Surprise in Overdrive at the Grand Finale!

drag race season 10 episode 14 finale pre lip sync outfitsRuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 10, Episode 14, Grand Finale

Let’s talk for a minute about last week’s reunion.  If you missed it, it was a disaster. There is much to be discussed, but for now, let us focus on Asia, Drag Mother Supreme.Since the reunion, whenever making public appearances for Drag Race, Asia has been dressing in monochrome dresses, with her face completely covered in cloth.
On OK! Magazine’s talk show: drag race season 10 top four
At the VH1 Trailblazer Awards: drag race top four trailblazer awards season 10
NYC Pride Parade, on the Drag Race float: drag race season 10 top four pride parade nyc
Photo by Matthew Rettenmund

What does it mean? Perhaps this  photo from her Instagram give us more clues?
We will have to see.

Let’s get to this finale!  TV screen Ru tells the live audience to get up and pay tribute to the Season One queens!drag race season 10 finale past queens
They are here to celebrate a decade, and ten seasons of Drag Race.  Remind me why Ongina still has not been chosen to be on All Stars?? Look at her! I do not understand the producers of this show.
The audience cheers, and the Season One queens kick off this finale!

We start to see how this grand finale is stretched out to an hour and a half, when each queen from Season 10 is introduced in order of elimination.
When Vanessa steps on to that stage, the audience loudly chants “Vanjie”!  Before she leaves the stage, she shouts, “Miss Vanjie” back at them. We lost Vanessa after only one episode, so it is fantastic that she is getting all this love and recognition.
Everyone’s red carpet looks are amazing.  Blair gives some devastating face.
Monique does a reveal, and orange furry tops, and orange pants with ruffles to reveal a brown cow print gown, and a cow bell to go along with the look. Monique, we love you so!
In case you were wondering, The Vixen is here, and looking gorgeous.
Monet comes out in a green and gold dress, and brings forth a sponge from her cleavage.
Miz Cracker is pure drama in black, and flicks away an invisible tear.
The top four come out next, starting with Aquaria.  She is in black, wearing a veil across the top of her face with cat eyes cut out.
Asia looks regal in red, and gold, and is already wearing a crown.
Eureka comes out looking like Scarlet O’Hara, but looses the skirt to reveal a form-fitting, black skirt underneath.
Kameron gives us another deity look, this time she is a white, and pink-clad flower goddess.
Everyone comes back on stage, as the Pit Crew cartwheels out one, at a time.
Ru comes out, talks about unity and love, but after the reunion, some of us just hear white noise when her mouth moves.
Everybody screams “Love”, so they can hear it in Washington DC.  This reunion was filmed last week, so clearly, they did not hear a thing there.  Ru tells Trump, “get your ass out of there”, meaning the White House.  We heard that.

Ru asks our top four if they are ready to lip sync for the crown.  First, we get an in-depth look the top four, including an interview.
Ru asks Aquaria what her strategy is with lip syncs tonight, considering she never had to LSFYL. Aquaria says she has been studying, and knows what Ru likes.  When asked, Aquaria says Asia is her biggest threat.  Then, we meet her very Philly parents!
Aquaria takes questions from the audience, and Ru. It has all the excitement of a Miss America pageant except for her parents.  May we please have a spin off of Aquaria and her parents at drag shows?

Ru introduces Asia, and we meet Asia’s drag daughter, and her boyfriend. She tells Ru that this on this finale she is not trying to tear anyone down, when doing her best.  Ru makes her cry by asking Asia what she would say to her parents if they were at the finale. Ru gives Asia a chance to get back Ru accidentally slapping her, by slapping Ru back.  Asia says she will wait and see how the night plays out.

Eureka is up next, introduce as the queen of second chances.   Eureka says she would use her winnings to pay off her mother’s medical bills.  Eureka’s mother and twin sister are in the audience!  Eureka has to play Fuck, Marry, Kill with the other top three contestants, and the order is Asia, Kameron, and Aquaria.  Eureka tears up when she talks about how people should be treating each other in this world of ours.

Kameron is introduced as a quiet queen, who lip synced her way to the top. Kameron did LSFYL four times! Kameron’s mother, and best friend have come to see her. Kameron gets a surprise video from her grandmother, who saw her on Drag Race!  She says she loves Kameron, and is very proud of her.  Kameron says she was too afraid to tell her grandmother, and is relieved that she says she loves her.

We have a look back at every season of  Drag Race, and Ru even works in a Drag Con mention!
Next, it is a Lip Sync-Off between every queen of season one and every queen of season ten. When it is Ongina’s turn, again, we demand to know why she has not been on All Stars yet.drag race season 10 finale season 10 queens
It ends with everyone onstage lip syncing to American.

Ru calls for her top four girls, who have changed into their lip sync outfits, which are clearly all reveal outfits.
Carson explains how the lip sync will go down.  Like last year, the wheel of destiny will select two groups of queens who will face off, then the winners of those lip sync.
drag race season 10 finale wheel carson
The wheel’s first selection is Kameron, who gets to pick who she will lip sync against.  She does not want to do this, but chooses Asia!  Eureka and Aquaria will face off after these two.
Asia gets to choose between two boxes.  Each one is one of Ru’s favorite Janet Jackson songs.  She choose the first box, which is Nasty!  YES!
Asia opens a container on her bracelet, then removes her butterfly boobs. There are butterflies walking around the stage, but not flying. Asia later said the butterflies were too cold to fly, so they were all over the stage.  This was a shame!
Meanwhile, Kameron is moving all over this stage like she is Janet Jackson! Her first name ain’t baby, it’s Kameron, Miss Michaels if you’re nasty! I am going to need to rewatch because she is amazing in this lip sync!  Janet, please watch this and ask Kameron to be on your next tour!
This is no surprise, but Kameron will be moving on to the next round! Lip Sync Slayer! My heart is broken that Asia will not be our queen.  However, she is already a Drag Mother who we love, and she is my own personal queen of season 10.

Eureka and Aquaria come out, and I cannot wait to see what their reveal outfits look like. They will be lip syncing to Janet Jackson’s If. Aquaria’s outfit reveal turns into a spiky outfit, and she owns that stage the entire time.  Eureka, throws off her wig, revealing another wig.  Eureka removes her purple, feathered covering to reveal a red dress, which she then removes, to reveal a bodysuit.  This one will be hard to call.  Ru declares a double shante!  A triple lip sync-off!

Nina Flowers, our original Miss Congeniality enters the pre-lip sync stage, as we shift timelines like this is Westworld. Ru says the Season 10 queens voted who they wanted to see as Miss Congeniality. We see Valentina live from her own performance, to announce the winner, who is Monet!
Monet cannot believe it.  Yayy Monet!  I love her so!
Sasha Velour comes onstage dressed as the serpent from the Garden of Eden, and talks about how her life has changed over the last year.
Is there going to be another time shift?

The top three queens return in different lip syncing outfits! Kameron looks like she has an outfit reveal, or twelve.  They perform to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande.
Aquaria immediately starts to own that stage again.  Kameron removes her covering and starts to lip sync slay everyone. The power of the slay!
Eureka is holding her own, but Aqauria, and Kameron are amazing.  I already want to watch this again.
Sasha comes out, still in the incredible snake outfit, to crown the winner!
The winner of Season 10 is Aquaria!  Condragulations to our ridiculously talented queen! That was all oddly anti-climactic, but there we have it!

What did we learn this finale week-  Producers of Drag Race, please go back in time and get Ongina on All Stars One, or Two.  Please do not make everyone wait until All Stars Five.  Does anyone understand this?

Kameron was incredible in those two lip syncs. Incredible! If she puts all that energy into every performance she does, it must leave audiences amazed.  Kameron is absolutely a performer who makes me wish I was more mobile, and able to go see drag shows. She will go down in history as the queen who got to the top three on Drag Race by being The Lip Sync Slayer. Who survives four lip syncs?

Again, I love every queen from this season, we were very lucky to get such an incredibly talented group, and we fell for them!  This meant every week’s elimination was painful, starting with “Miss Vanjie”.  We were so lucky!

I do not know what lies ahead for this show, there will be an All Stars Four, and I am sure there will be a Season Eleven.
Will another drag queen competition show air after what went down at the reunion?

-Aoife, TV Maven






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