Christmas Arrest: More Merry Than the Berkshires

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 9 bethennyThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 9, Holidazed and Confused

The fighting in flapper costumes continues!  Everyone else cringes from the awkwardness. Bethenny gets all defensive again, and gets up to leave.  Bethenny tries to talk, and Carole interrupts her. Bethenny gets up and tries to leave again.  As Bethenny stands near the doorway, Carole again mentions that Bethenny never told her what Adam said about not going to Puerto Rico.  Bethenny says she called Carole and said nasty things about Adam because of that conversation.
LuAnn jumps in  out of nowhere, and talks about her niece. Why LuAnn? Tinsley jumps in after this comment, and tells LuAnn to stop.
Carole and Bethenny keep fighting.  It comes up that Bethenny called LuAnn a loser at the marathon.  LuAnn’s response is if that she is a loser, “the rest of the world sucks”. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 9 luann bethenny
At some point during the yelling Bethenny gets really upset.  She tells Carole if she did not care about mending their friendship, she would not tolerate everything being said. When it comes to the LuAnn comment, Bethenny says she has said something negative about everyone in the room at one point or another.
Carole leaves, with Ramona, and Tinsley.  Carole says Bethenny cannot seem to talk about the issue at hand, without bringing up other issues.  She also says that Bethenny was not supportive at the marathon, and she did not even donate to her charity.
This is such a mess!

Dorinda brings out her birthday cake, because it is her birthday!!  Dorinda brought out the cake to make everyone laugh, and smashes her face in the face.  Dorinda tells us she does a good job distracting everyone.  She did, everyone starts licking Dorinda’s face, or getting cake on them by Dorinda giving them a smooch.
Later on, everyone is drinking and having a good time.  Dorinda tries to get a naked Bethenny into an elf costume.  Things are looking up here, in terms of the mood!

Nope! Dorinda and Carole discuss what just happened, and elf Bethenny crashes the conversation.  Bethenny and Carole talk some more.  Carole once again says Bethenny never told her about everything.
Meanwhile, downstairs, everyone is grinding on each other, and having a great time.
Bethenny, and Carole continue to talk. Bethenny seems to think Carole has changed because of her hair cut.  They do seem to be trying to communicate.
Bethenny begins to cry, and tells Carole if she did not seem interested at the marathon, it might have been because of all the stress from her life and her charity.
Again, we are shown scenes of the women rolling around downstairs.  At least everyone else had a good time.

The next morning, everyone is having fun, and in a great mood, despite the fact they all must have hangovers, and need to drive back to the city.
Bethenny goes back to the city.  She gives Carole a huge hug, and says they need to go to the spa together.
It is always a little sad when everyone leaves Dorinda’s Berkshire Haus of Christmas.

Sonja has Leo, her contractor over to fix her leaky balcony.  While he is there, she asks if he can fix one of the sinks, because she had sex on it.  She then tells the contractor and his assistant that she also had to grab the towel rack.  By the by, Sonja will be staying with Tinsley, while the work gets done!

Bethenny tries to light a fire, for her annual holiday party! Dorinda notes that they have three annual traditions, A Hamptons trip, the Berkshires trip, and Bethenny’s holiday bash.
Everyone arrives, looking sparkly, and glittery, except for Carole.  She says she did not get the memo about the sparkly party looks, but that is fine with everyone.
LuAnn tries to get the women to go to a blood drive for the Red Cross.
Everyone does a White Elephant gift exchange! The gifts are all fantastic, even the regifts! Bethenny hands out Santa hats for everyone.
Dorinda has a special delivery for Bethenny, a life sized nutcracker for Bryn!  Carole calls Dorinda Mrs. Christmas, and that title is so appropriate.  Dorinda and Carole note that Bethenny does not seem so grateful to Dorinda about this gift.
Ramona gives back her gift of skincare products, because she is going to start making a skincare line. Bethenny says she is doing an informercial, and Dorinda wishes Bethenny would wish Ramona well instead of making fun of her.
LuAnn mentions she is going to Palm Beach on Christmas.  Sonja tells her Tom is going to be there for New Years Eve, which LuAnn did not know. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 9 luann
Bethenny brings up Tom’s current girlfriend, and realizes LuAnn did not know about Tom’s relationship du jour.  LuAnn tells us she cannot believe Tom is parading around another girlfriend so soon after their divorce.
Carole leaves a little early.  Ramona explains to Bethenny that Carole is just tired.  Bethenny says Carole seemed really sad, and wonders if she is alright.  Bethenny thinks Carole may be feeling lonely because of the break up with Adam.

LuAnn hosts a blood drive event for the Red Cross!  Unfortunately, she is not able to give blood herself.   Bethenny has sent someone from her office, to bring cash cards as a donation to the Red Cross.  Carole brings cookies because she cannot donate blood!  She is under the weight limit.  Sonja asks Carole if she is fine, because a lot of the women said she looked sad at Bethenny’s party.
LuAnn brings up “The Nutcracker Situation”.  Everyone notes that Bethenny did not acknowledge or thank Dorinda as she should have.
Ramona talks to Carole, and repeats everything that Bethenny said at the end of her party.  Carole says that Bethenny might be the one who is sad, and lonely.  Carole tells us what she is sad about is that Bethenny could not take her aside at the party and ask if she was alright.
They talk about Bethenny making the infomercial comment to Ramona.  Dorinda wonders why the group tolerates this kind of behavior.

Ramona gets a call on the street from Bethenny, and they get into a fight.  Ramona tells her not to talk to her about Carole.  Bethenny tells Ramona that she does not support women, and Ramona cuts her off. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 9 ramona
Ramona tells Bethenny she is the one who does not support women. Ramona brings receipts, and cites examples like what Bethenny said to her about her skincare line, what she did not say to Dorinda about the Nutcracker.  She tells Bethenny she tries to bring everyone down, and Ramona says she is not going to be a part of it.

We are then shown police video footage of LuAnn being arrested while drunk, escaping out of her cuffs. and having them put back on.  We see Luann’s mugshot, and courtroom footage of her charges.  This is how the episode ends.

What did we learn this week-  Everyone seems to be having issues with Bethenny at the moment.  Again, I do hope she and Carole are able to be friends again.

As for LuAnn’s arrest, our Deirdre wrote this piece after it happened.   I hope LuAnn is in a much better place right now.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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