a Chanel bag for her birthday, to help her rebuild her bag collection. Kyle says she does not know if she wants to stay in her new house, but needs to think about it.

The friendship between Dorit and Erika comes up.  We are shown a montage of their blooming friendship.
We are then shown the relationship between Dorit and Rinna, which has had its ups and downs this season.
Dorit is asked why she gave Erika a second chance, but she addresses Rinna and apologizes for not recognizing that Lisa was hurt too.  She apologizes for everything she and PK said about Rinna.
Dorit says the situation feels different betweetn Erika, and her relationship with Rinna.
Erika is asked about how she gets along with PK now, and says they are cordial.  Vanderpump says to know PK is to love him.  My fellow recapper Deidre would agree!

Camille is brought out, and we shown her giant engagement ring.  The wedding may be in October.  Kelsey Grammer is brought up for some reason, and Camille is asked if she has been in touch with him about getting back together.  Let Fraiser stay in the past with his tossed salads and scrambled eggs!  They’re calling again!
We see a Camille montage, even though she is not one of the Housewives this season.  Will she be back next season?  Things get bad when the Dorit incident comes up, and the resulting feud. Beverly hills housewives reunion part 2 camille
Camille has brought the ball gag Dorit would not accept.  Dorit is asked why the ball gag was a big deal, when she gave Erika panties as a gag gift.  Dorit says she feels bad about her behavior, but Camille says everything coming out of Dorit’s mouth is an excuse.  Erika says that if things come out of your mouth, you have to be willing to take people coming back at you.
We also find out that Allison DuBois, The Medium stopped talking to Camille after the whole drama with that get together. She felt like Camille set her up for the show, which was not the case.
Andy is given the ball gag for the clubhouse.  It belongs there forever.

The ladies return to the stage after a break, and we delve in to Teddi and Dorit’s issues this season. We are shown a fighting montage of Teddi and Dorit. Teddi says she messed up, and apologizes to Dorit.
Andy says that Dorit talks to much, and asks Teddi if she agrees.  She says that Dorit is good at getting her point across, and a number of the ladies vocally disagree.beverly hills houewives reunion part 2 vanderpump dorit erika
The rose in a champagne glass nonsense is brought up.  Teddi says if she was in Dorit’s position, she would have been more subtle about asking for a different glass.  Vanderpump tells Dorit she should have handled it differently, and Dorit agrees.
Dorit apologizes for making Teddi feel uncomfortable in her own home.  Dorit also says Teddi should not feel like she has go out of the way to make other people feel comfortable, at her own expense.
Dorit being super late is brought up, and Teddi says she wondered why Dorit was talking with Kyle. Dorit tries to turn it on Teddi, and Teddi tells Dorit to please not gaslight the conversation. YES, Teddi!
Dorit says she does not really know Teddi because she is one way to her in person, but talks about her behind her back.  Dorit says she will own what she has done and said, and hopes they can move on.

Vanderpump is up next, and we see a montage of the friendship issues with Dorit, and Kyle. We are shown a lot about the jewelry photo shoot that Dorit did for Vanderpump, and that Vanderpump is not using the photos.
Vanderpump says it was supposed to be all about the jewelry and not about Dorit. Erika thinks everything could have been rescheduled so Dorit could look as perfect as Lisa desired.  Vanderpump brings up that Mark, the photographer did not want her photos used, either. Oh, remember those video receipts?
Vanderpump is asked why she told Dorit the decision had been made the night before, when the decision had been made a month before that.  Of course, we do not get a real answer, and are shown the photos of Dorit’s arm, and chest covered in jewelry,  without her head.

Why do we need another week of this reunion? Tune in next week for the reunion finale.

What did we learn this week- I love that Camille wore the ball gag as a bracelet, then gave it to Andy for the clubhouse.  Also, do not come for Camille, as we saw tonight.  She knows how to argue better than you do.

I get that Dorit was really in the middle of almost every drama issue this season, but are all three parts of the reunion going to mostly focus on her?  If not, what kind of filler are we in for next week? This season does not warrant a three-part reunion.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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