Funerals, Wedding Dresses, and Baby Eggs

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 11 bethenny funeral
The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 11, Faux Weddings, and a Funeral

Ramona and Dorina are on the way to Bobby Zarin’s funeral.  Ramona says she recently  went to visit Bobby, and Jill.Ramona and Jill had a good talk, and worked everything out.  They both realized life is too short for drama.
Bethenny is on the way to the funeral as well.  Despite some issues with Jill in the past, she and Bobby had a good relationship, and she wants to be there for Jill.
Dorina says they don’t make men like Bobby anymore, and he is like Richard in that respect.
Bethenny wants to leave the funeral, but cannot.  She goes to Jill.  Jill tells Bethenny that Bobby loved her.  Jill cries and says she is alone now, and does not know what to do.  It does not matter what you think of Jill, this will break your heart.
Bethenny tries to make Jill laugh, and asks where are the gift bags. What kind of funeral does not have gift bags?
On the way back from the funeral, LuAnn calls Bethenny, and they have an emotional post-rehab conversation.  Bethenny is emotionally drained.

Tinsely’s mother, Dale comes to town!.  Tinsely says she always finds an excuse to come to New York.  Tinsley tells her mother that Sonja came to stay with her, and they are friends again.  Dale is happy to hear it, and they go hit the bar.
As they are served their wine, Dale says Tinsley was drinking too much last year.  Tinsley thinks her mom is being a mom.  Dale then brings up that Tinsley needs to pay the fees for her eggs that are frozen in Palm Beach. Dale brings up she made a comment to Scott, pressuring him about their relationship, and Tinsley gets upset.
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 11 tinsley
Tinsley tells her mother not to terrify her boyfriend, and talk to him about babies.  Dale then makes a suggestion Tinsley loves, to go try on wedding dresses.  Tinsley makes her mom promise not to say anything to Scott.
The next day, they go to try on dresses.  Tinsley finds a few she likes, but feels very bridal when a veil is put on her head.  So many photos were taken, did Scott ever see any of them?
Tinsley and Dale call the clinic where Tinsley’s eggs are kept, and she is sent a photo of her eggs.  Dale needs to come to town more often, these two are fun to watch.

Bethenny goes to visit Sonja, and see how her townhouse looks.  Sonja shows Bethenny a pair of her shoes from her shoe collection.
Bethenny tells Sonja about the funeral, and that she and Bryn went to Jill for a shiva visit.  Bethenny and Jill had another good conversation, but Bethenny wants to keep their relationship the way it is.  Sonja is happy to hear that Jill and Bethenny were able to move on.
Sonja takes Bethenny around the house, and Bethenny spies a fax machine.  She tells Sonja that is does not belong in any room, it belongs in the trash because it is from the time of the dinosaurs.  Bethenny would make a fun de-cluttering coach.

All the ladies except for LuAnn, go to a gym called Con Body, where they will be getting a “prison” workout.  The owner and founder of the gym has been in and out of prison,and made this business.  Carole tells the owner about what LuAnn did, and he asks if she is married. They all have to take mugshots before the workout. housewives of new york city season 10 epsiode 11 mug shots Tinsley is excited she gets to take a good mugshot.
This workout is hardcore, and the coaches are yelling!
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 11 og of jail
LuAnn comes up again, and Tinsley tells us these girls need to remember she is the “OG of jail”.  They all discuss what LuAnn told each of them in rehab, and all hope she will do well.

LuAnn leaves her treatment center, and heads home!  She says the last month has been “eye opening”.  LuAnn calls Dorinda.  They talk about the past few weeks, and Dorinda is happy LuAnn is in a better place now.  LuAnn says she physically feels better, and is looking forward to seeing if she is able to enjoy life sober.

What did we learn this week-  I would not watch a spin off show, but Dale needs to come to New York more.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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