The Bezerkshires Always Make It Nice

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 8 luann jeanne menage murder mystery
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 8,
 A Frittered Friendship

Hooray, it’s Christmas season, and it’s time to go to the Berkshires, where over-decoration is a must!  We all wish we could go,chill on the purple couch, and look at the snow, and lights. 

Carole, and Ramona arrive early, to hang out with Dorinda.  The house is already over the top Christmas kitsch, including a Christmas TV. I would put that TV in a house with many rooms that need over-decorating for Christmas.
At dinner, Carole asks Ramona and Dorinda if they have seen Bethenny much in the last few weeks.  Dorinda mentions the Puerto Rico relief effort.  Carole tells Dorinda she missed a fight between her and Bethenny at dinner.  Dorinda relays what Bethenny told her about Adam turning down a chance to go to Houston on a relief mission.  Carole says she wishes Bethenny had told her that.  Carole thinks the story “sucks”, because when Bethenny has a problem with someone, she tells them. At this point, Dorinda is tipsy, and tells Carole how great she looks in red.  I love Dorinda forever.

The next morning, everyone gathers in the kitchen, where Dorinda has provided a beautiful breakfast. Why?  Because she makes it nice.
Carole gives Dorinda a birthday gift, and Carole and Ramona give her the gift of Donald Trump Chia Pet. Dorinda hopes it will sprout while the women are still staying over.
Bethenny arrives, wearing a Christmas sweater.  She loves the TV decoration!
Ramona is enchanted by the room of snow globes, and so am I!  Blue Stone Manor.
Bethenny has also brought a pair of Skinny Girl jeans! Bethenny, please send me a pair in black.  She also got Carole a sweater that reads, “All I want for Christmas is a new president”.  Carole wants to talk with Bethenny, but feels like since Bethenny is being all friendly, she will take her lead.
The rest of the women arrive, and LuAnn cannot wait to see all the decorations.

Everyone sits to lunch, and Dorinda says there are “rules of engagement” this year at the Berkshires.  She makes it clear what she will, and not be doing as host. For example, the ladies can serve themselves. No one is to touch anyone’s things.  Dorinda’s home is “not the Playboy Mansion, or Girls Gone Wild”.  I love Dorinda so for using a Girls Gone Wild reference like it is 1998. Remember ladies, if no one can behave themselves, then you’ll all go home!
Sonja and LuAnn are in the fish room, and the fish on the walls are creeping them out.  LuAnn decorates them for Christmas, with a Santa hat and some lights.  Everyone makes it nice at Dorinda’s.

It is 1920’s Murder Mystery dinner party time at Blue Stone Manor!  All the women have their parts, the cast arrives, and the game starts right away.  I love the costumes, but they all look like film actors dressed like rich flappers, except for Sonja, who is dressed as a sexy accountant, a rarely seen Halloween costume. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 8 bethenny tinsley sonja murder mystery
Upstairs, Carole tells Tinsley that Bethenny was upset about Adam not going to Houston.  Tinsley tells her she will make it better.

Sonja plays Maria Antipatsta, the accountant, and she thinks the man playing Mr. Feathersby, the owner of the manor,  is very cute. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 8 sonja murder mystery She likes all the men at the party.
The women all introduce themselves in their characters.  Carole smokes in character again!
Ramona is stirring the pot with the actors, and Sonja flirts with them, in order to get clues.  Bethenny says “finally, Ramona being an asshole is helpful”.
Fritters are served with dinner, and Bethenny wonders how to eat them while wearing silk gloves.  As Bethenny talks about how good the fritters are, one of the actors dies!  housewives of new york city season 10 episode 8 murder mysteryBethenny tells people to help, as she is holding a fritter.
Mr. Feathersby brings everyone into the dining room. Sonja is disappointed that one of the men is now out of the game. Dorinda breaks character, and asks for drinks and water.  Wine and tequilla are served.  LuAnn/Jeanne Menage says in a French accent, that when she drinks tequilla, she falls into “se bushes”. LuAnn is so much fun at this event!
Mr Feathersby dies, and Sonja plays with his head.  The police officer mentions this in his description of what is going on, and now it is time to find out the murderer.  Dorinda figures out she is the murderer, and wins a bottle of champagne.  By the by, her character is named Tammy Temperance.

It is time for dinner! Bethenny asks how far away is former RHONY Heather Thomson’s house.  Ramona beings up the trip to Heather’s house in the Berkshires, where there was no air conditioning. This happened how many years ago?
Bethenny tells Ramona that she told Carole that she called her a puppet, and wants to know why.   Dorinda tries to break up the argument before it starts.  She says they have some issues.  Carole says she feels like their vibe is off a little bit, and asks if there is a reason for it.
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 8 sonja carole dorinda murder mystery party
Bethenny She brings up that Bethenny was talking about Adam, and saying he wouldn’t come to a relief effort in Houston because he would not be paid.
Carole said that Page Six called her about a story about her and Bethenny being in a feud, and told them there was no story.  Then, Carole heard about all of this, and she asks Bethenny why she did not come to her.  Bethenny she called her about it, and Carole says she did not.  Bethenny says she emailed Adam, and Carole says that is not true either. Carole says that Bethenny is lying, and that Adam wanted to go.  Bethenny gets defensive.  Ramona is in wonder that Carole is able to out-argue Bethenny. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 8 bethenny murder mystery
Bethenny tries to get loud, but Carole changes that in two seconds, and keeps the tones low. Carole tells Bethenny exactly how she feels, but calls Bethenny honey.  Bethenny harps on the honey comment, but Carole is not playing into this distraction.  Carole tells Bethenny to stop talking and let her speak. Bethenny cannot do this, and the episode ends with arguing.

What did we learn this week- Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires is one of the best places to go around Christmas time.  Do not front, you want to go there too!  I love that Christmas television.
I am glad Dorinda laid down some house rules.

I do hope Carole and Bethenny can get over whatever issues they were having.    Also, don’t try to use distractions and faulty arguments when talking to Carole, she will not fall for it.  She will also never have to raise her voice to get her point across.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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