Too Many Timelines on Breastworld!

drag race season 10 episode 9 abbi ilana michelle judgesRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 9, Breastworld

It has been another emotionally painful elimination.  How do we go on without The Vixen? Every elimination just gets more and more awful.
Our still-glittery queens return to the workroom, and read The Vixen’s mirror message, except for Aquaria, who still cannot see out of her glittery eye holes.

drag race season 10 aquaria glitterific eyes
The group is confused as to what Vixen’s mirror message really means. Eureka is asked how she feels, and says The Vixen never liked her, “but the bitch was talented”, and she will go far.
Asia feels like she has learned a lot from her LSFYL, and she has a new game plan going forward.  She knows what she is good at, and will try to wiggle that in to every challenge.
Everyone congratulates Kameron on her win, but she is still in shock that she won.  She feels happy, she is just not able to show it.
Eureka note that Kameron said she wanted to win the Cher challenge, but did not tell anyone else.  Asia asks Kameron why she did not want anyone to know.  Kameron says she is known for her Cher impersonation, but wanted to be known for all of her drag, and not just that part of it.
Eureka says she cannot believe Aquaria was in the bottom three.  Aquaria says she was not in the bottom three, no one announced she was in the bottom three.  The other queens are literally speechless.  Aquaria says she did better than bottom three material. Monet and Asia tell us they cannot believe she does not think she was in the bottom group, we cannot believe this either. Aquaria says that she is getting too confident, and she wants enough of other girls to go home so she makes the top three, and this should be how everyone else feels.  Asia tells Aquaria she may be confusing confidence with unsportsman-like conduct.  Aquaria says she is sorry if she has come off as unsportsman-like.  Eureka feels like if Aquaria cannot be happy for the other queens when they do well, or win, this could cause a problem.

As Asia notes, it is a new day in the workroom! Monet notes how empty the workroom is now. Aquaria says there is more room for them, and Eureka tells her there is more room for her ego.  The girls tease Aquaria for a bit.  Cracker makes another brilliant pop-culture observation, that Aquaria is like that old frog mascot of the CW network, who was only good at performing when no one else was around.  Aquaria has no idea what any of them are talking about, because she was born in 1996.
A different voice comes calling from the TV, who could it be?  It is Stephen Colbert! drag race rupaul stephen colbert jacketHe has had Ru on The Late Show a couple of times, but he is here now!  He gives a speech, and then leaves on a cryptic note about acting.  The queens seem amused, but as usual, have no idea what the challenges ahead will be.
Ru comes down, and asks the contestants if they are hungry for some “fresh man meat”.  Of course, the answer is yes!  Ru, you are not on The Late Show right now!
Twenty members of the Pit Crew, wearing numbered necklaces, file in, and line up.
Ru tells the group they will be playing a round of “Pants Down, Bottoms Up”.  The queens will have to ask a member of the Pit Crew to take his pants off, revealing his underwear.and they will need to find the matching pair. The queen who has the most matches with the fewest tries wins. drag race season 10 episode 9 breastworld workroom
Everyone has a lot of fun on their turns, and when someone does not get a match, no one feels like they lost.  Ru tells Eureka her short-term memory is terrible.  She says it is because her mind is so full of “ass” in that moment.
At the end of the challenge, for safety reasons,  the Pit Crew dances to Peanut Butter in their underwear, and all is right in the workroom.  Ru recognizes that this needs to be its own show.
Ru announces the winner, with the best “pornographic memory”, Aquaria!

Next, Ru tells the contestants the main challenge.  They will all be showing off their acting skills, as they are casted in Breastworld, a new show on premium cable, about a magical world of drag queen robots.  Immediately, Cracker tells us she wants to fight hard to win this acting challenge.
As the winner of the mini-challenge, Aquaria will assign the roles.
Everyone sits down, and looks over the script.  Aquaria wants everyone to have roles they are comfortable with.  This seems like unusual behavior from Aquaria, especially since she just said she wants everyone to go home.  Eureka comments to us about this right away, and seems suspicious of Aquaria’s intentions, or at least confused.
Everyone chooses the roles they want, and it is done.  Aquaria tells us she is now more aware about how she was treating the other girls, and that letting everyone choose their own roles was the sportsman-like thing to do.
As they read through the script, Asia tells us she thinks it was a bad idea that everyone chose their parts before they even read the script. Aquaria soon realizes she gave herself the worst part in the script. drag race season 10 episode 9 aquaria Why do the producers even have roles like this in these challenges? Aquaria says she is the “Joan of Arc of this challenge, and the martyr to Breastworld”.  Damn Aquaria, just turn out this part!

Asia feels a lot of pressure, as she works on her character.  Ru comes in to check on everyone.
Aquaria tells Ru she did not was very generous with the roles, and ended up getting the worst role.  Ru tells her that was a mistake, but to bring the Aquaria to her robot role.
Monet is wearing an old wig, and Ru tells her she needs to wear more big wigs like the one she is wearing.  Ru encourages Monet to go for it fully when she does runway.
Kameron is told she is not the most gregarious personality, and needs to break out to be able to stay in this competition.  Asia tells us that there is not a lot of energy pouring out of Kameron, and the judges need that.
Asia discusses that she chose the role of a conservative person, because she grew up among people like that, including her aunts.  Ru tells her she needs to step in up this week, and gives her words of encouragement.
Cracker will be playing Julie, the hostess of Breastworld.  Ru asks her why she has not won challenges.  He tells her he thinks she uses her cleverness as a way to keep people away from her, and that vulnerability is power.

Everyone is on the set of Breastworld, and Michelle, and Ross will be coaching them. Let’s take a trip to Breastworld!
Miz Cracker has to be told what a cruise director is, because she is too young to have ever seen Love Boat.
Eureka is having some issues making her performance bigger.  She is having problems saying Ivyyyyyyyyyy Winteeeeeeeeeeers, and everyone ends up saying it all together.
Cracker has some more issues, and Monet tells us she is concerned, and does not want to see her girl lip sync for her life.
Monet is killing this rehearsal, no worries here.
Kameron is also having some issues.   Everyone always pulls it together when things get filmed, we should not fret.

Everyone prepares for the runway theme, “Silver Foxy”, where everyone is bringing elderly drag.
Everyone discusses the topic.  Aquaria says she gets along with older people better, and learns a lot from friends like Amanda Lepore!amanda lepore Aquaria is truly NYC drag royalty.
Miz Cracker and Monet bring  up an elderly drag queen on the scene, we need more!
The topic turns to dating.
Asia says she has problems, because people expect you to be your character.  A lot of the other queens understand.

It is runway time!! I am so excited that Abbi Jacobson, and Ilana Glazer are judges this week! drag race season 10 episode 9 abbi ilana broad city
Ru is actually on Broad City, as Ilana’s twisted restaurant boss, Marcel: Drag race rupaul broad city
Ilana is excited to see this runway, as are we!
Miz Cracker gives us glamourous Upper East Side matriarch.
Asia comes out with potato chips as props.
Monet’s runway!  She wears a hospital gown, extreme saggy breasts, and her IVs are full of colored booze. drag race season 10 episode 9 monet runway Love it!
Aquaria gives us glamourpuss, older fashion icon.
Eureka looks like Sylvia Fine from The Nanny, and Kameron looks like Grandma Yetta! drag race nanny
You know these two have seen a lot of this show. and have also seen some high hair on elder women in Tennessee.
We are shown Breastworld, which is cute.  Everyone does very well!
The judges love Cracker and Kameron’s runway looks, but not so much in Breastworld.
Monet gets good critiques for her performance, and her ad-libs, but only Ross loves her runway as much as I do. Ilana does not even dig it that much!  Ru says she should have worn that wig and heels, and that would have made this better.
Michelle does not think Aquaria looks like a seventy one year old woman, but she gets good critiques for Breastworld.
Asia gets rave reviews from Abby and Ilana.
It is really hard to tell who is going to be on the top and the bottom tonight.
Asia is named the winner of this week’s challenge!
Eureka, and Kameron must LSFYL to Patti LaBelle’s New Attitude.  Both queens are fun to watch, but Kameron brings it so hard! Eureka gets down in a split, and dances like that around the stage. Eureka brings it hard. At one point, both queens jump down into a split, this is what LSFYL should look like.
Ru does a double save, and both queens stay!!  Hooray!

What did we learn this week-  Ru should have done this double shante last week, but at least she did it this week!

Number of NY queens remaining: 3

-Aoife, TV Maven




2 thoughts on “Too Many Timelines on Breastworld!

  1. IMO, This double shante should have happened when The Vixen was eliminated. This week’s LSFYL deserved one too, but it seems like the producers are trying to set up Eureka to win…
    The producers have really been messing up with Drag Race on VH1, this last All Stars turned out to be a travesty of a season


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