Cher Says Slap Out Of It! Ghost emoji

Drag Race season 10 episode 8 ru slaps asiaRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 8, The Unauthorized Rusical

The queens return to the workroom after the painful elimination of Monique.  We are all still sad, and Untucked will not be the same without her.  Her mirror message reads in part, “Facts are facts”.
Asia, and The Vixen are both sad Monique has gone home.  Asia brings up how horrible it was to have to say on stage who deserved to go home, especially for Vixen.  Asia tells The Vixen she has never attacked her character, but Vixen tells Asia she attacked her dream. The Vixen goes on to tell the group, it does not matter why they almost all mentioned her, it does not feel good.
The Vixen, and Eureka are asked if everything is good between them.  Eureka says she never had a problem with The Vixen, but Vixen apparently had a problem with her, especially during Snatch Game. They start arguing a bit, and The Vixen tells Eureka she does not like her.  The Vixen, message received.
Asia notes that Vixen is really going after Eureka now for personal reasons, because Eureka did not mention The Vixen’s name on the main stage.
Asia takes off her fish face, and she has a black makeup mustache.  Someone calls her LeVar Burton, and everyone who knows who that is has a happy moment. Asia notes that her body still looks amazing.
Everyone congratulates Aquaria on winning Snatch Game.  Monet says the honestly thought the winner was going to be either herself, or Eureka.  Monet tells us she needs a win really badly.

The next day, everyone enters the room NOT singing!  Monet is blotting with a full-sized sponge, noting that she feels “spongetastic”.
They call themselves the lucky seven, and all celebrate that they are still in this competition.
drag race season 10 episode 8 aquaria
Everyone wonders what the next challenge will be.  Asia says that Kameron probably wants an arm-wrestling contest, and challenges her to one!  They are about to start when they are interrupted by the TV.
Instead of Ru on the screen, we see Chad Michaels as Cher! She really does not reveal anything, but who keeps booking Cher Michaels on these chicken-shit gigs, anyway?drag race season 10 episode 8 chad cher tv

Ru comes in, and announces the mini-challenge will be Slap Out of It, in which the queens have to react to Ru fake bitch-slapping them in the face, just like on season two!
That was a good challenge.  The contents have to come up with super sassy lines that will want to make Ru slap them in the face, not just react to Ru slapping them.
Eureka is first and has one word, two letter for Ru:  HD.  Eureka gets on the ground after being fake-slapped.
Kameron seems uneasy about approaching Ru.  Kameron looks Ru in the face and says, “They call you mother, but at your age you should be called gra….”, and before she can even say grandmother, Ru fake slaps her.
This is such a weird challenge.  At least in season two, this challenge was filmed like a soap opera.  Ru just seems like an abusive headmistress in this situation, and it is creeping me out a bit. drag race season 10 episode 8 evil ru
Cracker gets fake-stabbed in the solar plexus, instead of getting a potch on her punim.
Ru pretends to stab her again, and she artfully dies before us. This may be a little unfair, because Cracker has a lot more to work with here.
Monet has a great reaction to getting smacked, and even accessorizes with a tote bag.
The Vixen calls out “Vanjiiiiiiiie”, to Ru, they do a little dance, Ru slaps The Vixen, and The Vixen rolls on the floor, which reminds me of how she rolled on the floor during last week’s LSFYL.  It is a perfect reaction.
Asia’s reaction is to run around holding her face, yelling about it, then facing back to Ru.  It is so good!
Aquaria tells Ru her birthday, which makes Ru call Asia over and orders her to slap Aquaria.  The Vixen gives extreme side-eye to Aquaria’s slap-reaction.
Asia is named the winner of the mini challenge!

Ru tells the competitors about the main challenge.  They will be paying a tribute to Cher! They will be performing in a musical about her, each of them portraying Cher in a different era of her career.  Instead of lip syncing to some wrong-sounding Cher impersonators, they will all have to sing live!
Kameron will be ’60s Cher. Monet, and The Vixen will be different ’70s variety show Cher. Aquaria will be disco Cher, which gets her extremely excited. Asia will be movie star Cher.  Eureka will be rock star Cher.  Immediately, Eureka gives us a little “turn back time” impression. Ru tells her that was rotten.  Miz Cracker will be comeback Cher.

Everyone is running around the workroom in wigs, Cher’ing out.  Cracker finds it all disturbing, and calls it American Horror Story: Cher Edition.
Ru comes in for the workroom walk-in.
Asia is asked about how she will do movie star Cher, she has seen all of her movie roles.  Asia is asked to say snap out of it, but she is not getting the timbre of her voice.
Kameron asks Ru if he has any information about ’60s Cher.  Ru talks about the first time he met Cher, and how she has this presence.
Monet can sing, she sings basso in opera!  Ru says she does not understand why everyone compartmentalizes their talents, and if they have talent, they should bring it to everything.  Monet says her Cher is going to be based on Carol Burnett’s impersonation of Cher, mixed with Monet goodness. I am looking forward to this,
Eureka mentions that she is still in a fight with The Vixen.  Eureka tries to do another impression, but Ru thinks she sounds like Ethel Merman.
Ru seems concerned about Cracker’s take on comeback share, but Cracker assures her.
Ru asks The Vixen if she can sing, she says no, but she does Cher songs sometimes.  Ru also asks Vixen what has been going on with her and Eureka.  The Vixen says they have not had a come to Jesus moment, and that she is glad she knows where she stands with everyone.  Muttering is heard from the rest of the queens in the workroom.
Ru encourages The Vixen to figure out what is at the heart of the matter, and work from there.
Aquaria cannot sing, although she is confident about her singing ability.  Ru says she just wants everyone to embody who Cher is, she is an outsider.
Ru ends by telling everyone not to fuck it up, Cher-style.

Todrick is going to be working with everyone for the Rusical, and Kameron is asked to sing first. Kameron is getting nervous, but you can see she is being Cher.
The Vixen goes next, and Todrick tells her she cannot see the Cher in her.
Cracker has to sing into an autotune mic while singing, and doing the choreography.
Asia goes next, but again, no Cher.
Eureka is having trouble doing the choreography and singing at the same time. Todrick encourages her to try both, since everyone else has done the same.  The Vixen wonders why Eureka is trying to get out of this, when everyone else has sung the lyrics.
Eureka mentions that she had a traumatic experience with singing when she was younger.  She was asked to perform in front of his friends.  When she did not do a good job, he was angry, and there was a “physical altercation”.

It is elimination day!
Aquaria moves her makeup station close to the rest of the girls, so they can socialize more.  Monet checks in on Eureka, who is nervous.  Eureka appreciates the encouragement.
Cracker talks about how she had no access to pop culture.  One hour of tv a week, no toys, no movies.  They were very poor.  She talks about opening up cans of food where the labels had come off, so you never knew what you were getting, and bringing empty lunchboxes to school.
Asia talks to The Vixen, and tries to see if she can work things out.  Asia says maybe Eureka reminds her of the people who called her South Side Trash. She tells The Vixen to make sure she knows at what she is angry.  Asia also tells Vixen to stop lying to herself that she does not care what people think about her.  Hugs all around!  Asia rocks.

Runway time!  Our guest judges are Andrew Rannels, and Billy Eichner! drag race season 10 episode 7 billy eichner guest judge
Billy saw Cher on his 21st birthday!
Tonight’s runway theme is Glitterific.  But first, Cher, The Unauthorized Rusical.
It starts out with a series of tweets from Cher, but there are no ghost emoji!  Shenanigans!
Kameron does a great job as ’60s Cher.
Monet bursts out as ’70s variety Cher, getting a lot of laughs for the judges.  Is Monet going to get a win?
Vixen is next.  It’s a good performance, but we’re not getting Cher.
Aquaria also gets some laughs from the judges, as does Asia.
Eureka comes on the stage in Cher’s Turn Back Time outift, and the judges eat it all up.
Cracker comes out as comeback Cher, and does a great job. She nails the autotune.
The final number is called “Cher and Roaches”, because after the apocalypse, those will be the only two things left on Earth,
Bravo, my queens! This was so much better than having the contestants lip sync.

The runway is amazing, everyone’s Glitterific looks are amazing.  The Vixen’s construction foam dress is incredible.
Aquaria looks like she was dressing for the theme of the Met Gala earlier this week.  This had to be intentional, and it looks amazing.
Cracker has a golden skull puking glitter on her, and it works!
During critiques, Kameron gets rave reviews for her runway, and her Cher impersonation.  Michelle says Kameron did the best Cher out of everyone.
Monet gets great reviews for her Cher, but the judges do not like her runway.
The judges love The Vixen’s runway, but not her Cher.
Ru declares Kameron Michaels as the winner of this week’s challenge!
Asia and The Vixen are in the bottom two.  They have to LSFYL to Groove Is In The Heart by Dee-Lite! Yes, take me back in time.  Both Asia and The Vixen are channeling Lady Miss Kier, and it is great,  They are both so good, how are the judges going to choose?
Somehow Ru does. The Vixen goes home.

What did we learn this week-  Again, I am heartbroken by another elimination.  I love The Vixen, please run for president.  Chicago loves you, we love you.

Cher has one of the best twitter accounts in existence.  Since last presidential election season, most of her tweets have been about Trump.  Every other tweet is beautiful, peppered with emoji that sometimes make no sense.  Why ghost emoji?  Who cares, just use the ghost emoji for anything, and be like Cher.

Number of Boy Butter Commercials: 1

Number of New York Queens Remaining: 3

-Aoife, TV Guru


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