Reunion: Tears, More Tears, and An Unexpected Sashay

Drag RaceCredit: VH1

Drag Race Credit: VH1

RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 13, Queens Reunited

CW: Episode contains discussion of Conversion Therapy, Rape, Familial rejection, this gets heavy at times
Hooray!  All of our Season Ten queens are together again with Ru, but more importantly, with you!The first thing Ru does, and rightfully so, is bring up the queen who got the most attention on social media this season, #MissVanjie. We are shown clips, starting with Vanessa sashaying away saying “Miss Vanjie”, to tweets, Ru wearing a gold Vanjie necklace, an article saying Michelle Visage cannot stand it when people say Vanjie to her now, a barrage of Vanjie! I love it, and so does Vanessa.  Ru asks her what she was thinking when she started saying that, and Vanessa says she did not think she was going home, so she did not prepare an exit.  Ru asks her if she ever said “Miss Vanjie” before this as a way to exit, or say hello.  Vanessa explains that Vanjie is an all-purpose word now. Miz Cracker concurs, and says it is like a gay version of Aloha.
Vanessa said she made her bookings quickly afterward, not realizing she would be brought up all season.  She also met Lil’ Kim, who said Miss Vanjie to her, will there be a song, or an album together?

Ru tells us that a Lip Sync battle will determine the winner of Season 10.  Again?
Will anyone be able to beat Kameron?
We are shown clips of the best LSFYLs of the season, starting with Monet vs. Dusty.  Monet with that gas mask doing that split, and the fake death drop!
Next up, Monique vs. The Vixen, when Monique did not know the words to the song.  Monique says she spent all night working on her costume instead of learning the words to the song.
drag race season 10 episode 13 reunion monique dusty
Ru asks her if it was worth it, why would you ask that Ru? Monique says clearly, it was not. When we are shown the moment when Monique’s wig falls off, Ru asks her if this has ever happened before.  Monique says it has happened multiple times, but she keeps going, just like she did during that LSFYL.
Kameron vs. Eureka is next, but they do not show clips of any of the amazing moves that made this LSFYL a double shante. Why would the producers do this? Show the height on jumps from those double splits!
Eureka says that after that save, she got a whole new attitude, because she knew she had to do whatever it took to keep moving on in the competition.
Aquaria is questioned about her being upset about the double save, and she says the same thing she said before, she did not think it was fair. drag race season 10 episode 13 ru queens
Ru brushes by this, and moves on to Kameron vs. Miz Cracker.  Ru notes that Nasty Girl is a seriously sexy song, and Kameron was giving a seriously sexy performance.  Cracker says she does not regret going for the comedic angle, because when she tries to do sexy, it just does not come out right at all.  Miz Cracker says she would have lost harder had she done her performance like Kameron.

The spotlight goes on The Vixen, and her history of fighting with others this season. We see clips of her arguing with Aquaria.  Vixen says at the time, Monet and Aquaria said that Cracker faked her way on to the show, but before Vixen can go on,Monet interrupts her, and says she has only love for Cracker. What The Vixen was trying to say was that Cracker, and Aquaria had issues before the show. Both of them then say they worked out their problems, because they did not want their issues being a focus of the show. Thank you Aquaria, and Miss Cracker, we did not want this being an issue all season either.

The Eureka fight comes up next, and it is still hard to watch.  Ru asks Vixen what it was like watching the clip, and Vixen is silent. After Ru teases her for being silent about this,  The Vixen says the first time she saw that clip, she was very upset at herself.  Eureka says she was very defensive because at that point, she felt like she was being ignored, and dismissed by the other girls.  The Vixen says at the time, she was trying to not be confrontational, but the fight still happened. Ru asks both if they regret what they said, and The Vixen says no, Eureka says yes.  The Vixen says she was upset at herself for this argument for months, until she saw the clip of Eureka saying she was trying to test Vixen to see how far she would go if she was pushed. Ru tells The Vixen it was not an excuse to get into a fight.
Ru tells Eureka she is not off the hook either. Eureka apologizes to The Vixen. It sounds genuine, but Vixen says Eureka just lied in her apology.  She claims Eureka pulled her to the side the day after their fight, and asked Vixen how she wanted to handle this. The Vixen says she did not trust Eureka at all after that.
Ru asks The Vixen what she expected when she came on Drag Race saying she wanted to fight.  The Vixen says she came to the reunion to tell her fans her side of things, and then she gets up, and leaves the stage.

Ru says The Vixen will not be rejoining them, but wonders if everyone has to say anything. Asia says Vixen walked out because she did not know what else to do.  Mayhem says Vixen has a choice about her behavior.  Asia says she does not agree with everything The Vixen says, but it seems like a cry for help, and everyone is ignoring it.
Ru says sometimes you have to let people go because of their anger, or whatever their is, because it is one-sided,and they are not giving you anything back.  Asia says it is ridiculous that our thought process about people is so self-centered, that we just allow others to struggle, when we see them struggling.
Asia breaks down crying, saying it is not right that as drag queens they continue to film, when they really need to support each other as a community, and one of them is suffering.
Ru tells Asia that he thinks that The Vixen made up her mind to leave, and there is nothing he can do about it.  He asks Asia if he expects her to go after The Vixen, and then says he had to learn you cannot engage in bad behavior, and we all have to learn how to deal with issues in life.
Ru pretty much yells at Asia, saying he comes from the same place The Vixen comes from, but chose to focus on different things in life. Ru, do not yell at Asia for having empathy for another human being.

Ru says at the end of the day, they are all a drag family, and that does not come at an easy price.  We are shown clips of Dusty talking about the abuse she faced from conversion therapy, her family, and how she had to leave home as a teenager.
Dusty explains the process of conversion therapy, and she tells Ru that since that day, her family has apologized, and they have come to an understanding.
Dusty says it is hard to have strangers come up to her saying how proud they are of her, and that she wishes her own family was that supportive, and wearing her shirts.

We are shown Monique’s clips talking about her mother, coming from a fifth-generation ministry family.  Monique says she still feels connected with god, but there is a lot of  trauma from the way she was treated.
She cries, and says it means so much to her that young black people are coming to her and saying thank you, because she wishes she could have been that free as a teenager. She talks about one incident at a Hamburger Mary’s.
Ru talks about The Ministry of Drag, and tells Monique she is coming from a place of serious pain, and helping so many people just by living the way she wants to live, including that young person at Hamburger Mary’s.

Blair’s confession about on the main stage about her rape, is the next topic to be brought up. It was the first time she had ever brought up the incident to anyone.
Blair says she talked to her mother about it when she came home from the show, it was harder to tell her mother than to tell strangers on television.
Blair says she drank to excess to cope with the pain, but she has been sober since leaving Drag Race.
Blair ends by saying the Drag Race fans and all of her drag sisters have been incredible, and she has been getting nothing but love from everyone.

We see clips of Monet talking about her family finding out she did drag from a photo from St. Lucia’s only newspaper. Monet talks about moving to New York, and seeing drag queens coming home from working on the 2 train, as she was heading to school.  This showed her she could do this too, despite her upbringing.
Monet says her mother has a hard time with it, because of her faith. It does make Monet sad that her mother cannot say Monet is a drag queen.
Ru asks Monet if everyone in her family wears pussycat wigs. Monet should come out with a line of pussycat wigs now.

Yuhua talks about being raised in a Chinese family where she was taught to think there was something wrong with people who did drag. drag race season 10 episode 13 reunion yuhua
She tried it for herself, and loved it. Yuhua says it is best not to talk about it with her family, since it would create more distance. She says they are still asking her when she is going to bring home a Chinese girlfriend,when she is the Chinese girlfriend.

Everyone plays a round of toot or boot to some runway looks of the season.  Kameron’s Raven dress gets a toot. Monet’s sponge dress comes up, and Mayhem gives it a toot.  Monet gives Ru his own sponge dress that she made, and the dress finally gets a toot from Ru.

Asia talking about why Miss Cracker should be the one to leave Drag Race is up next.  Miss Cracker says that comment brought her down for months. She talks about how hard it was to come on Drag Race with all the other New York queens, and try to stand out.  Asia apologizes to Cracker, and takes back her comment that she is not a star. Miz Cracker accepts her apology, but says “not next time bitch”, while clapping.

Ru asks if anyone has any unsolved issues.
Mayhem brings up an issue to Asia, and Aquaria.  On Untucked, they said her drag never had a “Wow” factor, but they never said anything to her.  She knows that at least two of her looks were sickening, and wonders what that comment was about. Aquaria says she was a Mayhem fan from before Drag Race, and thinks she is a great drag queen.  Aquaria apologizes.
Asia says she thinks her drag is great, and basically apologizes.

Monique has an issue to bring up!
Monique says Kameron has a mouth on social media, and wonders why she is so quiet on the show.  Kameron says being quiet was not a strategy, she was just intimidated by everyone else. Kameron says she doubted herself the whole time, and that is why she never talked.  She says who she is on social media is who she is in real life.
Dusty says she feels like in general, Kameron completely ignores everyone.  Monique agrees, and says she will walk into a room, and not talk to anyone.  Kameron disagrees and says maybe she was like that before, but she talks to people now.
Some people are introverts, and that is alright.  Some people have social anxiety, and that is alright.

Everyone is asked who should be America’s Next Drag Superstar.  Mayhem says Aquaria. Kalorie says Eureka, and it is about time a big girl is queen. Dusty says Aquaria,  and this season she really grew. She says Aquaria is kind, generous, and should even win Miss Congeniality. Yuhua says Eureka, Monique says Asia, and Cracker  says Eureka. Blair says Asia, because she has an amazing voice that needs to be heard. Monet says Asia, and  Vanessa says Eureka.

What did we learn this week-  Again, if this season’s winner is going to be determined by  lip sync-off, Kameron is going to win.  I will be shocked if she does not win this.
Speaking of which, people need to stop with Kameron.  She is the rare drag queen introvert, and that is fine.

This reunion was so heavy, for so many reasons.
The Vixen walking off was probably best for her. I’m not quite sure what Ru expected from her after her experience on the show.
Asia crying over the situation just shows what an empathetic person she is. If she loses to Kameron in a LSFYL, she should be Miss Congenitality.

It is good that Dusty, Blair, Monique, Monet, and Yuhua were able to share their individual experiences, because they all all things that are really hard to talk about at all.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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