Karen’s Pastime: Dissing Mimes

housewives of potomac season 3 episode 13 karen candiace robyn gizelle ashleyThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 13, Mime Your Own Business

Karen and Candiace get a fish pedicure together. Putting your feet in an tub that has not been sanitized, is full of fish poop, and starving fish that may have just nibbled on some fungus may not be the best idea for a pedicure.  Enjoy possibly getting bitten.Surprise, Kyndall walks in!  Karen says that she stayed away from Kyndall while Gizelle was dating Sherman, but now Gizelle isn’t “deserving” of that respect.
They trash Gizelle,  then the three ladies talk about Chris, and Candiace’s fight.  Candiace tells him about taking off her ring.  Karen tells her she is not surprised he did not walk out on her.  She tells Candiace in the future, there are some boundaries in a relationship that one should not cross. One, being telling your spouse they are like their abusive parent.

Monique, and her Chris have dinner. Monique shows Chris the new logo for her blog. Monique tells Chris that she and Charisse are not talking, and she does not know what is going on. Chris asks Monique what she wants for her birthday, and tells her she should go somewhere relaxing, because lately, she has been working very hard.

Ashley wants to do something for Michael.  She wants to surprise Michael at the first open-mic night at the restaurant, and sing for him. She calls her brother, to see if he will help her write a song.
Ashley feels like she has two choices after realizing Michael does not want children, either leave the relationship, or make the best of her life.

Monique decides for her birthday trip, she would like to go on a trip the French Riviera, with all the ladies. Chris is concerned this may not be the best idea for a relaxing vacation, but Monique says she wants to invite everyone. Monique tells us she is not going to deliver the invitations in person, and has some surprises in store.

Robyn oversees her sons’ breakfast time. There is a knock on the door.  Robyn answers, and it is a mime!  The kids do not trust this man, but are curious about him.
The mime takes some things out of a suitcase, including a tape recorder.  They press play to hear an invitation in French, which Robyn does not understand. The mime gets a written invite out of the valise, but Robyn’s excitement goes away after seeing the invitation is from Monique.  The mime tries to tell RObyn that Monique loves her, but Robyn insists she does not.

Gizelle, and Karen have lunch to try an resolve their issues,  Gizelle says she misses Karen, and her back-to-back drunk phone calls in the middle of the night.
Gizelle tries to start from the beginning, but Karen interrupts her. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 13 GizelleAs Karen calls Gizelle a clown, and the mime who is giving out Monique’s invitations comes over to their table.  Best “coincidental” timing ever. Karen also says Gizelle is tacky and then says “you look stupid as shit in that used Liberace jacket”, housewives of potomac season 3 episode 12 gizelle crashes karens event
and tells her not to wear the jacket twice in one year.  Karen, have you met Tiffany Haddish,and her white Alexander McQueen gown she frequently re-wears, and looks amazing every single time?
Gizelle calls Karen a liar, and they try to ignore the mime.  They both tell each other they have not been acting like friends. The mime walks off for a few minutes, and just lets them yell at each other.
Gizelle asks Karen why she is friends with Sherman’s ex-wife.  Gizelle does not understand why Karen is friends with Kyndall at all.  Instead of answering her, Karen tells Gizelle she should not be taking someone’s ex-husband. Karen yells at Gizelle, and the mime returns.  This is not a good time to mime!
Karen starts yelling at the mime, as he comes toward the table, saying “this is bullshit”. She asks him several times to stay away from the table. The mime has a job to do, so he climbs over the small fence around the dining area, and comes over to the table. Karen, and Gizelle get up. Karen tells the mime to enjoy having fun with Gizelle, because she is out. Karen gets away from the table before she can get her invitation, because she does not know why this mime is seemingly harassing them.

Candiace, and Chris go sign a pre-nup.  Excitement!  Candiace said after the fight they had, she thought it was a good idea. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 13 candiace
They have no will, no living trust, which is an issue, since Chris has children from a previous marriage.  Candiace mentions her assets, and Chris says he would never come for her money, and he hopes she would not come for his.  The lawyer brings up alimony. Candiace says she would ask him for alimony if he was having an affair.

Monique visits Charisse, in an effort to mend their friendship.  Monique asks her what is going on, and asks why Charisse has not returned her calls or texts. Charisse says there has been a shift in Monique. She tells Monique with the Hurricane Harvey event, it felt like something Monique was doing alone, and not something they did together. Charisse tells Monique she felt like she was used.  Monique tries to assure her she would never do that to her.  She tells Charisse out of all the women, she cares about Charisse the most.  She starts to cry, and says she feels hurt that Charisse would think that about her.  Charisse gives her a big hug, and it is clear to her that Monique does genuinely care about her.  Monique tells her about the France trip, and Charisse tells her to try and tell the women she really wants them all to be better with each other.
Monique gets a text from Gizelle.  Gizelle says she was surprised to get an invitation after Monique could not bring herself to say hello at the CBC event. The text continues to say that this invitation has been declined, and the same goes for Robyn.

It is Ashley’s Open-Mic night at the restaurant! Karen arrives first, and is sad to hear that Michael may miss the event.  Ashley’s mother Sheila arrives!
The ladies sit at the table, and Gizelle asks Ashley if she got Monique’s invitation. Karen talks about how she thought she was being accosted by a “homeless man” when the mime came over to them.  Gizelle says she is definitely not going to France.
Robyn wastes no time talking to Karen.  Robyn tells Karen the reason why she and Gizelle were going to her event was to call her a liar.  Karen asks what she lied about. She is told the answer, and the table erupts in yelling.

housewives of potomac season 3 episode 13 karen robyn gizelle ashley dinner
Ashley says she needs to to the stage to speak, and asks if they can diffuse the situation. The ladies hush, out of respect for Ashley’s event at her restaurant.
The open-mic acts are interesting.  Gizelle says she will not be purchasing any of these songs on iTunes.
Monique, and Charisse arrive.  Monique and Gizelle walk off to talk.
Monique tries to explain why she avoided her at the Black Congressional Caucus event, and Gizelle shuts her down. Monique says Gizelle never invited her to her event, and she did not want to crash her space.  Monique tries to see if she and Gizelle can work things out. Gizelle makes it known that this is not going to happen, and she has no interest in going on this trip. Monique says she was hoping the this trip would allow the women to work their issues out together.  Gizelle still turns down the invitation.  Monique decides to try talking to Robyn.

Michael arrives!  Karen tells Michael to take a seat.  Sheila gives Ashley a pep-talk in the kitchen. There is an extremely awkward moment, as Sheila takes a seat next to Michael.  Ashley gets called up on stage, and she and her brother perform together! Ashley is adorable performing for Michael.  Everyone in the restaurant appreciates this, especially Michael.
Karen leaves after Ashley’s performance.  Monique asks Robyn if she will consider coming to France, and tells her they are going to try and work things out. Gizelle, and Robyn decide they will go, and if worse comes to worse, they can just hang out together.

What did we learn this week-  Be kind to mimes!  I felt so bad for this man, especially when trying to give Karen that invitation. Karen is classist as hell, certainly the worst of this group. I always find it odd, since her father was a farmer.  Be kind to people, it’s not hard! Also, people do all kinds of things to make money, so they can do things like have a place to live, eat, and afford electricity.

It’s painful to watch Ashley make her life’s purpose to please Michael, while ignoring her own needs and desires for her future. Uncle Lump is right!

-Aoife, TV Maven



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