Untucked, Episode Nine

Drag race season 10 episode 9 cracker runwayRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked – Season 10, Episode 9, Breastworld

The queens head backstage.  Cracker and Kameron are worried about their performances, and think they will be lip syncing tonight.
Cracker immediately goes to brush up on the song.
Eureka feels like she got read down, and she feels like she gets judged harsher because she was on last season.
Eureka tells the others she is going to learn the song, because she feels like she will be lip syncing.
Kameron also thinks she is going to lip sync.  Monet thinks Kameron always thinks she is going to lip sync.  Everyone gives Kameron encouragement.

Eureka has a very emotional moment with the girls.  She thinks she is going home, and just tells them how special they all are to her, how wonderful they are, and that she is so glad to have met them.  Everyone gives Eureka hugs.

Cracker gets a video from her mother and sister!  They are wonderful, and everyone gets emotional in a happy way. Asia declares she wants to adopt The Vixen’s mom, and Miz Cracker’s mom.  Cracker’s mother has a chronic illness, and is losing her vision.  She had a drive to do Drag Race, because this was the last chance her mother will have to see her on TV.  Cracker also says her mom regrets not being happy when she had the opportunity to be.  She turns to Kameron, and tries to encourage her, but she walks away in tears.

Eureka goes to check on Kameron.  Kameron was hoping her mother was going to be on the video. Kameron talks about her dad passing away a few years ago, and she has had a very hard time.  Kameron says she feels like emotions are weak, and they do not do anything for you, so she tries to not deal with her emotions a lot.
Asia says that if Kameron and Eureka are in the bottom two, it might be the best LSFYL of the season. It bothers Asia that Kameron thinks the worst about herself, and she seems stuck.  Monet says it seems like something that transcends this season, and Asia agrees.
Kameron tells us she understands the other girls are frustrated with how she feels, but she is fully prepared to lip sync.

What did we learn this week-   I hope Kameron can get to a point where she can deal with emotions.

I love a great LSFYL double shante!  It cannot be done every week, because no one would ever go home on this show from this point out.

Number of times I teared up, or cried watching Untucked – 3

-Aoife, TV Maven


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