A Prank War to End All Prank Wars

jersey shore family vacation season 1 episode 9 Angelina
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season 1, Episode 9, Umm, Hello

Jenni and Snooki are going home to visit their families for the weekend.  Vinny says he is happy they will be going home. This is because they will be getting their nagging out, and will come back to Miami refreshed.  How did Vinny go from the man in which we had the most faith, to just having the same misogynist attitude he had years ago?

The boys plan a boy’s weekend, but do not want Deena around.  They purchase Deena a plane ticket, and write her a fake note from her boyfriend Chris.  Unfortunately Ronnie wrote the note, so it made no sense.  No one believed a word.  Deena is thrilled to be going home, and all the women leave for the airport.  Deena did not want to be stuck with all the guys, anyway.
jersey shore family vacation deena

The guys go out to the club, and there is a girl who kind of looks like Sammi Sweetheart. jersey shore family vacation season 1 episode 9 sammi doppleganger Pauly brings her home, but Ronnie calls her a cab before anyone goes to sleep.  Pauly wonders if it was because this woman really looked like Sammi.

We get to see Jenni back in Jersey with Roger, and her daughter.  Her daughter helps bake a cake, and this child is absolutely adorable.
We see Snooki with her adorable children, too.

The guys go test drive some hot cars.  Mike hits the complementary cheese plate hard.  He is asked to list the cars in his former collection.  Pauly feels bad that he had all of his cars taken away from him. jersey shore family vacation season 1 episode 9 mike ronnie test drive
The guys tear up the Miami roadways.

Pauly thinks Mike is almost too nice these days, and he wants to start a prank war. jersey shore family vacation pauly
Pauly gets all the guys together except for Mike, and suggests surprising Mike with Angelina, their unwanted roommate from the original series.  Ronnie notes that would be a prank on all of them.  Vinny does not like the idea, either, and feels like Pauly is acting like a kamikaze pilot, taking them all down in his Prank War.  Ronnie tells us he does not think Pauly thought this through, and that is why he is a DJ.  Vinny says he loves and hates this Prank War, he is worried about how things will turn out.
The guys also hope that Jenni will end up punching Angelina in the face.  What is this all?

Pauly calls Angelina, and invites her down to Miami. She accepts, and the plan is in action.  Ronnie says the girls will be really mad at them, and last time, Jenni even smacked Pauly.
Ronnie says Jenni is going to kill Angelina.  You know things are wrong when Ronnie can recognize them.  This is not going to end well at all.

It is the day of Angelina’s arrival.  The guys are excited, and worried.  The women all fly back from Jersey together, and have a bottle of wine on the plane. They make a drunk call to the house, and Jenni says they will be drinking some more.  What is going to happen when they all see Angelina?

The guys start making dinner, and Mike sets the table.  The girl are very drunk and having fun in the cab.
Pauly sneaks away from dinner, calls Angelina, and tells her to come over.  Vinny cannot keep a straight face  There is a knock on the door, and they make Mike open the door.
Angelina walks in, and Mike runs to the living room.
Angelina asks him if she still thinks she is a “dirty little hamster”, and Mike says he did not know she was still alive.  Mike asks what in “dirty little hamsters” is going on, and Angelina tells him he has been pranked.
The guys talk to Angelina about what is going on in her life. Mike still seems to be in shock, and admits this was one of the best pranks ever.  Angelina asks Mike why he blocked her on twitter, and he says it was because she said in the press that they slept together, and he has a small penis.  Angelina apologizes for saying he has a small penis.  Mike apologizes for all the things he said.  They both admit they have treated each other badly in the past.  This worked out better than planned.

The ladies walk up to the house.  Angelina wonders how the women will react to seeing her.
The ladies walk in to the house, walk into the dining room, see Angelina, and the womens’ mood drops, as does Snooki’s arm holding a large bottle of alcohol.
The episode ends, and we are stuck waiting until next week to see how the women react.

What did we learn this week-  It is really nice that Mike and Angelina were able to treat each other like adults, and talk about things.
I am not sure what Pauly wanted out of this prank, but I hope it does not end with violence.  This was not well thought out, Pauly!  What have you done?

-Aoife, TV Maven


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