Untucked, Episode Twelve

Drag race season 10 episode 12 top four workroomRuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked – Season 10, Episode 12, American

Everyone is excited to be in the top four, and we hear a clip from each queen as they walk backstage. Kameron says she is not doing cartwheels, or splits in her gown, if she has to lip sync. Do not ruin that gown!Asia says she is at peace and is so happy she made it this far.  In an interview question we did not see, Aquaria told the judges that Asia helped her a lot in this competition.  Asia says that just made her feel like she did what she was meant to do, and she can enjoy being in the top four, no matter what happens next.  Asia helped everyone!  I know there are Asia haters out there, but none of  you can deny this.
Aquaria tells her that everything Asia said means to much to her.
Asia says you never know what someone will say that will be the same for someone else.
Eureka talks about how everyone in the room supported her during the competition.  She tells Aquaria she never would have been able to be the naked baby without Aquaria.
Kameron tells Aquaria that fans are going to love her even more after this competition, because she did not have one weak moment.  Eureka said the only weak moment she had was an argument with The Vixen.

A wild video appears!  It is Kameron’s mom, who is adorable.  Again, Drag Race parents who support their children are the best!  Everyone loves Kameron’s mom.
Kameron says that her mother is always there, and is the most amazing person in her life.
Asia walks away from the conversation.  Both of her parents have passed, she never got a video, and she needs a moment.
Asia comes back, because there is a video from her best friend David!  Yay, Asia!  Asia is touched, because David is very busy, and for him to take time out of his day to make that video was very thoughtful. David, thank you for being a friend!
Asia says she did not think she would get  video, because she did not think anyone cared.  The rest of the girls tell her she has people who love her, including them, and Asia says she realizes that now.

Everyone bids farewell to Unctucked, as they head back to the mainstage for the last time.
No one is eliminated, and it will be a Top Four Grand Finale.
They all return to the workroom and celebrate, as they change.  Kameron tearfully tells us that he never thought he would be good enough, but he made it to the top four!

Number of times I cried, or teared- up watching this episode of Untucked- 5

-Aoife, TV Maven


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