Oh, Those SoMe Queens

drag race season 10 episode 10 ru mailRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 10, Social Media Kings Into Queens

After no elimination last week, all six of our remaining queens return to the workroom. They are all exhausted, and collapse on the couch. Monet tells us she wishes there were only five people going back into the workroom.
Eureka says she is tired of being terrified. drag race season 10 episode 10 top 6
Everyone congratulates Kameron and Eureka on their win, and on an incredible LSFYL! They bring up the simultaneous splits, and Aquaria throws shade by saying that would be the part in the song where one would do a split. Aquaria, sit down.
Eureka tells Aquaria that she seems like she has a problem with it, and Aquaria says she does.  She does not think the double shante should be a part of the competition, and goes on, and on about what should be happening in the competition.  Asia says she is lost as to what Aquaria is talking about.  Aquaria gets loud, and says she should be in the top five, and there should not be people “skating by” in this competition.  Asia asks her who she thinks does not deserve to be there.  Aquaria says nothing.
Kameron tells us Aquaria is talking about her, even though she won two challenges in one week.
Asia calls Aquaria out on this Asia says Aquaria is narcissistic for thinking that Kameron, and Eureka don’t deserve to be there, because it keeps Aquaria further from the crown. Furthermore, Asia does not like that Aquaria is making everything about her. In confessional, Asia puts down her drink to tell us that if you do think everything is about you, have the decency to keep it to yourself.  Yes, Asia!
Aquaria keeps talking about these vague people who do not belong here, and does not say anything, even though Asia asks for names.  Aquaria tells us she does not want to name queens, but is talking about Kameron.
Eureka says she is happy she and Kameron are still there, and all the other queens except Aquaria chime in.
Asia tells Aquaria she does not seem to know much about drag except what she has seen on Drag race.  That does not please Aquaria!  Asia says there might be another double shante, and no one knows what will happen.  Aquaria says she is frustrated because she feels she might not get a save like that.  Monet tells Aquaria she has been doing great in this competition, and to keep doing what she has been doing! Monet jokes about how she will keep on not winning challenges.  Cracker says she wants to be the first Drag Race winner who has no challenge wins.  Eureka tells us that she does not want to top three to all be from New York, and that team Tennessee will make it to the top three.  She says she would like to see Aquaria, or Cracker be in the bottom two, and go home.

The next day, “Team NYC” walk into the workroom together, followed by Asia, who says she is Team Texas all by herself, then Team Tennessee enters.
As the group sits at the table together, Aquaria apologizes to everyone for her behavior after the non-elimination. She tells us she wishes she was able to express herself without hurting everyone else’s feelings. Aquaria also thanks Asia for checking her.  Ok Aquaria, apology accepted!

Ru comes on the TV screen, spouting hot takes that turn into rambling.  No one is quite sure what to make of it.
Ru comes downstairs, and tells the queens that for the mini challenge, they will be playing super macho characters that will be posing for a commercial for manly body-spray, Trade.
As everyone dresses, Aquaria says, “Girl, I’m going to look like Mario”.
Kameron dresses like a construction worker who has been chopping wood, and then takes off his shirt, “for the ladies”.
Aquaria does not look like Mario, and gives a manly snort in her photoshoot.
Monet dresses as Randy, the wood chopper, and is hilarious.
Eureka has a mullet and fake chest hair, as BJ, the J standing for Jokester, and he has stank.  Do I have to say more??  Eureka will probably win this photoshoot.
Asia has a hard time sounding butch, but gets it at the end.Drag race season 10 episode 10 mini challenge
It is not a surprise, Eureka wins the challenge!

Ru starts talking about social media, and the internet.  He tells the group to welcome some of today’s hottest social media stars, Tyler Oakley, Chester See, Kingsley, Anthony Padilla, Raymond Braun, and Frankie Grande, who makes Monet squeal! drag race season 10 episode 10 some kings
The queens will be giving them drag sister makeovers, as is the custom every season.
Eureka chooses who will be matched together.  She knows that this is an advantage, and plays it well.  She pairs Tyler Oakley and Monet, Chester See and Cracker  Kingsley and Aquaria, Anthony and Kameron, Raymond and Asia.  She gives herself Frankie Grande. drag race season 10 episode 10 eureka frankie grande
Monet thinks this is a big mistake, as Frankie is already a huge personality.

Asia and Raymond hit it off, and Raymond says his favorite drag queen is Latrice Royale.  Raymond is taken to Asia’s wardrobe, where he falls in love with a sequinsed jacket.  Asia decides she will tailor their looks to Raymond’s love of this jacket.
Cracker tells Chester is told that it is ok to be heterosexual, and that the workroom is a safe, and loving place.
Frankie and Eureka talk.  Frankie is excited that he will be able to be on Drag Race, because Eureka will be doing all the sewing, hair, makeup, and body padding.
Monet has constant running confessional commentary about each pairing. Meanwhile, Asia is worried about Monet doing well in this challenge.
Aquaria is excited about being paired with Kingsley, and is not worried at all about doing his makeup.  Why would Eureka think Aquaria cannot do makeup on someone else?
It’s time for all the people in the workroom who are not drag queens to walk in heels.  Most of the men this year are not so bad!

Ru comes in to check on things.  At Cracker’s table, he asks Chester why he is so reserved.  Cracker says they are the same way, she is reserved because the wheels are always turning in her head.
Ru tells Tyler Oakley that he “has a fat ass”.  Tyler turns red, and says, “ma’am”! Ru told Chester he also has  a nice rump as well. Monet tells Ru they will be wearing some big wigs today.  Monet tells us she still does not understand what is wrong with her pussycat wigs, and says she will start selling pussycat sponge wigs.  Mere words cannot express how much I love Monet.
Kameron was bullied by hetero cis schoolmates, and has been wary of hetero cis men since.  She feels relieved that Anthony is nice, and they are having a good time with this challenge.
Raymond will not take off Asia’s amazing jacket, and tells Ru he wants to make the O’Hara family proud.
Frankie is super excited.  Eureka says through padding and proportionizing, Frankie will look like a twin Eureka.
Eureka tells Ru she paired up the other girls with the person she thought would be their demise.  The others are not thrilled to hear this.
Ru reveals a twist!  This season, each family will have to do a video version of Ru’s song, Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent.
Everyone dresses.  Apparently, Frankie Grande’s balls are grande, and Eureka needs to make some adjustments.  Tyler, and Raymond do some practice walks. drag race seaoson 10 episode 10 tyler oakley Frankie walks in huge, lucite heels to Monet chanting, “Fives across the board!”

It is elimination day, and everyone excitedly dances into the workroom with their drag sisters.  Cracker is having a good time, and reveals her sister, Cookie!  Cookie looks amazing, and will be on Season 11 of Drag Race.
Runway time! drag race season 10 episode 10 ross lizzo ru miles michelle The guests judges are Lizzo, and 13 Reasons Why’s Miles Heizer.
Asia and America O’ Hara are wearing sequinsed jackets embellished with everything, and I love it. Amercia is loving herself in drag.
Eureka and Eufreaka do look like twins!
Aquaria and Caprecia Corn look great, Kinglsey looks fantastic in drag.
Miz Cracker and Miss Cookie own that runway, I hope this will be a win for Cracker, Cookie is also loving herself!
Monet and Chump Change are sequined in bodysuits, throwing money, bespectacled,  and wearing big wigs! I like seeing Monet in a wig, just for the novelty of it. Big wigs are great, but not everyone wears them in their drag, and that is fine.
Kameron and Kelly Michaels are wearing matching metallic outfits.
This was such a great drag sister challenge!
The judges watch their videos, and make their critiques

Asia and America get rave reviews, and Michelle wants Asia to make a third jacket for her. Get in line, Visage!
Lizzo loves Aquaria, and Capricia Corn.  Michelle feels like the looks do not match.
Cracker and Cookie  get fantastic reviews, and Cookie says she would have sex with herself on the first date.
Michelle tells Monet she looks beautiful with the wig, and hopes she will not go back to her pussycat wigs.  However, she sees zero family resemblance.
It looks like this will be between Asia and America, and Cracker and Cookie.
The judges love Eureka and Eufreaka.
Cracker and Cookie get glowing comments, and everyone loves Miss Cookie.
Miz Cracker and Cookie win!  Hooray for her first challenge win!
Kameron and Monet have to LSFYL to Good As Hell by Lizzo.  This is going to be great.
From the first note, both Monet and Kameron are giving it everything.  One cannot take their eyes of either of them.
Monet comes out the runway, slides all the way down, and breaks a light at the end of the stage.  Kameron twerks while in a split.
Monet is sent home. My heart is broken, I love Monet!

A lot of Drag Race Alumni have released singles in the last few weeks.  I cannot get Aja’s Brujeria out of my brain!  It makes me feel witchy, empowered, and also makes me miss the really good botanica in my neighborhood.  Click on the link and watch!

Number of New York queens remaining – 2

What did we learn this week-  I love Monet, I wish she was not going at this point in the game, but such is Drag Race.  I am sad as I write these words.

Asia, please make me a jacket, let’s talk!

I really do hope Miss Cookie starts doing drag.

-Aoife, TV Maven



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