Singin, and Datin All Over tha Place

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 14 luann sonja cabaretThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 14, Dating Wishes and Cabaret Dreams

LuAnn and her cabaret partner, Billy Stritch are singing Money Can’t Buy You Class.  I was hoping for Chic C’est La Vie!  LuAnn is preparing for her new show, and she thinks Sonja would be perfect to perform the song.Rachel Dratch, Bridget Everett will also be performing!
Word of a burlesque performance comes up.  LuAnn tells us Sonja will be wearing underwear, and there will be no “snatch” at this show.
However, there was Bridget Everett nipple at the event.

Tinsley comes by to see Carole.  Apparently, Adam has been sending Carole roses, because he wants to get back together with her.
Adam surprised Carole, by coming to her apartment when she was not there, going inside, and waiting for her in her bedroom.  Tinsley cannot believe Adam did this, but understands he is eager to be with Carole again.
Tinsley tells Carole she is moving in with Scott!  Hooray!
Carole gets an invitation for a speed dating event, and decides to invite all the women in the group, single or not.

Bethenny comes over to Sonja’s, with Skinny Girl jeans!  Sonja has been loving these jeans.
Bethenny decides to help Sonja with her dating profile, and looks at her account. She has happy people are messaging Sonja. However, this dating app has a bio that is not accurate, with way too much not so true information.  Sonja mentions toaster ovens, and says she is a film producer.  Bethenny tells her to cut all of that out, and just put simple facts like age in her bio.

Dorinda arranges for LuAnn to get some free dresses, and other clothes for her cabaret act.  Dorinda, you always make it nice.
After trying on dresses, Dorinda asks LuAnn what is going on with her court case that day. LuAnn says it was cancelled, but she is still awaiting her fate.  They both hope LuAnn will only have to do community service.

It is moving day for Tinsley, and her friend Michael comes over to help her.
The first thing Tinsley does, is get her clothes out of the oven. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 14 tinsley oven
The oven has never been used, and she needed the space! Tinsley is not alone, New Yorkers who do not cook, and are short on space often use their ovens as storage spaces.
The new penthouse apartment is beautiful, and Tinsley decides to turn one small bedroom into her closet.

LuAnn and Carole go out for coffee. Carole tells us she is so happy about the new LuAnn, and that LuAnn asked Carole to go out for coffee after LuAnn’s AA meeting.
LuAnn talks about how different her sober life is.  She talks about getting up early in the morning, and doing yoga.  Carole says she is completely into the new LuAnn, and everything she is doing.
LuAnn tells Carole about the cabaret performance, and mentions Sonja will be in the show. Carole seems worried for a minute, that Sonja is going to try and take over the show, but LuAnn assures her that is not going to happen.  Sonja’s performances are always entertaining, but not intentionally good.

Dorinda and Luann get together, and Dorinda beings LuAnn to her church.  It is a beautiful building. Dorinda tells us she wants to give LuAnn another option for a comforting space.  Before they light candles, Dorinda tells LuAnn about Carole’s speed dating event.  They light their candles, and Dorinda offers up a prayer for LuAnn.

It is time for speed datin’! Carole tells her friend Rori, who is running the event, about the situations of everyone who will be there. Ramona is into her flirting groove, and seems to enjoy.  Dorinda says she is happy to just observe this whole event.  LuAnn says she does not want to be doing this, but she will.  Meanwhile, Ramona is on a mission with a man sporting a red scarf, named Brian. Sonja tells us she came to this party just to see Ramona bat her eyelashes and work her magic.
Bethenny walks in, and recognizes Brian.  They once went on a date.
LuAnn talks to one younger man, mentions her cabaret show, and this man does not know what is cabaret.  Conversation over.
Tinsley watches Ramona flirt with Brian, and tells us she has game. Dorinda says that watching Ramona in action is like watching a cat about to pounce on a “tiny, little mouse”.
Ramona and Brian do not want to participate in the speed dating, because they have been enjoying spending time together.  They do anyway.
Brian and Bethenny have their three minutes.  Brian tells Bethenny that the only reason why he came to this event was because he was hoping to see her again.  Bethenny tells us she is not interested in Brian, and he is not her type.
Rori announces the end of speed dating, and tells everyone to go mingle.
The ladies stay together at one table, while Bethenny and Brian sit somewhere else together. Ramona decides to bring Brian a drink.  Ramona tells Brian that it is only right, since he also brought her a drink.housewives of new york city season 10 episode 14 speed datin
Bethenny does an over the top, Marilyn Monroe-like impression of flirty Ramona.
Tinsley tells all the women she is going to Cartagena, Columbia, and would like everyone to come along for a girls trip.  Carole tells us it is usually freezing in New York in February, so it will be nice to be in the sun.  This year, NYC had April weather for a lot of February.
Watch out, Columbia!

What did we learn this week-  I would go to a party to watch Ramona flirt.  She is extreme with it, yet it works!

It is great to see all the women being so supportive of LuAnn, and I hope this is not just for the show.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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