Get Off My Jock!

Housewives of New york city season 10 episode 7 carole get off my jock
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 7, On an Island

Bethenny, Dorinda, and the group from B Strong, and Delivering Good arrive in Puerto Rico.  Dorinda is happy that she and Bethenny were able to talk everything out on the plane, and they are in a better place for the important work they are about to do.As they drive to a mountain area, Dorinda is warned about the devastation, but then she sees it for herself.  Bethenny has seen this several times, and is still heartbroken.  Dorinda says the feels like the media coverage was not accurate at all, and none of it showed just how much help the island needs.
Bethenny and Dorinda give cash cards, and supplies to people. They get and give a lot of hugs. Bethenny, and Dorinda both have their tearful moments in between handing things out to people.
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 7 bethenny dorinda puerto rico
The people are so grateful, and it’s criminal that they are not getting the help they need from the US, months after the hurricane.

Sonja and Ramona are going out of the city in a limo, to shop. Sonja is embarrassed to be in a limo.  Ramona brings up the conversation with Dorinda, and Sonja again expresses her hurt at Ramona not doing anything to stand up for her.  Ramona apologizes, and they decide to shop and have fun….in Great Neck.  This tacky store on LawnGisland does carry a lot of chinchilla fur vests, and jackets.  Why did they go here?

LuAnn and her friend Ben Rimalower, a cabaret director get together to talk about LuAnn about being a chanteuse, and having her own cabaret show.  Ooooh, a place to see Chic C’est la Vie performed in person! Sa bonne! Sa bonne!
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 7 luann
Ben notes that life has thrown a lot of things LuAnn’s way, she has made mistakes, and she is always resilient.  Things like that do make for better entertainers, because you see that when they perform. LuAnn is asked to sing happy birthday, and Ben gets a sultry version.  He looks so thrilled!

Bethenny and Dorinda arrive at more houses after nightfall.  They are both struck by the lack of electricity, and one house that is still destroyed, with a lot of people living there.  In one situation, one woman says they are the first people from the US who has given them money, and this is not the first time Bethenny has heard that.  Bethenny notes that none of the money being advertised in charities go to the people.

The women all get together for dinner, except for Dorinda.  Sonja arrives and immediately complains about her seating, she was the last to arrive.  Carole and Tinsley make fun of Sonja’s relationship with Frenchie.  Bethenny feels horrible for Sonja, Sonja says it hurts her feelings that she took Tinsley into her home, and now she mistreats her.  Bethenny tells the Tinsley, that it seems like when she came to New York she was at the bottom emotionally, socially, and in terms of her reputation.  Tinsley wonders where this is all coming from.  Sonja repeats the story, that Tinsley had no friends when she came back to New York. Carole is done with all of this, and thinks there is no reason for Bethenny to be bothering Tinsley like this.  Ramona tries to calm things down, but it does not work.  Bethenny, and Tinsley get kind of loud, Carole tells everyone to calm down, LuAnn tells everyone to keep it down.  Carole tells Bethenny, “get off my jock”.  LuAnn notes that there is something unresolved between Carole, and Bethenny, which is why there is now a loud argument at the dinner table.

Bethenny, and Dorina go to lunch.  They are exhausted after the relief mission.  Dorinda says she slept for two days.  Dorinda says that Puerto Rico changed her life.
Bethenny brings up all the drama at dinner the night before, especially Carole “jumping in” to the argument.  Bethenny, why would Carole let you just yell at Tinsley?  Bethenny tells Dorinda that Adam turned down a chance to do a relief effort, because he would not be compensated.  Dorinda is disappointed to hear this, and Bethenny says Carole knew about this, and was fine with it.  Bethenny mentions that Carola and Tinsley have more in common than she and Carole, so maybe that is why they have drifted apart.

Ramona and LuAnn arrive to Sonja’s cleaned-out townhouse.  It is now ready to be rented out.  Sonja needs them to help paint some chairs in the garden.  They get into white, paper, Hazmat-like suits.
LuAnn says her suit does not fit her well, because she is tall.  Sonja says she is tall, “like a man”.
They all talk about the argument at dinner the night before.  Sonja tells us it is awkward that Tinsley is in her social group, and she does miss her as a friend.

Carole arrives at Karen Duffy‘s house, aka Duff!  I love Duff, she is a chronic pain advocate. If you are alive back then, you might remember Duff from her MTV days.  Duff is having a party for her newest book, and all the women are invited.
Carole confronts Ramona about being called Tinsley’s puppet, but Ramona does not say much.  Bethenny arrives, and Carole asks her straight up if Bethenny said Carole was Tinsley’s puppet.  Carole, save it for a time when you are not hanging out with Duff! Bethenny says she did not say those words, but she may have said something to that effect.
Bethenny asks Ramona why she told Carole that she called her a puppet, especially when it did not happen.  Ramona gives another Ramona answer, and as usual, people are just satisfied like this.
Dorinda says she is having a 1920’s Murder Mystery party at her house in the Berkshires.
Everyone gets their parts, and the group seems to be into it.
Tinsley takes Sonja off to the side.  Tinsley tells Sonja she has been hearing all the things she has been saying about her.  She tells Sonja she was always grateful for living with her, and that if she has a problem to tell her.  Tinsley tells Sonja she wants to move on, and so does Sonja.  Sonja declares that, “it’s all in the past”.  Let us hope this sticks!

Carole gives a toast to Duff, and Dorinda spills wine all over a pile of Duff’s books.  A perfect RHONY way to end an evening!

What did we learn this week- Watching the scenes in Puerto Rico, if you feel like you do not know how to help, there are things you can do.  If you are in the US, call or write your representative in congress, and your senators. You can donate to Bethenny’s efforts here.

This is a personal issue for me.  I am really glad Duff was on this episode, and there was mention of her work with chronic pain advocacy. Her book Backbone, is out now.
Chronic pain effects around 76.2 million  people in the US.  That is one out of every four people in the entire country.  I have been living with 24/7 chronic pain for almost eighteen years, and very little has been done during that time to treat chronic pain. Last year, General Assembly of the UN, declared that, “untreated pain is tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.  I agree.
There is a lot you can do to help here,too.  Contact your Representative, and senators about this, the CDC, and demand treatment. Connect with disability and patient advocacy organizations. If you have someone in your life who lives with chronic pain, listen to them, talk to them, visit them,  ask if you can make them dinner, or offer to do laundry.  It takes so little to make someone’s life better.

I cannot believe this is how this recap is ending, but some serious issues were addressed tonight.
Next week we’ll be in the Berkshires, watching everyone overdecorate Dorinda’s house for Christmas, and yell at each other in flapper outfits.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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