RHOP in Cannes: Making Our French Allies Reconsider Our Relationship

housewives of potomac season 3 episode 14 ashley karen twerkingThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 14, Cannes We All Just Get Along

Gizelle goes to lunch with her children, and her mother, Joanne.  The girls go to wash their hands, and Gizelle fills her mother in on the Sherman situation.  The girls come back, find out the Sherman is out of their lives. Two of Gizelle’s daughters look confused, but one of them looks like she might be happy her mom got rid of Sherman. Gizelle explains that boyfriends come and go, but she will always be their mother.

Ashley calls Robyn to talk about the trip.  Robyn tells Ashley that Michael was blushing hardcore when Ashley sang to him.  Ashley tells us she looked back at photos, but he did not looked like he cared.
They talk about the trip to France.  Ashley puts on a sequined beret, and gives Robyn a small French lesson on how to cure en Francais. housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 14 Ashley
Robyn asks her for a translation of a phrase, but Ashley says she didn’t learn that one in high school.

Everyone meets at the airport, and Karen goes inside when Gizelle arrives.  She tells us that Gizelle has been acting like a horrible friend, and now she has to go to France with “the witch”.
Some of the women are flying business class. Only three tickets were available for first class, and Monique updated her seat, and Charisse’s seat.
Gizelle complains that Monique left the women behind by being in first class.  Gizelle, you are in business class on the way to Cannes, be happy about it.
Ashley catches a cold on the plane, hopefully her trip will not be ruined.
In France, the women switch to two helicopters, and the Prince of Monaco’s plane lands!
All the women are so excited as they approach, and land in Cannes.
At the hotel, the women are greeted en Francais , and with flowers.  Everyone is supposed to get their own suite on this trip.  Monique has an extra fancy suite, next to her suite, and asks Robyn, and Gizelle if one of them would like it, as a peace offering. Gizelle takes the room.
The women go freshen up.  Everyone will meet later at Monique’s deluxe suite.

Monique tells us shes not feeling good because of of a fight she, and Chris had before this trip.  But she wants to have fun in France, and just try to enjoy it.
Gizelle reads a very thoughtful note Monique left in her suite, about how she  really wants to make things better with her, Gizelle, and Robyn. Gizelle appreciates this, Monique is being so diplomatic.
Candiace is not happy that her room does not have a view of the ocean. She calls Chris, who immediately checks her.  Thank you Chris!  Even Candiace tells us she is thankful that Chris can get her to calm down when she gets upset about something minor.
Ashley calls her mom.  Ashley tells us that she really feels like her mother’s love is unconditional, but her relationship with Michael is not like this at all.

Everyone arrives in Monique’s suite for dinner.  Gizelle, and Robyn are both wearing orange, which was not planned, but looks like it was.  Everyone takes a photo on the balcony, overlooking the sea.  Monique tells the ladies they will be going to an essential oil factory, and a perfumerie,  Gizelle is not thrilled with this idea, she wants to do Cannes!  Karen is interested in the perfumerie.
Inside the ladies drink.  Ashley teaches Karen how to twerk! As they sit to dinner, Gizelle aska Karen what the state of her perfume line is, as they are going to a perfumerie tomorrow. housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 14 gizelle Karen snaps back and asks Gizelle how her makeup line is doing, and yells at Gizelle.
Ashley asks Karen if she trusts Matt, and Karen says yes. housewives of potomac season 3 karen and matt
Ashley tells us that Matt, Karen’s assistant, who Karen found on Craigslist, got drunk at a club, and let it slip that Karen is staying at Ray’s former bachelor pad.  Charisse tells us she has heard this rumor as well.  Ashley gets direct, and asks Karen if she still lives in Great Falls. Oh Ashley, why do you want to get screamed at by Karen? Karen just denies, and denies.  She says there is a townhouse connected to her estate.  Karen is asked if she lives in the townhouse, and Karen just yells some more.  Charisse tells us that the furniture in Karen’s former Potomac home didn’t make it to her new home in Great Falls. Charisse says it is full of  staged furniture.
Candiace tries to stand up for Karen, Monique says no one can do anything in this group, because everyone nitpicks on every little thing.  Monique ,and Gizelle then argue about her upgrading  her plane ticket to first class for her birthday.
Monique says she had a rough weekend, and that every birthday, she and Chris have a big fight.
housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 14 Monique
She says Chris has a hard time with Monique being in the spotlight, and the attention not constantly being focused on him.  Monique starts to cry.  She says that Chris thinks that if she has success, she does not need him, which is clearly not true.  Gizelle is very supportive.  Monique tells us this is First Lady Gizelle, and she likes First Lady Gizelle.
Candiace starts talking about her Chris. Everyone starts laughing, seemingly at Candiace, but they say Monique did something funny.  Candiace talks about the purse holding incident, and is called a princess again.

The next morning, everyone gets ready to go check out some essential oils, and perfume.
Everyone meets up in the hotel lobby,  Karen is wearing sneakers, a wig that is not styled, and Gizelle wonders where is her South of France attire?
Gizelle tells Karen she is surprised she does not want to spend more time in the “perfume place”, and Karen does not appreciate this.
Robyn is the only one of the group not in the hotel lobby.  Gizelle says she will be here in a minute.  Cut to Robyn’s room, where she is in a robe, and slippers, clearly not ready at all. Monique says everyone else heading out will be leaving.  It seems like Gizelle and Robyn do not want to go with the rest of the women, or the producers wanted them to spend the day on their own.
Karen turns to the elevators to head upstairs. Gizelle asks Charisse why Karen does not want to spend time at the perfumerie, and perhaps it is because Karen has no perfume line.
Karen hears this, and comes back.  She, and Gizelle blow up at each other.housewives of potomac season 3 episode 14 gizelle confrontation  Gizelle tells us he thinks the knows the reason behind Karen’s animosity toward her. Gizelle says that Ray likes her business partner, Erika, Karen knows this, and takes it out on Gizelle.  Karen tells us that Gizelle needs to be less concerned about other people’s husbands, and needs to go find her own. What a fantastic and absolutely typical start to this Housewives trip!

What did we learn this week-  It is a little strange for Gizelle to laugh at Candiace being called a princess, when she got into a fight with Monique about not being seated in first class.  If Gizelle had been seated with Monique in first class, solidarity with the other women would have been left behind the partition.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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