Ramonja Fight: The Friend Hell in Bendel

Housewives of nyc season 10 episode 5 tinsley carole
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 5, Tea For Tat

It’s almost Thanksgiving in NYC.  Ramona is hosting a Christmas shopping party at Henri Bendel!  I want to come!
Ramona tells us she does not understand why Sonja sent her those texts, including calling her a “P.O.S.”.  I wonder if any of this is going to be discussed loudly at Henri Bendel.  At least it is a private event.
Bethenny tells us when it comes to Sonja, the group is acting like a bunch of third graders, alienating Sonja at the lunch table. Sonja comes over to show Bethenny her apartment, which is in the process of renovation.  Bethenny asks Sonja what the issue is with the other women.  Sonja feels like Ramona did not have her back, and says she is a sociopath.  Bethenny feels like Sonja does not have self esteem, and that leaves her open to people like Ramona taking advantage of that.  She and Sonja talk about Tinsey’s attitude toward Sonja.  Bethenny says that Tinsley should not be talking badly about Sonja, when Sonja opened up her home to her.

LuAnn is looking for an apartment on the Upper West Side, and shows Dorinda the area.  Dorina is somehow not familiar with this other “posh” neighborhood on the other side of town.  It is really not that far away. How is this possible? New Yorkers, please explore your own city, especially a neighborhood adjacent to your own!
LuAnn tells the realtor what she is looking for in an apartment, and the realtor walks away to make a call.  Dorinda brings up what happened in the Hamptons, and she is still understandably upset about what she said.  At the same time, she recognizes that Sonja is going through something.  Still, Dorinda compares Sonja to a rattlesnake, you have to grab her by the tail, and hold on tight. or she will bite you. Sonja is too annoying to be a cool animal like a rattlesnake.  Sonja’s bite would not kill you, it would just itch a lot for six weeks, no matter what you do to try and get relief.  Sonja is not vicious unless seriously provoked, either.

Carole invites LuAnn for tea, LuAnn but is almost an hour late.  She arrives in time for finger sandwiches. Carole tells LuAnn that she wanted to get together because they have not gotten together one on one for years, noting that they have had their issues. Carole says every time they are together, there is some negative energy, and asks LuAnn what they can do to make things better. LuAnn ends up defending her “toy boy” comment, and tells  Carole she wishes she would have sent her a text about her divorce.  Carole again brings up LuAnn did not get in touch with her when she broke up with Adam.
They both do not like the way things are now, and both want to make things better.

Tinsley is all dressed up for Ramona’s party, and is surprised by Scott!  She falls to the floor, as a reaction to the surprise. Tinsley  is so happy.  She calls Carole to tell her what is going on, and Carole admits she was in on the surprise..  Tinsley is definitely not going to Ramona’s party tonight.  Carole gave Tinsley some flowers when Tinsley and Scott broke up.  Tinsley says she has been keeping them until they got back together, and throws away the old flowers. She puts the new ones that Scott gave her in the vase.  I love that Tinsley does sweet things like this, it is very romantic.

Ramona arrives at Henri Bendel, and tries to set up some of the decor herself! As the party gets started, Carole tells Ramona that Tinsley will not be coming, because Scott surprised her, and they are going to Chicago for the weekend.  Ramona is happy, and says this news makes her heart go pitter-patter.  I want to be at this party and shop!  Everyone gets a discount, too, twenty five percent!
LuAnn arrives, just as Ramona hugs her friend Missy, who Tom was going after while he and LuAnn were married.  Carole tells Ramona she should not have invited Missy, but Ramona does not think they will run into each other.
No one knows is Sonja will be coming to the party, Ramona does not know what to expect from her anymore.  Sonja shows up!  Everyone shops, and there are too many fabulous accessories in one room.
Sonja greets the group, at this point, everyone is wearing something from the store. I want Ramona’s black rhinestone-covered demi-gloves.housewives of nyc season 10 episode 5 dorinda luann
Ramona and Sonja have the most awkward alone moment ever, and then things get bad when they start talking.  Sonja tells Ramona that she never cheated on her husband, and that in the Hamptons. she should have stuck up for her about this rumor  Ramona tells her that people say things when they are angry, and not to worry about it.  She tells Sonja that she can fight her own battles, because Sonja is an adult.  Then, they yell loudly in Henri Bendel.
Housewives of nyc season 10 episode 5 ramona sonja
Sonja complains about Dorinda bringing up Richard all the time, and after a few more seconds, Ramona walks away.
Ramona goes over to LuAnn and Dorinda.  No one knows what to do about Sonja.
Meanwhile, Sonja is walking around the party screaming that she is leaving wearing her new jewelry.
Ramona cannot deal with it all, and leaves her own party.
Dorinda and LuAnn seem kind of stunned that Ramona left.  They are not sure what to do, so they keep partying and shopping with the rest of the guests.

What did we learn this week-  What is going on with Sonja and this group?  I think at this point, they just have had it with her.  At the same time, it is good that Bethenny is not letting Sonja feel rejected by everyone.

If I ever win the lottery, I am hosting a shopping party at Henri Bendel, and you are all invited!

-Aoife, TV Guru


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