Meatball Thief, and Guido Temptations

jersey shore family vacation vinny duck phone
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season 1, Episode 8, The Temptation of the Keto Guido

After being yelled at by Jenni, Ronnie cries, because he cannot handle his relationship.  The other guys try to make him feel better.  What does everyone do next?  Go back to the strip club from the night before.Jenni is having a great time with the dancers.  People throw money to the dancers, but Snooki thinks people are just throwing money everywhere, so she picks it up.  JWoww tells her the money belongs to the dancers, and they will be kicked out, if she does not give the money back.
As Snooki puts more even more money in her purse, one of the dancers catches her, and she gives her money back.  Snooki seems like she is jut too wasted , and not aware of what she is doing. You cannot take this meatball anywhere.

Back at home, Snooki tells the other ladies about an idea, that they should all find a woman for Pauly.  Everyone agrees.
Mike wants to go engagement ring shopping, and wants to take Jenni with him.
Snooki tells Vinny and Pauly her idea, and says it will be like The Bachelor.  He agrees to go along with this, though he wonders how the ladies are going to find someone for him, when he has not been able to over the course of his life.
They all  leave a flyer up at at the dry cleaners, so Pauly can find a wife.
Mike feels overwhelmed about the prices, and all of the rings. He ends up leaving the store.  Jenni feels bad, and they go home.

As the guys dress for the evening, Pauly says Vinny does not dress like a guido anymore, but kind of like a priest.  Vinny prays for Pauly, that he will meet many girls that night.  Pauly notices there are mostly girls in the club,  Vinny breaks his Keto diet, as he is not drinking in moderation.  He also tempted by a lot of ladies who work at the club.  Vinny takes one of the models’s numbers, and Mike knows this is a bad idea. Mike pulls Vinny away, so he does not get in trouble.  Vinny is wasted, and talks about how much he loves his girlfriend.  Mike has to physically direct Pauly into the house.

The next morning Vinny feels awful, as he and Pauly drank two bottles of vodka   themselves.  Jenni notices that Vinny has other girls’ numbers in his phone.  It is time for Vinny to call Elicea, and tell him what happened.  Pauly says she must be scared to answer the phone at this point, because it will end up with Vinny “reporting crimes”.  Vinny tells Elicea that a waitress put their number in his phone.  Elicea again tells him he would not like it if some guy gave her his number.   Once again, Vinny is in denial, and thinks he did nothing wrong.

Again, the roommates go out in search for a woman for Pauly.  Vinny comes up with the idea of making signs, and Ronnie feels like they are running a guido carwash. jersey shore family vacation episode 8 pauly d signs
At the end of the day, no one has found anyone.  The group decides to bake Pauly a cake instead, as a surprise.  Pauly dresses up for the occasion, and Mike tells him everyone is making a cake, ruining the surprise.  In the kitchen, everyone tells Mike he ruined the surprise, and did not realize what he did.  Jenni tells Mike that Pauly will now be expecting a woman,  and a cake.  Mike says he was excited about the cake, and he could not help it.
Vinny saves the day by dressing in drag, and presenting himself as the woman for Pauly.  Pauly is overjoyed, and declares it the best day ever.

Later on, Vinny calls Elicea, because he knows she has been upset.  She tells him she appreciates the transparency, but he is missing the point, and she is done arguing with him. She hangs up, and the episode ends.

What did we learn this week-  Vinny is a grown man, and if he cannot handle being in a monogamous relationship, he should not be in one.  It is tiresome watching this.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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