Scent Event Torments

housewives of potomac season 3 episode 8 robyn moniqueThe Real Housewives of Potomac- Season 3, Episode 8, That’s Scentertainment

Karen acknowledges Ray asked her for a divorce, but it happened years ago.  Charisse does not buy this. The other women do not seem like they believe this either. Karen says they are in an “ok” place, and she is more worried about his health than anything else.  Karen brings up her new fragrance line, and wants to get everyone on this.  What? Once again, Karen dodges questions, and shifts the topic.  Ashley asks us if Karen “discovering herself” means that she will be creating a new business with no money.
housewives of potomac season 3 episode 8 karen
Monique is getting frustrated, and announces she needs a cigar.  Everyone goes to change into swimwear because it is hot tub time.

Behind closed doors, Karen tells Gizelle more about the divorce, and Gizelle tells us that this seemed like a recent event.  Gizelle also thinks Ray asked Karen, to protect her from the IRS.
The women go wig hunting in Karen’s room, and Ashley grabs Karen’s wig.  Beore they all go outside in their robes, Robyn introduces everyone to her friend.  Ashley comes out and does a Karen impression that has even Karen on the floor not able to breathe from laughing.
Everyone has a good time hot tubbing , and Robyn is really happy that the group loves each other “for tonight”.

Everyone is back in Potomac.  Monique tells her friend Hank, and Chris about people saying she was drunk when she got into the accident.  She is hurt by Ashley’s comments, and thinks she is a spy for the other women.
Ashley is talking to Michael about how Monique drank a bottle of liquor the night before, and wonders if she is going through something rough.
Monique goes on saying how she cannot trust Ashley.  I am too distracted, because Monique and Chris’s super-adorable child is eating carrots on the counter.  The carrots are supposed to go in that night’s dinner, this kid wants them now!
It is unfortunate there is a lack of communication between Monique and Ashley that will probably be addressed at a dinner, party, or other public event.

Karen has a meeting with her personal assistant, Matt.  She tells him every woman needs a bottle of fragrance.  She tells him she was inspired by her grandmother.  Matt says he knows nothing about the fragrance industry, and Karen tells him he will learn through this journey.  She tells Matt she wants to have a focus group with the women, and call it a Scent Event.  We need more anonymous tell-all books from assistants.  I do not need to know who you work for, but if it is someone like Karen, I want to know your stories.

Ashley drives to her mother, Sheila’s house.  Unfortunately, she has to leave.  Michael agreed to rent a house for Sheila, as long as her boyfriend was not going to live there.  Sheila has been packing up,  Ashley asks her mother what is going on, and Sheila says she is thinking about traveling, or moving away.  She says she feels like her family is a problem right now, and needs to get away.  Sheila expresses her frustration about Michael cutting off all communication to her.  Ashley tries to defend him, and says he does not want to take care of her boyfriend, and she did bring him into Michael’s life.  Ashley tells her mom she defends her to Michael, and she will defend Michael to her.  Sheila says she is going to change, and Ashley tells him they need to see her making steps to change.  Sheila asks what she will report to Michael.  Ashley tells her again this is not her money, it is Michael’s money. Sheila says she is going to be living in a hotel now.  This is so hard for Ashley.

Everyone looks fabulous for Karen’s Scent Event.  Karen has invited a fragrance expert to help everyone figure out a fragrance for their personality.
Robyn tells Gizelle that Monique feels a little chilly.  Gizelle agrees, and they wonder what is going on.
Karen asks which scent was the most popular scents that went around the table.  The ladies are excited to get their own individual fragrances.
Gizelle asks Monique what is wrong, and Monique says toxic energies, and that she wants to talk to Ashley.  Gizelle tells us that Monique should not tell Candiace she expects  transparency with her, if Monique will not be transparent with the rest of the group.
Ashley comes back to the table, and asks what is wrong.  Monique tells Ashley she did not appreciate her telling people she drank at lunch before her car crash.  Ashley denies telling them.  Ashley says it was not an isolated situation because she drank a bottle of wine on the bus to the retreat.  Monique says she has more to lose than a woman who gets an allowance every month.
housewives of potomac season 3 episode 8 monique
The two of them scream at each other, and the fragrance expert asks Matt to break it up.  Karen tells everyone to leave, and calls security to get everyone out.  What did anyone think Matt was going to do?

The fight continues outside.  Ashley says she never told anyone that she crashed her car because she was drinking.  Robyn says by denying she was drinking on the bus, Monique is calling her a lawyer, and they get into it.  Robyn tells Monique she is really getting into it with everyone, and then they really go at it.  They tell each other to shut up,  and scream until Monique tells Robyn she will choke her out with her umbrella.
Matt, go break it up! potomac press conference assistant

What did we learn this week-  Is Matt going to keep being asked to do things he should not have to do, like break up fights?

-Aoife, TV Maven


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