Our Top Four ‘Mrrrrcan Queens!

drag race season 10 episode 12 top four american performanceRuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 10, Episode 12, American

Our top four return after elimination excited, they all made it to this point in the competition! Miz Cracker’s mirror message reads, “Know Yourself”. Eureka is sad that Cracker is gone, but notes that not only did Kameron kill that LSFYL, she has done it thrice! All Hail Kameron Michaels, Lip Sync Slayer!
Kameron tells us she thinks the other girls might be tired of her surviving the lip syncs, but she wants to claw her way to the crown.
Asia feels “haunted” by what she said to the judges about Cracker. She says there is a balance between what to say, and what not to say, and she feels that she was too harsh.  Asia tells the others that she owes Miz Cracker an apology. drag race season 10 episode 12 Asia
The group congratulates Aquaria on her win.  Asia tells us that the top three should be Kameron, Aquaria, and herself. She says Eureka’s weakness is that she is so loud, and overbearing. It also happens to by why Eureka is still here.
Everybody screams, “Top Fooooooouuuuuur”!
As they change, Asia and Eureka have an odd exchange, and Eureka tells us that Asia looks like The Babadook. She then goes on to say that she is friends with all of the girls, but “at the end of the day”, she wants to win.

The queens strut into that workroom, for they are the top four!  Immediately, they get this week’s cryptic TV message from Ru.
Ru comes down those stairs to deliver the final challenge! drag race season 10 episode 12 ru
The challenge will involve Ru’s new song, American, which he hopes will unite the country.  Each queen will have to write and perform their own solo verse.  They will then have to perform, and learn some hard choreography with Todrick.  Eureka looks really nervous about this.
They will also have to be interviewed on Ru’s podcast, What’s The Tea, with Michelle.
Ru leaves them with the great words of Abraham Lincoln, “Don’t fuck it up”.

Everyone starts working on their verses.  Aquaria tells us she has always dreamed of writing a verse for one of Ru’s songs, and performing it for him.
Eureka says she is going to rap, which results in some concerned looks from the others.  Eureka tells us she is going to do it, and surprise the world, or embarrass herself.
Asia is quiet, and is asked if she can sing.  Asia says she cannot, and looks worried. Aquaria reassures her, and reminds her of the magic of autotune.

Aquaria goes in with Todrick to record her verse.  Aquaria cannot sing, but is full of confidence.  Todrick tells her what to do, and she sounds alright at the end.  There will of course be some autotune, as there is every year.

It is podcast time, and Eureka talks to Ru, and Michelle first.  Eureka says one of her titties is surprised she is top four but the other is not.  She talks about her injury last season, and how much she had to deal with.  Ru talks about the “dark night of the soul”, and our eyes glaze over. Ru please stop with this all-knowing, amateur therapist nonsense.  Be a mother, not Dr. Phil.
Eureka brings up her mom, who is currently fighting throat cancer.  She wanted Eureka to be on Season 10, and is very proud of her.

Asia goes in to record with Todrick.  She is not on rhythm, and Todrick tells her to stop singing like a robot.  Asia says her favorite diva is Whitney Houston, and Todrick tells Asia to channel Whitney.  Todrick is really good at helping the queens sing!

Aquaria, aka Giovanni talks on the podcast.  She is from the suburbs of Philly, she came to NYC to go to FIT, and then the nightlife called. Aquaria says she has wanted to win Drag Race forever.  Aquaria, you are not old enough to rent a car yet! It is really cool that there is a generation of people who grew up watching Drag Race, something I cannot even imagine when I was growing up.

On the podcast, Kameron is introduced as the shyest person ever.  Ru asks what he is afraid of showing.  Kameron says his father kept his emotions inside, and that is the way he is too. When Kameron became a drag queen, her father eventually started coming to her shows.
Eureka records with Todrick, and is full of energy.  They make her do an elephant noise into the mic, and is that going to be in the track?
Asia is on the podcast, and talks about losing her parents in the same year. Asia says because of that she started creating family outside of her blood family.  Why are we not getting any details on any of these interviews.
Tordrick works some magic with Kameron, and she sounds good!  Todrick tells Kameron to trust and believe in himself, because sometimes he feels like Kameron does not do that.

Everyone is back in the workroom.  Eureka asks Kameron to sing, but Kameron does not want to.  Asia tells Eureka to stop pressuring Kameron to sing.  Eureka tells her that Kameron is her friend, and to not be so dramatic.

Todrick teaches everyone their choreography separately.  Aquaria cries after her turn, and says it is a good cry, she is very excited.  Asia has no problems at all.  Kameron says it will take her a few times to learn it.  Kameron is going to bring this hard.  Three words; Lip Sync Slayer.
Eureka has some issues putting her moves all together, but she will probably kill it as well.
All the queens learn the group moves. Eureka is watching, and not doing them.  Eureka tells Todrick she is going to do this.  Todrick tells her not to sleep that night, and just practice.

It’s elimination day, and our queens come in singing, “Top Four”.  They find cocktails, and toast to their success.  Kameron says she is finally moving her stuff over to the other girls.  After a few minutes, Kameron moves back, because she is too hot, and does not want her makeup to melt off.
They all talk about their darkest moments.  Asia says it was hard for her to hear Tisha Cambpell tell her she did badly.
Everyone talks about wanting to win.  Asia says the winner of this contest should be “Vanjie”.  This is true, we have been screaming Vanessa’s name all season, even Michelle, and Ru!

Runway time! Ru tells us to all register for the mid-term elections!
Ru introduces the performance of American.  The hero here is autotune, but each queen’s verse is great. You would never know any of them had any problems singing, or with the choreography.  The judges laugh throughout Eureka’s solo, which is a good sign for her.
Everyone then gives their best Final Four runway.  I want Aquaria’s star dress, and hanging star tears.  Asia gives us Queen Tut, with an Egyptian look made better with incredible padding. Eureka comes out with a dress with the definition of the word Eureka, and a dictionary hat.
Everyone gets their critiques and praises for the whole season, the challenge and the runway.
Ru asks each of them what advice they would have for their child selves.
Aquaria tells herself to get a better tutu.
Kameron starts to cry when Eureka talks, then Eureka does as well.  Emotions!
Everyone is then asked why they should be America’s next drag superstar.
How are the judges going to pick our top three?
Ru makes all of our queens LSFYL to Call Me Mother by Ru.  Is Kameron going to send everyone home right here?  We have never seen Aquaria LSFYL, so this is fun to watch.  No one is doing any splits, or jumps, because there is no room.
Ru declares no one will be eliminated, and the Grand Finale will be a Top Four situation.

What did we learn this week-  If you need a vocal coach, hire Todrick!  He seems to be doing magic on this episode.

People need to stop saying “At the end of the day”, on reality shows.

This was the most disappointing podcast interview segment.  We learned almost nothing about anyone!

We were very lucky this season, and the cast were all great queens!  These were the most genuinely painful eliminations in any season of the history of Drag Race.

Who are you voting for?  Go and vote!  While you’re online, do register to vote in the mid-term elections, too!

Remaining number of New York queens – 1

Remaining number of Tennessee queens- 2

-Aoife, TV Maven


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