Reunion Part Three: Why is There a Reunion Part Three

Beverly hills housewives reunion part 3 vanderpump doritThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Season 8, Episode 21, Reunion Part 3

Vanderpump’s expression in this photo is how I feel about this season having a third part of the reunion.  We left off in the middle of focusing on Vanderpump cutting Dorit’s head out of her jewelry photos.  Vanderpump told Dorit the decision had been made the night before the photos were up, even though she had made the decision a month before that.
Erika, and Rinna tell Vanderpump this was a really nasty thing to do to Dorit. Vanderpump says she did not edit the photographs.  Dorit says she believed that Vanderpump lied about when she decided not to use Dorit’s photos, because when she watched the season, she saw the other photo shoot.  Vanderpump again insists she has no control over anything, because that certainly is not how Vanderpump runs her businesses.  Lisa, when confronted, you are not a good liar.

The discussion briefly branches off into the issues with Kyle, Dorit, and Vanderpump.  Vanderpump says Dorit does not always have the best memory, and that is okay.  Rinna calls out Vanderpump for treating her differently for when she forgot something she said about Kyle. Vanderpump admits she has “different standards” for people.  We know.

The Berlin trip is the next topic, and apparently, they visited the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Dorit is asked to talk about her grandfather’; Dorit talks about the effect in her family.  Kyle is asked about what happened to Mauricio’s family “during the war”.  Andy, if you are going to bring up the Holocaust for cheap tears on a reunion show, say the word Holocaust.  What was this?
The topic then shifts to Kyle having a panic attack horseback riding, and Erika’s moment in latex with the guy on the bike going past her, after she got out of her car.  Really, Andy?

Nanny Kay comes up!  We see a little montage of people saying Nanny Kay so many times, you will never want to hear those two words again.  Kyle tells Vanderpump that when speaking to her, Vanderpump always called Nanny Kay her “grandmother”.

Beverly hills housewives reunion part 3 kyle vanderpump andy
She  asks Vanderpump if she knows Kyle’s grandmother’s name, which ,of course, she does not know.  Vanderpump says that their whole relationship is about Kyle, and listening to Kyle talk about her anxiety and other health problems, her family problems, and how horrible it all is for Lisa.  Teddi brings up the very good point that this is what friendship is, and if you do not care about what your friend is talking about, do not pretend you have a friendship. Wow, thank you Teddi!
Somehow, Vanderpump gets Kyle to apologize for what she just said, and the topic she just brought up.

More footage we never saw during the season is shown about Kyle, and her complicated relationship with her sisters. Her show, American Woman will be coming out soon, and she does not know how they will feel about it.  She says her relationship with Kathy is not great, they are not speaking right now.  Kyle hopes that Kathy will watch the show, and get in touch with her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 8

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS — “Reunion” — Pictured: (l-r) Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Kyle Richards — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo)

Vanderpump notes that if their mother was alive, the sisters would probably still be talking.  Kyle starts to cry, she misses Kathy a lot.
Andy brings up Kyle’s second show in the works, which may upset her sisters.  Dorit and Kyle have a special moment, which will hopefully build up to the two of them being civil to each other.

Focus turns to the relationship between Teddi and Erika.   We are shown a montage of the “weird” decision for Erika to stay at a hotel while at Teddi’s beach house, when Erika told Teddi she did not remember, and to not call her a liar, and Erika apologizing to Teddi about it in Berlin, whilst dressed in latex.
Teddi is asked if she was calling Erika a liar, and instead of answering, she turns on Erika. Erika does not think she was being to aggressive in a moment where Teddi was questioning her integrity.  Teddi says to Erika, that she feels like Erika has always talked down to her, and it bothers her.  Erika says that is Teddi’s perception, Teddi’s problem with her, and that Teddi even said she does not know why Erika makes her feel a certain way.  Erika tells Teddi she is much more calculating than she appears, and she pretends she is a fawn among sharks. Teddi agrees about feeling like a fawn among sharks.  Erika basically tells her to get over it.
Vanderpump yells that she needs to listen to people, and that if she spoke to her the way she spoke to Teddi, she would not appreciate it.  Rinna again brings up how Vanderpump treated her when she did not remember saying something about Kyle.

Erika leaving the beach house is brought up yet again.  Andy mentions that Erika said she did not feel well a lot, and we are shown video receipts.  Erika says her glam squad was not at the hotel she stayed at, and she just wanted to clean up and sleep.  Erika says she did not want to get into great detail about what her symptoms were. Teddi and Kyle both say they had no idea Erika was feeling so ill.
Erika gets a Web MD diagnosis from a viewer of PTSD, and Erika denies.  Vanderpump asks Rinna if she has any pills.
Teddi  apparently wrote a blog post about what happened with Erika.  Erika is asked about how she feels, and she says she thought it was funny because it was fantasy. Teddi says she needs to get out her feelings, and tells Erika she sounds phony when she says Teddi belongs in this group.  Erika notes that her feelings do not seem to mean anything to Teddi.
Rinna notes this is all happening because both Teddi, and Erika are hurt.
Teddi says she is not scared of Erika, but does not like the uncertainty of being around Erika.  Dorit tells Teddi she told her that Erika “scares the shit” out of her.
Andy brings up that Erika has called herself  an “asshole”, and asks if she wants to change that about herself.  Erika says it depends on the situation, because sometimes she needs to be one in her professional life.
Teddi says she wants to get to a place where they can reach a mutual understanding of each other.  Erika tells Teddi that now all of this is out in the open, they can move on, because they both know how they feel about everything.

To end, everyone is served champagne in beer steins, except for Dorit, who is given a champagne glass.  A fitting way to end this Dorit-centric season.

What did we learn this week-  I cannot believe Vanderpump is so artful a manipulator, she actually got Kyle to apologize for a topic she needed to discuss. It really is not fun watching Vanderpump do this to people every season.

I wonder if Teddi and Erika will become friends, like Erika and Dorit became friends. I suppose we shall see next season.

-Aoife, TV Guru



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