Untucked, Episode 11

drag race season 10 episode 11 asiaRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked : Season 10, Episode 11, Evil Twins

Everyone goes backstage in their evil queen outfits.  Kameron is frustrated, and is afraid of being in the bottom for another week.  Cracker walks backstage feeling like she should be in the bottom, and for a minute she believed Asia’s critiques.

The vibe is serious.  Everyone asks Kameron how she feels, and of course, she feels horrible.  She thinks she was too funny, and it was not what the judges wanted.  Asia tells her that she should still be here, and that she should bring it all going forward.
Everyone thinks that either Aquaria, or Asia will win this challenge.
Kameron, and Cracker are backstage together.  They are both so down about how they did.  Cracker also feels horrible about Asia’s critique.

Asia, and Aquaria congratulate themselves on doing a good job this week. Asia asks if she learned something in this challenge, and Aquaria says yes, she channeled a lot of her behavior during the competition.  Asia says she really started to respect her as a person, and showed a different side of herself in a very real way.
Eureka says in the moment she did not believe Aquaria. However, she started to believe her when she was asked what her worst moment was this season, a clip we did not see until now.

Aquaria goes to talk to Cracker.  She tells Cracker to be nasty, and then Lena Dunham comes in the room.
Cracker is a big fan, everyone loves her.  Lena watches Drag Race!  She asks how they take off their makeup.  One answer is coconut oil.
Lena and Eureka talk about Divine, and Lena dressed as Divine for Halloween in fourth grade. Everyone seems to be impressed by this, but they forget, Lena grew up in NYC to artist parents.  Asia tells Lena she must have gone to a Magnet school.  Now I see why Lena is a guest judge!  Lena says she wants to live backstage at Rupaul’s Drag Race.

We are shown the LSFYL, and Miz Cracker’s elimination.

Cracker is sad, and feels like she is losing one of the biggest dreams of her life.  Before they went back on stage, she told Asia how she felt.  Asia told her she loved her and respected her, and Cracker told Asia to go to hell as a joke.  Cracker says she really is not happy with Asia right now.  Cracker says it was great to get closer to Monet and Aquaria, because they work together all the time.
Cracker tells Aquaria to bring home the crown to NYC!

What did we learn this week-  I learned why Lena Dunham was a guest judge.

Number of times I teared-up or cried watching this episode of Untucked – 0



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