Relief, Grief, and Psychic Beliefs

Housewives of potomac season 3 episode 9 fightThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 9, A Happy Medium

The fight continues outside Karen’s Scent Event.  Karen tries to move Monique away from the others, but Robyn follows them, still yelling.  Charisse explains to Robyn that accusing someone of drinking and driving is not alright, at all,  Robyn is upset that Charisse is “defending” Monique, who just silently stands near the group.
Charisse goes to talk to Monique. Monique starts talking, cannot take it anymore, and starts to cry.  Charisse tells her she knows her, and the other women who think they know her do not.  Monique says she appreciates Charisse because she is always supporting, and building-up other women.  She is also a good friend.

Candiace and her fiance, Chris talk about their wedding.  She tells Chris that her mom has no problem with his younger children from his previous marriage being at the wedding, she might have a problem with his fifteen-year old from an old relationship. Why?
Candiace talks about how she wants them to have a blended family, and it might be difficult, but she wants to make it work.

Juan brings home some vegan food.  Robyn explains that Juan watched some videos about being vegan, so now the whole house is vegan.
Robyn tells us that Juan thought the man who raised him was his father, but that was not the case, and after his mother’s death, he found his bio father,
Robyn tells Juan that Monique was blowing up at her.  You know, completely out of nowhere.  She says it was awful that Monique brought up past financial troubles, because it makes her relive it.  Robyn, it’s horrible to say someone was driving drunk if you cannot confirm it, but you left that whole part out.

Monique brings her super adorable daughter, Milani, to Karen’s.  She apologizes to Karen for her behavior at Karen’s event.  Karen says she is happy to hear this, because she does not like to see the other women pull Monique’s strings. Karen says she feels for Monique in this situation, because of how the women treated her about Ray’s tax issues.
Monique gets a call, and then explains to Karen that she is organizing a relief effort to bring supplies to Houston, after Hurricane Harvey.  This really impresses Karen, and Monique tells her Chris wants her to take it easy, but she needs to help in this situation.  During these conversations, Milani took a bite out of almost every pastry Karen has laid out for them She is chided for it, but  Karen says Milani is acting like some of the women in their group. Milani just smiles.

Candiace and her mom have lunch at Chris’s BBQ restuarant.  They talk about the wedding, and the marriage.  Candiace tells her mother that Chris also has a teenage son.  Chris is not able to see him, because the mother will not allow it. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 9 candiace
Candiace’s mom is very supportive, and says if you want to make things work, you cannot put things like this “under the rug”.
Chris shows up, and talks more about his son.  He has not seen him in nine years.  Candiace’s mother encourages Chris to try and get in touch with him, and however his son reacts, it woul djust for that moment in time.

Gizelle goes to the salon. She tells her friend and stylist that she is really stressed out.  Her mother was effected from Hurricane Harvey, and wants to move in with Gizelle.  Gizelle says she cannot handle everything going on in her life at the moment, and it is all a lot of pressure.
housewives of potomac season 3 episode 9 gizelle
She has to walk away from the hair for a minute, her back to the cameras. She returns, and tells us things have not been going well with Sherman, and she cannot handle it all.  She starts to cry as she gets shampooed, but her friend comforts her, gives her a smooch, and tries to lift her up.  It’s good to have a friend as your stylist, especially during emotional moments.  It seems like some people hold in a lot, but let it out in a salon, while someone is working on their hair. Why is this?

Monique, Charisse, and some other women hold a donation drive to fill up two trucks donated by a local church.  The trucks will be going to Houston to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey.  It is raining, but a lot of people still turn up.
Gizelle quickly comes by, but does not want to talk to Monique at all,  does not stay , and is gone within five minutes.  At least she showed up!
housewives of potomac season 3 episode 9 gizelle hurricane relief
Ashley arrives.  She notes that she and Monique have their issues, which will probably come up soon, but the day is all about the relief effort.  Karen shows up, and asks to be put to work.
Within two hours, the trucks are filled and ready to go. We see footage of Karen putting something into a truck. Thank you Karen! Almost all the women were there.

Ashley and Monique have lunch, so they can talk.  Monique opens by telling Ashley she appreciates that she showed up at the donation drive.  Ashley says she has no bad feelings when it comes to her.  Monique again repeats how much her comments hurt her. Ashley gives what seems like a genuine apology, but Monique tells us she does not trust Ashley.  Ashley tells us Monique knows she what she did.

Robyn and Juan invite a medium to come over, Psychic Justin.  He says Juan’s mom is there, but goes by her nickname.  Robyn thinks it is impossible that the psychic would know her nickname, and is hooked along. housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 9 robyn spooky The medium spouts off facts that he clearly got off the internet, including the knowledge about Juan’s biological father.
He then tells them, that he is having visions of someone jumping from a bridge.  Robyn bursts into tears, and now we get into why I do not like people who claim they are psychic, and cause emotional harm as part of their scam.  This was their friend who took their money.  “Psychic” Justin, you are horrible.  He tells them that their friend would not have been content staying in the physical world.  Their friend will also not apologize from beyond.  Robyn talks about this person, and says she cannot believe that he is still acting like this today. Robyn, do not get taken in like this!
This whole sham makes Robyn and Juan feel better.  Robyn is happy that his mom is watching over them, and is happy they are still kind of together.

What did we learn this week? – I do not know what mysteries are out there in this universe, but I do know that Justin the medium is a scam artist.  I would believe that Bat Boy is real, before I would believe Justin is a psychic.

It seems like Monique and Ashley are understandably going to have blow ups as the season goes on, and I assume, at the reunion.

-Aoife, TV Maven



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