Friendship Can Be Work, David Beador is a Jerk

housewives of orange county group shotThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13. Episode 1, The Next Chapter

Oh, the Housewives of Orange County, you are all back, except for Lydia, and Peggy.  Hopefully, Lydia is spending lots of time with Judy, her pot, and her fairy dust.
Peggy fled from this group in an extremely expensive car, and hopefully, never looked back.
What are the OC women up to now? Who are these two new housewives?
Eddie and Tamra are moving out of Eddie’s house! Tamra is happy to be leaving the place Eddie lived with his ex.  Eddie says he does not want Vicki to come to his house, and Tamra says she wants to work on rebuilding her friendship with Vicki. Housewives of orange county season 13 episode 1 eddie tamra
Eddie has Atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib, if you have ever seen one of the many commercials for medication to manage it.
Tamra is understandably concerned.  He will be having surgery two days after they move to their new house.

At the House of Gunvalson, Vicki is having a meal with Steve.  Steve has been living with Vicki for two months, but is not completely moved in. Vicki is eager for him to get on with it.
Vicki tells Steve that she feels bad for Shannon, after the things that have been going on with David.  She also mentions that Brooks is getting remarried that weekend.  Steve does not want to hear about Brooks.
Vicki tells us she hopes she and Steve will be getting married.
Vicki also talks to Steve about getting close to Tamra again.

Shannon tells us that things have been hard on her children since her and David’s divorce. Shannon says her life is completely different now, including living in a small house.
Her daughter Sophia wants to go on a humanitarian trip to Haiti, but has not talked to David about it yet.  Shannon has a lot of concerns about David getting vicious when it comes to their children.

Kelly makes lunch for her daughter,Jolie, and does not forget the Pocky!  That is good parenting! Never let your children leave your home without Pocky, unless they are unable to eat it.
Kelly says dating after divorce has been going well, but she is also now living in a small house.  Jolie asks for help with her math homework, but Kelly is not able to help out.

Vicki and Shannon meet up.  Shannon says her weight has been coming off, and she has lost ten pounds.  Shannon says during the reunion, she felt like Vicki was being genuine, and wants to be good with her again.
Vicki asks Shannon how she is doing with the news that David is dating another woman. Shannon says she could not believe that David was seeing someone on social media, so close after their divorce.  This woman is also a lot younger than David.  I am sure you are all absolutely surprised about that.

Eddie and Tamera head to the hospital.  Tamera is being brave, but she is afraid.  She cannot believe her forty-five year old husband is having heart surgery. Eddie has also not been feeling great, because he has not been able to participate in exercise or fitness, which makes him happy.  Tamera feels horrible seeing Eddie all of a sudden not being  able to do what he loves.  It is hard to go through, and hard to watch someone go through.
Hours after Eddie’s surgery, Tamra gets a coffee with her son Ryan.  The surgery was a success, but the doctors found his heart is beating irregularly in another area.  This means the A-Fib could come back.  Vicki calls, and afterward, Tamra tells Ryan she has not heard from Shannon.

Kelly, and Jolie have dinner with Vicki.
Vicki asks if Kelly has talked to Shannon, and tells her that David is now dating a younger woman.  Kelly says that Shannon should go find herself a boyfriend. Kelly now says she has been having problems dating.  Jolie imitates her mom talking about how many guys she says are interested in her.  Vicki thinks these are things that are not appropriate for a sixth grader to know.  Hush, Vicky,

Tamra gets back together with her friend Emily.  They had a falling out years ago, and have now been trying to be friends again.
Emily says she reached out to Tamra again because she has been going to therapy.  She looks forward them regaining each others trust, and having a fun friendship again.  Tamra talks about how Eddie has been doing after surgery, and he is getting tired of not being able to be as active as he would like.

Tamra comes to visit Shannon.  Shannon says she is renting her current house, but wants to buy a house.  Tamra asks if David is giving her any money for that, and it does not seem to be that way.
Shannon cries, and says that it hurts a lot that David is seeing someone so close after their divorce.  Tamera says David was talking to this woman since October, and Shannon had no idea he was engaging with her for so long. Tamra tries to encourage Shannon to take off her wedding ring, saying it is pretty much the final step of a divorce.
Shannon says the only time the ring has ever been off her finger was when she was pregnant.  She tries to get it off, but it won’t budge. housewives of orange county shannon ring
Tamra goes with her into the kitchen to help her get it off.  Shannon says she does not care if her skin gets ripped, or if her knuckle hurts, and it finally get off her hand!  Shannon tells us she feels naked and her hands look old. Shannon, David is awful, and your hands look the same!

Kelly has organized a friendship rebuilding activity for her, Vicky, Tamra, and Shannon. They will be doing an outdoor obstacle course fairly high off the ground.  This is all a trust-building exercise, and all of them are having trust issues at the moment.  The women are shown the vertical course, and are ready to go.
As Shannon climbs, she is told to use her core, and she says she does not have a core. housewives of orange county shannon tamra She and Tamra make it up to the next level, and Shannon starts to cry.  All of the women encourage her to keep going.
Vicki, and Kelly join Shannon and Tamra.  Somehow, Vicki gets her finger caught in the ropes, as she is barely able to keep her balance.  Thankfully, Tamra gets her loose.
It suddenly gets really windy, and one by one, the women zip line back down to the ground.  When it is Shannon’s turn, Kelly yells at Tamera to push her down.
Shannon shakes, and gets very emotional when she gets down, but she feels more confident, and feels like this group of friends will help her get through things.
Vicki tells us she will do whatever she has to do to be good with this group again, and it sounds so much better than Season Twelve Vicky saying this.

What did we learn this week-  In thirteen seasons, this has to be the most positive episode of the Orange County franchise ever aired. Everyone seems to want to have good friendships with each other, and they are all supporting each other.
We all know this is not going to last, but it was a nice season premiere.

We have always known David was an asshole, but wow, what a spectacular asshole!
I am not looking forward to seeing what he does this season.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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