Let Your Ronnies and Vinnys Roam Free

jersey shore family vacation drinking clubJersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season One, Episode 7, Baby Mama Drama

Everyone is getting ready for Ronnie’s girlfriend Jen to come visit the house. Jen is greeted to flowers from Ron, and all the roommates on the stairs.
Ronnie gives her a tour of the house, and we are shown clips of Ron showing the French girl around the house.
Jen is asked about her background, and says she thinks she is eighty percent Great Britain.  Snooki asks her if she can speak Britain.  Jen says she cannot, and Snooki replies by doing a wonderful Jersey-Cockney hybrid accent.  Vinny tells Snooki Britain is not a language, and then Snooki does an Australian accent for some reason.

At dinner, Jenni asks Ronnie and Jen if they are going to get married, which is not awkward at all. jersey shore family vacation ronnie jen
Mike is enjoying his food, and says he is living his best life.  Ron makes a snide comment, Mike makes one back, and Jen calls him The Incarceration.  Mike is not pleased, and asks the table to pass the French fries.  Mike, you do realize Jen has no idea what you are talking about, right?’
Ronnie and Jen leave, and gets on Mike about saying French fries.  However, Mike and almost everyone note than Jen is an outsider, and started up first.
Vinny tells us he hopes Mike and Ron do not fight while Jen is here, or else everything that went on in the house will come out.

Everyone goes to a strip club! Vinny says he does not understand why someone would want to bring their pregnant wife to a strip club.
Then, when he is there, he ends up carrying one of the dancers around, even though he has a girlfriend.
Jen wants to go home, so she and Ronnie leave. He is disappointed to leave this club. Snooki thinks Ron is not ready to give up this partying and be married.
At home, Ronnie talks to himself about going from being responsible, to irresponsible, and back again.

When the crew gets back home, everyone grills Vinny about running around holding, and touching a dancer.  Vinny is so sure this is no big deal, that he calls his girlfriend, Elicia.  He tells her he was carrying this girl as a joke,  to “save her” from being a stripper.  Elicea is not happy to hear the news, and asks Vinny how he would feel if some guy carried her.
They talk for another minute and then Vinny asks everyone what is he doing.  At least Vinny ended up being honest about what happened.

The next day, Pauly and Mike drive back from the gym.  Mike is not happy about what Jen said the night before, and Ronnie must be saying things, because she would not know about these things on her own.
Everyone gets ready to go to the beach, and again the women tell Jen that she is the cutest pregnant person ever.
The women hang back at the lounge area, and the guys and Jen head to the beach.
On the way home, in the women’s car, Jen asks the ladies if Ron has been behaving himself, and it is very awkward.

The guys head out to the same club where Ronnie met the French girl, except for Ronnie.   Ronnie and Jen go to dinner, and Jen asks if the jacuzzi at the house has been used yet.  Ron tells her that they used it one night, when some girls came back to the house, and Jen asks if he went in with them. Ron tells her he did, but that was all that happened.  Ronnie tells us he will tell Jen what happened, but not in Miami, and not while she is pregnant.

Back at home, Vinny calls his girlfriend again.  Pauly first shows Vinny photos of dancers’s butts from the night before, then he films Vinny talking. Vinny again tells Elicea he does not see anything wrong with carrying a dancer the night before, and she does not agree. Pauly puts his tablet with a photo of Vinny trying to explain things to Elicea on the phone onto his chest, as Vinny talks to her.  This is a beautiful moment.  She eventually hangs up on him.

The next morning, Jen has to go home.  Ronnie is very happy that the group did not say anything.  As Ronnie walks Jen to the cab, she tells him not to bring any more girls home.
Jenni asks Ronnie how things went, and Ronnie tells her he will tell Jen the truth when he gets home.

Vinny calls his mom, Paola, to see what she thinks about this dancer situation. He claims he still does not see the problem with what he did. Paola tells him not to tell his girlfriend everything, and keeps calling him single.  Everyone listening to the conversation is extremely entertained.  Vinny tells his mother that she should hang out with Ron.  I love Paola, she is just wonderful anyway.
Later on, they have a talk in the women’s bedroom.  Ronnie again says he does not feel like he is able to handle temptation. Jenni says she could “be a big ho too”, but she found someone she loves and wants to be with them.jersey shore family vacation jwoww
She tells Ron to own up to everything.  Jenni asks him why he is also talking trash about her.  She tells him to just tell Jen the truth, and be a good guy.  Ronnie wants to deal with this situation on his own.  Jenni tells Ron she does not want her daughter ever being with a man who does not treat her well.  She says Ron will not want to be that man, especially when his baby is born.

What did we learn this week-  Ronnie clearly does not want to be in a serious relationship, and he should not be in one. I agree with everything Jenni said to him.

Pauly constantly teasing Vinny is hilarious.  They are really like Ernie and Bert, Pauly of course being Ernie.
bert ernie also

-Aoife, TV Maven


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