Untucked, Episode Eight

drag race season 10 episode 8 miz crackerRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked – Season 10, Episode 8, The Unauthorized Rusical

All of the queens head backstage.  Asia, and The Vixen are both scared.
Cracker asks everyone who feels they are in the bottom.  Asia says it is probably her and The Vixen.  Everyone says Kameron is going to win.  Kameron is excited, but she is very focused.  She does not seem confident.  The Vixen asks her why she does not seem happy. Kameron says she is not going to celebrate until there is something to celebrate.
Cracker tells us she would have picked Aquaria and Eureka for the bottom two, since they brought no Cher to the Rusical.
Asia feels disappointed that she got movie star Cher.  She feels like there was no chance for success with that part, and the musical parts were more iconic, and there was more to be done with them.
Cracker tells us that she hates excuses.  Aquaria cannot see out of her glitter eyes.

Eureka goes off to learn the words to the song, and Kameron goes with her.  Eureka asks her who she thinks is going to go home, and Kameron says Asia and The Vixen.  Kameron says Asia is her biggest competition here.  Eureka says she used to feel that way about Asia, but now she feels Kameron is her biggest competition.  Kameron and Eureka have a bonding moment, which is very sweet.

Cracker tells Aquaria she feels like she is always talking about how she is going to win everything.  Aquaria says she thinks she is missing something here, as are the rest of us. Aquaria says she does not mean to annoy anyone, and says she can just as easily lose at any time. Cracker keeps going, and tells Aquaria to get on the same level as everyone else and relate.
At one point, Aquaria is talking to no one, because she cannot see that no one is sitting on the couch with her.
Asia complains about the runway challenge.  Everyone seems like Asia is trying to find blame here, especially Kameron.  Asia thinks she would have won the runway challenge if she had put on rhinestones.
Everyone is called back to the main stage.  The Vixen is scared, as she prepares to go out, because no one survives a third lip sync.

The Vixen says she is sad that so many of her moments were angry moments.  She came here to show us how well she can do drag, not how well she can fight.  She says she knows there is someone else like her out there who might feel like because Vixen cannot make it further in the competition, they cannot make it further.  She tells them all not to give up, and they can make it.
She hopes that black queens, black South Side Chiacgo queens do not give up.
She reads all her letters, and appreciates it.  S

What did we learn this week-  Asia was very frustrated this week.  I hope she has a better time of it next week, and can focus.

I cannot take these eliminations now.  They are all so painful.  I love The Vixen, there is no way she will not make All Stars.

Number of times I cried, or teared up watching Untucked – 1


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