Puerto Rico! Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Housewives of New York City Season 10 episode 6 bethenny dorinda miamiThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 6, Grief and Relief

Bethenny is heading back down to Puerto Rico for another relief mission.  Bethenny is bringing Dorinda, and says that Carole never contacted her about going on any of her relief efforts.

Carole and Tinsley have breakfast, and Tinsley orders avocado toast.  Carole wants her hard-boiled egg ON THE SIDE.  She tells Carole all about Scott’s surprise, and their trip to Chicago.
Carole says that Adam did something that might change everything between them.  He called Carole to tell her he is dating another person, and really likes her. Carole feels like she does not want him in her life anymore.
Tinsley thinks they should have a clean break, and declares she is no longer on Team Adam.  Tinsley, the rest of us feel the same way.

Bethenny, and Dorinda are in Miami, to head off to Puerto Rico the next day.  Dorinda says she was happy Bethenny called her to come help out. Bethenny tells her what the previous relief efforts over the last few months were like.  Bethenny is managing this relief mission herself, with donations, including the planes.  They will be handing out thousands of cash cards in one afternoon.

Tinsley, Carole, and Ramona get manis.  Carole looks amazing in the latest confessionals.  Ramona talks about what happened with Sonja at the shopping party.  Ramona says she told Sonja that she feels closer to Carole than Sonja now, and Sonja did not like that.  Ramona tells us she wants to be friends with Sonja again.
Ramona asks Carole how she feels about Bethenny inviting Dorinda to Puerto Rico, considering Carole has more experience with such efforts.  Carole says she had no idea this was going on, and she would have loved to have gone. Housewives of New York City seaon 10 episode 6 carole
Carole notes that Bethenny, and Dorinda are forming a stronger friendship, and perhaps that is why Dorinda was asked to go. She thinks it is odd that Bethenny did not reach out to her about it.  Carole is very supportive of what Bethenny is doing, but seems a bit hurt.

In Miami, Bethenny, and Dorinda go to a warehouse full of donations for the people of Puerto Rico, but no planes to get them there.  Bethenny found different people who had different ways to help.  Some people had planes to use, others raised money, others collected supplies, and Bethenny is managing all of this.   Bethenny gets things done!

Dorinda, goes to dinner with Bethenny and her charity operators.  Dorinda is a tad wasted, and talking about who knows what, but “it’s all about connecting”.  Bethenny is concerned that Dorinda is drinking like this, the night before they are going on a relief mission. The project partners tell Dorinda what they have been doing with Puerto Rico and Haiti.  Dorinda asks Michael, Bethenny’s partner in this project, about Haiti, and why people are focusing on helping Haiti before helping locally.  She grills Michael about his previous relief missions.  Bethenny is now mortified, and tries to turn the subject, but Dorinda is too drunk to focus.  They argue, then Dorinda leaves, saying that Bethenny always ruins everything.
Bethenny explains away Dorinda’s behavior, mentions Dorinda likes to drink, and sometimes it gets the best of her.  She tells them tomorrow Dorinda will be embarrassed about her behavior, and will be helpful with the distribution efforts.

Sonja is going to rent out her townhouse.  She has tried to clean and clear the house, and the photographers arrive.  Sonja’s broker tells her not to worry about the clutter at the moment. Sonja flirts with the photographer, but he is married.  She says perhaps that is best, because she needs to focus on renting out the townhouse.  Then, she finds out the photographer is gay, but Sonja checks to see if he is bisexual.  Just in case, because Sonja.

The morning after the dinner, Dorinda, Bethenny, and the group are ready to head to Puerto Rico.  Dorinda has not said anything so far.
On the plane, Bethenny brings up what happened at dinner.  She tells Dorinda sometimes she treats her worse than Ramona, but she always cuts her slack, because she is “a drunk”.
Dorinda says she is not a drunk, but she should not have drank so much the day, and night before.  Bethenny says it seems like more than that. Dorinda says she is going through a lot of things.  Bethenny says a lot of people go through things, and it is not an excuse.  Dorinda apologizes for everything.
Dorinda says she was triggered and has been thinking a lot about Richard for the last couple of weeks.  She tells Bethenny that is why she had such a harsh reaction with Sonja.housewives of new york city season 10 episode 6 dorinda
Bethenny tells us that Dorinda has chosen a man she is with part-time, and the rest of the time, she is thinking of Richard.  Dorinda says she wants to be a wife and mother. She is in tears. They talk about John, and Dorinda says she does not know why she will not get closer to him.  She says maybe she should go to therapy.  Bethenny tells her that is a good idea, and gives her a hug.

What did we learn this week-  I hope Dorinda can get to a better place in her life, and hope she does whatever needed to get her there.

If you want to donate to Bethenny’s relief efforts, you can visit the B Strong Foundation site by clicking the link.

-Aoife, TV Guru


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