Evil Twins Sans Van Dykes

drag race season 10 episode 11 asia evil twins runwayRuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 10, Episode 11, Evil Twins

Our top five return from the elimination, to find Monet’s message on the mirror.  Long live the sponge! Monet, why did you have to leave us?
Everyone has only good things to say about Monet. Cracker says there were so many times where Monet talked her off a ledge.  I am very sad Monet is gone, and I will miss her for the rest of the season.
Kameron genuinely feels awful that Monet is gone, and that Monet is gone because of her. She tells the others she feels horrible having to be the one to wipe off another queen’s mirror message.  Asia tells Kameron in confessional, that if she feels bad about it, she should go home.  Asia says if Kameron thinks it would be easier to be in Monet’s shoes, then she should ” put on your shoes, lace up them up, and walk your ass home to Tennessee”.  Cracker says that Kameron should honor Monet while wiping off the message, and grabs a sponge! Perfect.
Everyone sits on the couch, and congratulates Miz Cracker on her win! Cracker says that butterflies are her mother’s favorite creatures, and that seeing her mother and sister just helped her remember who she was.
Asia has a moment with us. Asia says that Cracker’s hair is nice, her looks are nice, she is funny, but she cannot see Miz Cracker as star material.drag race season 10 episode 11 top five
Aquaria rejoices that they are the top five!  She tells us she cannot wait to get her crown.

The next day, everyone is super excited as they enter the workroom!  The group is happy to be there, Aquaria is ready to win more challenges. Asia thinks everyone should bask in their temporary glory until Ru comes down the stairs, and reminds them that someone is going home.
Everyone is asked what they looked like the first time they did drag.  Kameron says she only wore one wig, and it looked like spaghetti.  Aquaria lets out an anguished gasp.
Asia says she wore a really bad blonde wig that looked like plastic. drag race season 10 episode 11 Asia also
Aquaria thinks she looked cute the first time she did drag.  We never get to hear what she wore, because Ru interrupts with another crytpic TV message.

Ru comes downstairs with special guest, and former guest judge, Cheyenne Jackson! Ru says the mini challenge will be called “Resting Brunch Face”, as it pays tribute to Drag Brunches, Everyone will have to drag up a giant pancake, and whoever makes the one Cheyenne likes the best will win.
Everyone runs to the table of toppings, and grabs everything.  Aquaria gags as she handles lunch meat and Spam,  and nearly vomits as she runs back and forth from the table to her station.  She tells us there are just too many food groups, and they don’t go together at all.drag race season 10 episode 11 mini challenge
Eureka loves all the garnishes, and wants to nibble on the raspberries, gummy worms, and tomatoes.  Eat, enjoy, and decorate!
Cheyenne is ready to judge as Ru welcomes him to the first international halfway house of pancakes.  It is a shame he has to try these pancakes.
Kameron’s pancake is named Patty, she is married to Peter Pancake, but is having a scandalous affair with Wally Waffle!
Cracker introduces us to Little Miss Wedding Cake.  It is her first time at a Drag Brunch, and she is very excited to be there.
Asia’s pancake is PanQuesha, from South Dallas.  She has “government Spam”, and an olive nose ring.  She is smoking a blunt, and is missing a tooth because she has “been through a couple of things”.  She is very happy to be at Drag Brunch!
Eureka shows us Cindy Ann, from the East Compton Residential Federal Prison. She is full of “mean things”, antioxidants, and heroin,
Aquaria calls her pancake Pancake’s Labyrinth, and says she is paying tribute to the art scene in Bushwick.  You mean the gentrifier art scene in Bushwick, Aquaria.
Cheyenne picks the winner, and to no one’s surprise, it is Asia!  Thank you PanQuesha.drag race season 10 episode 11 cheyenne jackson mini challenge
Ru kicks Cheyenne out of the workroom, and sends him home to his twins with PanQuesha. What child does not love pancake blunts made out of a cannoli?  Is that a cannoli?
Ru starts getting dark, talking about the negative dialogue we hear in our heads, telling us we are not good enough.  This week’s challenge will be to present two drag characters, one representing each queen at her best, and brightest.  The other character, will be their evil twin, a “dark-sided biatch that oozes negativity”.  Here is Mirror Spock, aka Spock’s evil twin from a parallel universe, to help us do a side-by-side comparison.  Note that Evil Spock wears a Van Dyke beard, but his eyebrow game is still Vulcan-hybrid strong.drag race spock evil twin
The queens will also have to write, and record the dialogue for both characters.
Aquaria wonders what could possibly go wrong as they channel the worst of themselves into a drag character.   No, please do not let this challenge be ruined like that, please.

Everyone gets pounds of material, and things from their wardrobe to create looks for the challenge.
Eureka asks everyone if they would please help, and say what they think is good about her. Aquaria says there is nothing she sees is good about her.
Everyone ends up doing the same thing for everyone.
Cracker is sad that everyone thinks she is emotionless.
Ru comes in to talk to everyone.  Asia says everything in this challenge is going to be made out of things she created.  Asia says feeling sad, or angry feels comfortable to her.  Ru wonders why that is, but agrees that the world feels more comfortable with fear. Asia says her most negative moment here was blaming a challenge for not doing well.  This is a very heavy emotional challenge.
Eureka says she has a look for her evil twin in mind, and it will be the exact opposite from her good self. Eureka tells Ru about how her self-saboteur effects her.  She talks about how it has effected her time on the show.
Aquaria wants to do a fun, whimsical look for her good side, and shows the looks for her bad side. Ru thinks she needs to think about how she is going to speak, and act for this challenge.  It is not all about what you are wearing. Ru tells Aquaria she thinks her self-saboteur is telling her that every time Ru comes to talk, that he would say Aquaria is a fraud..  Ru really wants Aquaria to bring everything to the surface.
When Ru talks to Cracker, he gets her to see that she really needs to open up.  Cracker really wants to be able to do it.
Kameron tells Ru she is making some more extravagant looks for the runway in order to step in up.  Kameron says her “sabatoi” , and that is how she is going to keep saying it, thank you, is her shyess.  Ru says that there is some who think shyness ends up drawing more attention to people than talking.  Asia tells us she does not think Kameron has the depth to be the winner.
Ru talks to the group, but it interrupted by his evil twin, Rude Paul! drag race season 10 episode 11 rupaul evil twin
Ru kicks Rude out of the workroom, even though Rude threatens to key Ru’s car.
Asia calls her evil twin North Korea.  I love Asia more than words can say.
Cracker is having issues with her sewing machine, and does not know what to do.  Asia tells us that Cracker should not be in the top five if she is going to have a meltdown over a sewing machine.  Eureka tells Cracker that it does not matter if she sews for this competition, it’s how she puts her looks together, what she does with everything, her attitude, and the dialogue she needs to record.

Elimination Day, but everyone seems to be in a good mood.  Kameron and Cracker tell each other they did not sleep the night before, because they are afraid of being in the bottom two.  Don’t listen to that saboteur, or sabatoi dialogue, you two!
Eureka says her inner saboteur sounds like Michelle Visage.
Kameron, and Cracker describe the negative dialogue they have in their heads.
Everyone talks about how they feel when they are boys, and not in character.  Kameron says that her confidence as a boy came from working out.

Runway time!  Tonight’s guest judges are Ashanti and Lena Dunham! drag race season 10 episode 11 michelle lena dunham Rupaul Ashanti carson judges
Kameron comes out looking like a goddess of the frozen North, as her good look.  Katrina Micheals comes out looking like a super confident, evil cave person.
Eureka comes out dressed like she is fuchsia Cher in Clueless.  Eufilthior, is her evil twin, and wow, Eufilthior is abusive.  She is really abusive!
Cracker comes out in a pink, Marie Antoinette style wig that you know she made herself. Miz Crumbs is snarling, mean, and adorned in bones.
Aquaria’s outfit is amazing, a lilac-colored, asymmetrical, ruffled, one sleeved, body suit.  Sabatina, Aquaria’s evil self comes out, again quoting Aja’s Linda Evangelista dis. She is fabulous, but not giving us depth. Of course, Lena Dunham loves this so much she says something.  Why is she here?
Asia is a beloved good girl in orange and white.  Asia’s inner-sabateur, North Korea is nasty, and elegant.
The queens and their evil alter-egos are up on stage to be judged.
The judges wanted to see Kameron be more evil as Katrina.
Ashanti and Lena both love good Eureka. drag race season 10 episode 11 carson Ashanti
Everyone loves Eufilthior, and Eureka really did do a great job with this challenge.
Carson and Lena love Miz Cracker’s look, Ashanti loved her swag.  They did not like her evil twin. Michelle says she did not go in very much.
Aquaria gets rave reviews for  both her good and evil looks.
Ashanti wants Asia’s tights, and Asia tells her she can take them that night. Michelle thinks North Korea was the most dramatic transformation.  Ashanti loved her disses.
Ru asks an evil question, of the evil twins.  What now Ru?  Do we have to do this every week for the rest of the season?
Ru asks who should go home and why.  Kameron says her biggest competitor Aquaria. Eufilthior, says Cumbz based on critiques.  Crumbs says her and Kameron, but between the two of them, Kameron should leave.
Aquaria says Kameron, and Asia says Miz Crumbs.
The judges do not give Kameron good critiques.   Eureka gets rave reviews of Eufilthior.  Miz Cracker gets bad critiques, but Lena says all the good things she sees in Cracker.  Ru says she is not giving us all of herself.
Aquaria gets reviewed for not having enough depth, Ru says her evil self was one of her favorite runways, and depth will come with age, and time.
Everyone loves Asia’s evil twin.
Ru asks Lena to bring back Girls, and Lena says only if Ru is the fifth Girl.
Ru brings back her girls. Aquaria is the winner of the challenge!
Kameron, and Miz Cracker are in the bottom two.  They will have to LSFYL to Nasty Girl, by Vanity 6.
Both of them are bringing it hard, but Miz Cracker is all over that stage.  Lena looks like she cannot keep her eyes on both of them.  Kameron does some magic with splits.
Cracker is eliminated. Kameron is truly the Lip Sync Slayer.

What did we learn this week-  We do all have that inner dialogue in our heads that is extremely negative.  Sometimes no matter what we do, it keeps going on.  Do whatever you can to replace that negative dialogue with positive.  Every time it starts, stop it by realizing what it is, and then acknowledge the truth.  It takes work, but is worth it, if you live with this. My ableist inner-dialogue never shuts up, but I am not going to live by what it tells me, or give in to the nonsense it tells me, and that I fight against in general.

Remind me again why Lena Dunham was a guest judge? It seems like an odd fit for Drag Race.

Cracker come back!

Number of New York queens remaining- 1

If you all interested in hearing our Queen Bob drag Azalia Banks for insulting our beloved Monet on twitter, please watch here. It starts a minute and 17 minutes after the start of this video.  Or, you can listen to the whole thing, and see what Bob has to say before she gets down to business.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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