Gala Wars, and Crashing Charity Events

housewives of potomac seaon 3 episode 11 shermans ex
The Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 11, Ex’s and Oh No’s

Ray and Karen go out for a romantic dinner, because Ray has been busy dealing with his tax issues.  Karen gives him the eye when he asks their server if tartar is “that raw thing”.Karen starts to talk about her mother, and gets very emotional. She talks about her mother was living with Alzheimer’s, and how, when her mother passed, Karen told her mom she was not ready to let her go yet. We know this is one really hard thing that Karen has to deal with.  It’s not surprising that thinking about these things, and talking about them at time like date nights, because this is just what happens to everyone.

Gizelle, and Ashley go shopping. Gizelle asks if Monique is going around telling everyone not to go to Robyn’s gala.  They both cannot believe that Karen is going to Monique’s event, and not Robyn’s.  You all need to schedule things better.
There is a visitor to Monique’s house, Kyndall Douglas, Sherman’s ex wife!  Monique had no idea she was Sherman’s ex until sometimes after Gizelle, and Sherman got together.
At the shop, Ashley asks Gizelle why she has not seen Sherman in month, and Gizelle tells him they are no longer together. Ashley really wants to tell Gizelle what Monique told her about Sherman “creepin in the park, after dark”, but does not want to do it now, when Gizelle is really hurting.  Ashley do not tell her at the store, but let her know when you are in private!

It is the day of both events, and Robyn arrives at her women’s empowerment event to get ready.
The Human Growth Foundation Gala has started, and Monique arrives.  Charisse is there, and so is Monique’s mother, Jenny, who must be the Highlander.  There can only be one!
housewives of potoma season 3 episode 11 event
Gizelle arrives at Robyn’s event.  Robyn is hurt that Charisse is not there, especially because she feels like Charisse has only. known Monique “for fifteen minutes”.  Gizelle tells us Karen has no character because instead of supporting Robyn, she just wanted to put on a ballgown, and go to an event with a charity she has nothing to do with.
housewives of potomac season 3 episode 11 robyn
Ashley, and Candiace arrive.  Candiace notes that she and Robyn need to get know each other better, so she went to Robyn’s event.
Kyndall walks into Monique’s event, and then Karen enters.  Karen invites Kyndall to the  Karen’s Alzheimer’s charity dinner. Kyndall accepts, and Karen tells us she needs to invite people who are going to give nice donations.
Monique gives her speech at her event, and Robyn talks at her event.
At Monique’s party, Monique notes that they will be donating the money to Icon Enterprises, which is one of Karen’s businesses, and not to the charity itself.  Karen says it is none of her business, and this is how it is going to be done. Monique tells her mother, and Charisse, that is it her business, because she want to know where is money is going
.housewives of potomac season 3 episode 11 monique event
Gizelle and Robyn talk about how they will not be paying to go to Karen’s event.

Candiace, and Chris go to check out a wedding venue at a hotel. Chris is worried about the price, but Candiace wants a lot of things at this wedding.  They look at a  set table, and Chris says he does not care what kind of chairs people sit in.  Candiace wants to have a flower display going across the entire ceiling.  Chris starts talking about going over budget, and Candiace asks him what is the decor budget.  Then, she tells him he is being annoying, and needs to relax.  Chris tells Candiace she is overthinking everything.  Weddings are so fun!

Ashley, and Michael go to dinner. They talk about the expansion of Michael’s company. Ashley asks if that is going to get in the way of them having a baby.  Michael says he does not want to talk about it at this dinner.  Ashley gets him to be upfront, and Michael says they will have children at the right time.  Ashley asks him to be real with her, and tell how he feels about having children.  Michael says the truth is, he wants her to push away from her mother.  He tells Ashley he does not want her raising their children, the way Ashley’s mother raised her.  Ashley says that she is offended.
housewives of potomac season 3 episode 11 ashley
Michael says he wants her to teach their children ethics.  Ashley says it is not fair of him to say she will parent like her mother, because of how her mother raised her.  Michael talks some more nonsense about seeing her deal with her mother, and how that shows how Ashley will raise their children.  No, Michael, this is ridiculous, and if you actually feel this way, that is even more ridiculous.  Michael then goes on to say that the date night has now been completely ruined, and goes back to not showing emotion.

It is the night of Karen’s Alzheimer’s Association charity event. Her assistant Matt is in attendance!
It turns out Gizelle and Robyn have dinner, and both want to talk to Karen about her missing Robyn’s event.  Gizelle also found out that Karen invited Kyndall to the event, and wants to talk to her about that.
Everyone else is at the charity dinner, and Kyndall walks in, and is introduced to the group.  Charisse tells us it is tacky that Karen invited Kyndall.
Gizelle, and Robyn are on the way to crash Karen’s event.  They are going to tell Karen how they feel about a lot of things.
The rest of the women, minus Karen, are all commenting about Karen inviting Kyndall.  Ashley tells Karen that Gizelle would not appreciate seeing Kyndall.  Karen says she has known Kyndall longer, and that she invited her because it is a charity event.
Gizelle, and Robyn arrive, and the episode ends.

What did we learn this week-  It’s a problem we all have, but come on, schedule your charity events and galas, so there aren’t clashing calendar problems.

I want to see what happens at Karen’s event right now.  I have a feeling it is going to be a one minute scene, with Karen possibly calling security.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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