The Dizzy Bitch, Blue Eyes, and Little Miss Cheerleader

Housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 7 karen charisseThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 7, Blue Skies and Blue Eyes

Ashley breaks up the brunch fight, and shows everyone to their rooms at Fat Bird.  Bravo, Ashley!  Have you thought of a career in diplomacy, foreign relations, or even hostage negotiation?  Gizelle keeps saying all kinds of things, but quietly, and to whoever happens to be standing next to her.
Gizelle goes to talk to Karen, in her pool-table suite, about the brunch fight.
Karen tells us Charisse was in the right to say what she said to Candiace, and the “geriatric grandma” comment made her laugh. Karen, you would not find it amusing if Candiace said that to you, and you know it.
Candiace talks on the phone with her fiance, about what just happened, while Ashley and Monique eavesdrop in the hallway.  Monique does not like what she hears, because she is friends with Charisse.  She and Ashley still laugh it up in the hallway, and pretty much agree with what Candiace is saying.
Ashley brings a bag into Karen’s room to see if it belongs to her or Gizelle.  Gizelle and Karen think it belongs to Candiace, and that it is a piece of luggage from her mother.  They laugh like this is the funniest thing either of them have ever heard.
The women dress for dinner, and Gizelle wears Andy Cohen’s favorite outfit, a jumpsuit.  Gizelle goes to Robyn to complain, and talk trash about Candiace. and wonders if Monique has a problem with alcohol.

It is time for dinner!  Again, Ashley reflects on how important and meaningful it was that her grandfather spent all that time and money on their trips every summer.
Karen asks Ashley to pick a dessert for her, but Ashley is distracted, with a text from her mother, asking for money.
Karen asks Ashley what is going on between her, Michael, and her mother.  Ashley tells the women what is going on, including that her mom has to be out of her house at the end of the month.  Everyone is very concerned about Ashley, which is how it should be with this group. Gizelle asks Ashley what kind of mother would be putting their child through this.
Ashley tells the ladies tomorrow’s activities will be fly fishing, and clay skeet shooting.
Karen says she needs to brings up a big issue about how the women have been treating each other. Ooooookay. Karen tells Gizelle to stop talking about Ray, and to apologize to him.  Gizelle just agrees to do so.
Robyn is asking what Gizelle is apologizing for, the t shirts, or the “Uncle Ben” comment.  Karen goes off on Robyn, and no one seems to understand why, especially Robyn.  Ashley tries to get the ladies on another topic with dessert. It does not work, and Karen calls Robyn “the dizziest bitch”, because, she says, Robyn always chimes in.  Ashley says that comment is unacceptable, as does Charisse.  Karen apologizes for the bitch part of her comment, but not the dizzy.  The women tell her that is not an apology.  Karen then apologizes to Robyn for calling her a dizzy bitch.
The drama ends for now, but I am sure this will come up again on this trip.

The next morning, Charisse and Gizelle have breakfast.  Charisse does not give any details, but tells us that Karen told her something whilst tipsy last night, that she would not want her telling anyone.  I am sure we will find out, and it will ruin another Housewife meal.
The women split up into their activity groups, and Candiace goes skeet shooting.  Gizelle goes fly fishing and it glad “Little Miss Cheerleader” is not in the car.
Karen almost throws up in her mouth watching the bait be put on the fishing lines.  The women ask her how she grew up on a farm, if she cannot deal with fishing.
The fishing group does a picnic lunch.  Gizelle asks Karen if she really expects her to apologize to Ray, and Charisse says she really should, because he does not appreciate her comments.  Again, Gizelle agrees to apologize, but tells us she is not going to apologize about anything to “The Black Bill Gates”.
Charisse reveals that Karen wants to set her up with “Blue Eyes”.  housewives of potomac season 3 episode 7 gizelle blue eyes news
Blue Eyes is Karen’s supposed secret boyfriend.  Karen says she wants to set her up with a different Blue Eyes.  Gizelle brings up that Ashley’s stepson saw Karen, and Blue Eyes at Oz, and Ashley is telling everyone but Karen.  Karen says she does not care, and tells us Blue Eyes is her driver, nothing is going on with them, and she and Ray are good.
In the car to the next destination, Robyn and Ashley wonder if Monique is an alcoholic, and they just do not know.

The ladies arrive at an obstacle course.  Ashley thinks this will be a good bonding experience for everyone. Most of the women are forty to sixty feet above the ground.  Karen, who at first refused to do anything, is even doing the obstacle course, just four feet off the ground. That is still participation!
Some of the women go zip lining and then everyone heads back to the resort lodgings.  The group has had a full day, but the activity of the night is going to be a drama dinner.

It is time for drama dinner!  Ashley is late, and explains she was face-timing with Michael.  Ashley asks everyone how their days were.
Monique and Candiace get into it a little bit, about Candiace’s comments to Charisse.housewives of potomac season 3 episode 7 candiace monique
Candiace stands up for herself, explains the “bitch moment” comment, and the “geriatric grandma” comment.  Ashley immediately puts a stop to the conversation, and trying to change the topic.  Will someone please alert the Nobel Peace Prize committee, and nominate Ashley?
The ladies are served their entree, and begin to quietly eat.  Then, Robyn tells Monique she is a bit concerned that the day before, Monique drank almost an entire bottle of wine on the bus.  Monique tells her she only had four glasses of wine, and it is not a big deal.
Monique’s recent accident is brought up.  Monique says she fell asleep behind the wheel.  Monique and Ashley were having drinks before Monique got into the accident.
Ashley said the bartender served them three drinks before she drove home and got into her accident.  Monique says she was just tired when she got into the accident, and fell asleep.  Gizelle tells us she is not buying it.  Karen tells her there is a zero tolerance policy in Maryland, and she should not drive while drunk.  Karen tells us this is from her experience getting  DUI, and says if you plan on drinking, get a driver.
Karen quietly tells Ashley to stop talking to everyone about Blue Eyes.  Ashley asks her if she and Ray have some kind of arrangement. Karen gets defensive, and asks if Michael has been with that man in London.  Ashley says people have seen her with Blue Eyes, whereas no one has seen Michael with this man.  Gizelle tells us that if you have a man on the side, you should not be going to restaurants they all go to.
Karen keeps denying.  Charisse asks Karen if what she told her the night before was true, and if Ray asked her for a divorce.  Karen says yes.  housewives of potomac season 3 episode 7 candiace monique Karen secret
That is all we get!

What did we learn this week –  Please do not drink and drive.  Just do not do it.  Plan ahead.  You do not want to cause harm to anyone else, or yourself, you do not want to get a DUI, you do not want to destroy your car.

Again, Ashley should get an award for her peacekeeping attempts at this vacation.  Ashley, would you like to work at the UN?

-Aoife, TV Maven


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