Wine, Proposal, Rainbow Cookie

jersey shore family vacation season 1 episode 13 lauren mike situation proposalJersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season 1, Episode 13, Future Mrs. Situation?

It is the big proposal day!  The girls distract Lauren with a girl’s day drunk lunch, while the guys start getting things ready.

The girls do a good job with Lauren, but then Snooki wonders if she and Deena will reveal the proposal secret if they get too drunk.  Jenni hopes they do not mess up like this.
jersey shore family vacation jenni blep
Meanwhile, at the house, Mike says it is hard to trust this bunch of “guidos” with such an important task.  He hopes the girls are making sure everything is alright with Lauren.

Mike has a heart to heart talk with Ron. Mike tells Ron, despite the issues they have been having, he is a really important person in his life.  This ends with Ron fighting off tears as Mike leaves the room.

The girls help Mike get ready, and he leaves to go to dinner with Lauren.  Everyone gets excited that this proposal is imminent!
Pauly sets up his DJ equipment, and announces, “Balloons here”.  Ronnie struggles to get this giant bunch of heart-shaped, and regular pink, white, and red balloons inside the front door house.  Oh, production.
Mike is really nervous at dinner, and hopes it goes as fast as possible so he can propose.  He then orders a lot of food, which will make dinner last longer.

Back at the house, the women decorate, Vinny sets up a projection screen, Ronnie “Ronnies around”, doing important little tasks.
Mike walks away from his table, and calls the house.  The duck phone is quacking, and no one picks up. He thinks Lauren knows something is up.
He calls the house again, and no one answers.  Everyone is in the backyard, still setting up. Deena, and Snooki have wine, and Pauly does a small set for the crew.
Finally, Ron answers the phone, and explains that everyone is making sure everything is ready.  Mike says he and Lauren are wrapping things up and will be back at the house soon.
Ronnie goes in the backyard and tells everyone that Mike will be home in thirty minutes or less!
Everyone gets dressed up for the occasion.  Snooki tells Deena that she looks like a sexy Carmen Sandiago.  The guys, all wearing white dress shirts, say they are “The White-Ass Guidos”.

Mike, and Lauren arrive! Everything is perfect, candles, photos of them projected on a screen as Pauly plays romantical music, the meatballs on the couch with their wine.
Lauren of course says yes, and everyone calls for partying!  The couple are seated at a table in the pool, with water up to their ankles, and served a rainbow cookie, as their first meal as an engaged couple.
Everyone dances and celebrates, especially our meatballs.
Jersey shore family vacation season 1 episode 13 pauly snooki deena

The next day, Mike feels really happy about being engaged.
The guys go to lunch by themselves.  They talk about how this vacation is almost coming to an end, and toast their time in Miami together.
Back at home, everyone is in the living room.  Mike says he is worried about Ronnie, and he wants to talk to him about how he will need to party less when the baby comes. Jenni tells us Mike is not coming from a genuine place of concern, otherwise he would talk to Ronnie, and not them.
Ronnie comes into the living room, and wonders why he is hearing his name.

What did we learn this week-
Who thought it would be a good idea to have a table in the pool? I get everything else about this proposal set-up, except for the table in the pool.  Being served a rainbow cookie makes anything good, though. If you have never had a rainbow cookie, please go to your nearest Italian, or Ashkenazi Jewish bakery, and get some.  You may even be able to buy some at your local supermarket.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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