Get Outta Heeeeeeeeah

jersey shore family vacation pauly djJersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season 1, Episode 14, The Final Supper 

After a season of the Jersey Shore adults partying like they were the Jersey Shore kids again, except for Mike,  we are upon our final episode of the season.
Everyone sits down to their last dinner all together.  Jenni makes a comment, and all of  sudden Mike and Ron start arguing.

jersey shore family vacation mike ronnie

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Slams Mike ‘The Situation’ for Revealing He Was Considering Going to Rehab Credit: MTV

Apparently, Ron told Mike he was considering going to rehab, to get his life together.  After revealing this, Mike tells Ron he should go to rehab. Ron gets furious ,and tells him he is raising his girlfriend’s child, is about to be a father, and he does have things together.  He insists he does not need rehab.  Mike “respectfully disagrees”.  Pauly gets up from the table, and hops around screaming, “Awkward”.

Pauly does soundcheck for his DJ set at E11even, where the group has been partying all season.
Jenni tested out a hot pan, and almost caused a fire, so yes, everyone is ready to go to the club.
The E11even party bus comes to pick up the crew, and Snooki gets super excited. At the club, Snooki really wants to get a private dance.  She goes to a manager and tells him, “I want some ass in my face”, Snooki gets what she asked for!
Meanwhile, there is a surprise guest at this event, Pauly’s stalker from Jersey Shore, Vanessa.  Everyone is concerned, but Pauly views Vanessa as a superfan.  She gives her a shout out, and takes another photo with her.
On the way home, Snooki tells Jenni she know understands why Jenni loves the dancers at the club.  I am sure they will be going out for girls night back in Jersey.

The next day, everyone gets ready to leave the Miami house.  Mike takes Jenni out back to see if they are still friends.  They are.  Why did production do this?
Snooki is sad to see this vacation end, but is glad to be going home to her family. Deena says she is excited to get back to Chris and “make a little meatball”.
Ronnie cannot believe he is about to be a father any second.
Pauly gives one last, “Cabs Heeeeeeeeeeeeeah!”.
Everyone splits up into different cars to leave.  Vinny says he is really happy that the reunion happened, because the group always wanted to do something like this.

The End, until next season!

What did we learn this season-  I hate final episodes of reality shows, in which everyone has to leave whatever party house in which they have been living for weeks.  They are never good, this was no exception.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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