The Voluptuous Horrors of Lingering Tension

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 12 bethenny dorinda safeThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 13, Arrest and Relaxation

It’s time for yoga class at the Mayflower Hotel.  Spooooky! Carole tells Dorinda that the women are upset about Ramona posting the group photo. Oh, Dorinda knows!Somehow, LuAnn is doing yoga across the room from Ramona, and just tuning everything out.
Dorinda, and Tinsley do not join in on yoga. They talk about Sonja using the Morgan crest on her shoe line, of shoes from French Sole.  Shoe line! Did you hear about Sonja’s shoe line?
Dorinda still thinks it is odd that Sonja will not put her name and crest on this product, instead of her ex husband’s.  Dorinda, why do you care so much?
After yoga, everyone hangs out in different groups.
LuAnn is still very upset about the photos, and Bethenny is on a mission to make her feel better.
LuAnn talks to Dorinda, and Bethenny.  Bethenny tells LuAnn that the photos being posted happened, and she should let it go.
Bethenny ,and Dorinda have an extremely awkward moment.  Bethenny tells Dorinda she does not feel safe around her, and feels like Dorinda has an issue with her. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 13 bethenny
Dorinda tells Bethenny how much she likes her, but Bethenny says she feels how she feels. She does not want to talk about it.  Dorinda tells us that Bethenny does not like to engage with the group.

Tinsley and Carole have a moment from The Shining.  The come upon a small hedge maze, and when they enter, the gate slams shut behind them.  Creepy! They talk about Scott, and Adam. There are no hedge maze animals that come to life, and try to eat them, which is good.
LuAnn, and Bethenny hang out by the pool.  Bethenny asks if she feels comfortable enough to be back in NYC life, and LuAnn thinks she can do this.
Back in the maze, Carole, and Tinsley talk about what rehab must be like.  Tinsley tells Carole about trying on wedding dresses with her mom, Dale, who needs to make more appearances on this show.  Carole thinks it is funny, but she gets why Tinsley did it.
LuAnn tells Bethenny it hurt her that Tom was having a New Year’s Eve party where they had their wedding, and the fact that Ramona tried to get invited by the party hurts her even more.  By the by, when Ramona called Tom to ask if she could come to his party, he said no.
Thinking LuAnn already knew about it, Bethenny mentions that Ramona had drinks with Tom at The Regency.  LuAnn had no absolutely idea this happened. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 13 luann  Bethenny asks her how she is going to handle the news, and LuAnn breathes deep and says, “this too shall pass”.

It is time for a civilized dinner!  Thankfully, they are in their own private dining room.
LuAnn orders a non-alcoholic beer, and Carole wants a sip.
Tinsley tells Dorinda she can French-braid her hair, and tells her to do it on her “bush”, which she says looks like Abraham Lincoln’s beard. Dorinda is so much fun at dinners, because you never know what gems will pour from her mouth.
Bethenny asks Tinsley why she went to try on wedding dresses.  She compares it to trying out coffins.  Tinsley tells Bethenny her relationship is not like Bethenny’s former relationships.  Tinsley feels like Bethenny is just trying to embarrass her, and tells Bethenny it was an odd choice of words.  Carole wishes Bethenny would just relax, and not care that Tinsley had fun going wedding dress shopping with her mom.
Dorinda and Sonja have something loudly brewing, when it comes to the family crest drama.  Sonja gets up and yells, “Are you fucking kidding me”, at Dorinda.
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 13 sonja
Ramona’s expression here says it all.
Bethenny reminds Dorinda that the Morgan last name also belongs to Sonja’s daughter. Dorinda gets up, and they end up in each other’s faces screaming about family crests. Sonja asks Dorinda why she cares so much about her family.  Bethenny and LuAnn agree. So do the rest of us, and I love Dorinda.
Dorinda leaves the table to calm down, comes back, apologizes to Sonja, and says all these wonderful things about her.  Bethenny interrupts and screams “What are you doing”, and yells.  Dorinda tells her to not talk during her apology.

LuAnn says as long as everyone is bringing things up, she tells Ramona she is upset about the photo.  Ramona does her usual Ramona non-apology. LuAnn asks her if she is also sorry about calling Tom. Ramona freaks out and asks what she can do to make things better.  LuAnn tells her to be more thoughtful and respectful to her friends. Sonja says the point of this trip was to let LuAnn relax and transition back to life in the city.  Ramona gives a bigger apology, and LuAnn is still understandably upset.
LuAnn tells Ramona it is also messed up that she had drinks with Tom, because that is not something friends do.
Tinsley tells Ramona it is not okay, and then they end up yelling at each other.housewives of new york city season 10 episode 13 tinsley
Ramona then brings up Harry for some reason.  LuAnn cannot deal with this, and leaves the table.  The server comes to the table asking if they would like anything else, and Dorinda says, “Some therapy”.  Dorinda, I love you for that.

After dinner, Carole comes to check on LuAnn.  LuAnn says she just could not look at Ramona anymore.  LuAnn tells Carole that Ramona keeps doing things that hurt her.  Carole suggests to LuAnn that she and Ramona should have a friendship break.
Ramona talks to Dorinda, and Bethenny.  She tells them she does not know what to do when people yell at her, because of her father.
LuAnn and Carole have a big hug, and Carole tells her she is there for LuAnn, whatever she needs.

The next morning, LuAnn gets in bed with Sonja, and Bethenny, and it is slumber party time.  They talk about why Dorinda cares about the Morgan crest, and Bethenny does a really good Dorinda impression.
Dorinda, and Carole talk about this very important issue.  Carole tells Dorinda the dinner got out of hand, and she should drop the whole crest thing.
LuAnn says she felt bad for the people at the restaurant the night before, and that they should put up warning signs whenever they go to dinner. Bravo, you should do this.

It is time to go back to the city, and stop haunting The Mayflower Hotel…and Spa.  Dorinda tells Ramona to go apologize to LuAnn.  Ramona says she texted her the night before, but goes to her room.  LuAnn says she does not want to talk about it, but she got her text.
Dorinda tries to reassure Ramona that everything will be fine with LuAnn.
LuAnn is happy that the women planned this spa trip for her, and feels much better about going back home.

What did we learn this week – Unlike The Shining, where the evil at Overlook Hotel effects the people who stay there, these women brought some evil to The Grace Mayflower Hotel…and Spa.

Will this be the time Ramona is actually held accountable for her actions, and because of this, will she lose LuAnn as a friend?

I don’t know why Dorinda went after Sonja for the Morgan family crest being on her shoe line. Bravo’s editing team makes it seem like it has something to do with Sonja comparing her divorce to Dorina losing Richard, but does it?

-Aoife, TV Maven


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