Angerlinar: The Shart Heard Around the World

jersey shore family vacation season 1 episode 10 Jenni JWoww
Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season 1, Episode 11, Angelina Leaves Her Mark!

Jenni tells Angelina that she would like to get to know her more, but would not like to get to know here.  She tells Angelina she will go home tomorrow, and they want to finish the season as a family.
Angelina takes this very well.  The group tells Angelina they would like to get to know her better back home, and they all toast to her.
Snooki says they all need to go out together for Angelina’s last night.

Everyone lets loose at the club.  All the girls hug each other at once, Snooki is an out of control meatball as always.  Everyone has a great time.  Jenni says her mind is blown at how much she likes Angelina.
In the cab, it smells like someone farted.  Angelina explains she sharted in her pants, and they wonder if it got on the seat.  Angelina is mortified.  Deena moves up a row to sit on Snooki’s lap.

Back at home, Angelina explains that what happens was a “period shit”.  What? That is not a thing.  No, Angelina.  Pauly, and Vinny tell us in confessional  that Angelina’s secret will not leave the room.  The rest of the group tells Angelina the same thing in the living room, even though this is all being recorded to be put on the show.

Angelina shows the girls her underpants to show them she did not poop on herself.  Pauly takes a video, and says Angelina took a “Staten Island dump”.
Jenni wishes Angelina leaving would have ended on a high note. In confessional, Pauly calls himself a prank war champion, but admits he ended up pranking himself.
Snooki is in bed talking to herself.  Deena walks by, and Snooki calls her mom.
Jenni tells Angelina she is a little grossed out.  Angelina feels sad about it, and thinks everyone is going to think she is dirty, and gross.
Angelina talks to Snooki, because Snooki has had plenty of experience with drunk times.  Angelina says she feels embarassed.  Snooki says that no one is judging her.  Angelina says the guys are.  Snooki tells her not to cry over a fart, and tells her she farts in her sleep all the time.  Snooki ends her talk with a burp.

The next morning, Angelina only remembers bits and pieces from the night before. She is mortified, but the group tells her they were glad they got to know her, and they like her.
Pauly decides to dress up her luggage in trash bags, and make a black garbage bag red carpet for her.
Angelina gets emotional as she says goodbye to everyone, and hopefully they will all hang out back home.  Angelina tells us she finally feels like she is part of the family.

Jenni says she wants a vacation from the house, and she wants someone to clean the house.  The group decides to go to the Bahamas for the weekend.
The next day, they all leave, but the duck phone starts quacking, and no one answers. It is Vinny’s mother, Paola, and she is worried!
Meanwhile, everyone has having an amazing time in the Bahamas, drinking, and swimming with sting rays.
Paola is very concerned, and Vinny’s infamous Uncle Nino says they will go down to Miami, to check on Vinny.
Cut to more clips of everyone having  fun swimming, and snorkeling around an abandoned ship.
On deck, Mike says he does not like cold water.  Jenni tells us that he used to show everyone his abs, and has not done so once since he came here.
Cut to Paola, and Uncle Nino packing up all kinds of food treats for Vinny, and leaving for the airport.

We go back to the Bahamas, where Mike ordered a ton of food from room service.  Ronnie tells us Mike is trying to eat as much as he can in case he goes to jail.  After eating, Mike falls asleep, and Pauly wakes him up to go eat.
Deena meets Jenni, but Snooki is sick, and cannot go anywhere.
Everyone waits for Mike for forty-five minutes. Jenni yells at Mike for making them wait, then the group leaves without him, since he is still in his underwear.
They all get on the bus, and Mike gets on at the last second. He and Jenni argue on the way to dinner.  Mike makes a toast to everyone at dinner, then makes a nasty fart on the bus back to the hotel. What is up with this episode?

Paola, and Uncle Nino arrive at the house in Miami.  The door is open, but no one is home.  The two are taken up to the confessional.  Paola tells Vinny she does not understand why he does not pick up the phone.Jersey Shore Family Vacation vinnys mom paola laundry
Everyone comes home from the Bahamas.  Jenni dreads cleaning the house.  Cut to Paola cleaning the house, cooking, and Uncle Nino hanging out in the backyard, saying he spent the night in the “smashing room”, or whatever the kids call it.

Everyone is so surprised to see Paola and Uncle Nino!  Paola gives everyone hugs, and tells Vinny he has not called her in a month. Uncle Nino is in the backyard yelling at bikini-clad women, on a yacht that goes by.
This is how every week should end, Paola, and Uncle Nino.

What did we learn this week-  Again, every week should have Paola, and Uncle Nino. Angelina sharted, whatever, I need more Paola in my life.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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