Cartegena: Blondes, Busta Brian, and Breakdowns

Housewives of New york city season 10 episode 15 group shockThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 15, Wigging Out

The group gets ready to leave frozen New York City, and head to Cartegena! LuAnn goes last minute shopping, and tries on a bathing suit with her boots on. Rihanna could rock this winter vacation style.Bethenny is moving to another apartment while she is away, and is not feeling good about being away from the city while this happens.  She also is not looking forward to traveling with Carole, and Dorinda.
After landing in Cartegena, Ramona is wheeled out of the airport in a wheelchair, because of a foot injury.  Bethenny makes fun of her for being dramatic.  Bethenny, if she cannot walk well, she will need a wheelchair to get around.  Bethenny also makes fun of Ramona being able to get out of the wheelchair.  Bethenny, a lot of wheelchair users are able to walk, either with another mobility aids, or with nothing.  It must be witchcraft, right? You can stop being ableist about this now.
In the cab, Bethenny says Red Scarf Brian, from speed dating, has been texting her.  He says he has no interest in Ramona. How could Red Scarf Brian resist Ramona’s flirting magic?
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 15 luann bethenny
Tinsley is asked about the history of Columbia, and she says it’s based on cocaine, coffee, and beer.  She is asked about her sources, and does not cite any.  Tinsley has been to Cartegena nine times, and knows nothing about Columbia, except where the good shopping is in Cartegena.

The ladies arrive at the beautiful vacation house, and are given drinks.
Tinsley has everyone choose rooms by placing a Tiffany’s box with an initial necklace in each box.  One box will be placed in every room, and the name in the box will determine who gets to stay there.  Tinsley would do this, it is a great idea, and I love this!
Bethenny reminds us that she tried this before, by having everyone pull names out of a hat.  Ramona and Sonja still behaved horribly.  Hopefully this will not happen again.
Somehow. everyone is happy with their rooms, and their new necklaces. With this crew, I think anything Tiffany’s makes any situation better.

Everyone goes to lunch, downstairs.  Bethenny has a bad allergy reaction, and excuses herself.  She ends up on the floor of her room’s bathroom.  Is there not a medic, or does Bravo want to get that agony on film before helping the stars of their shows?

The ladies get dressed for dinner.  Tinsley has her glam squad with her, thank to sweet boyfriend Scott!  Thank you Scott.
The group  gathers out back.  Ramona has to go upstairs but gets stuck in the elevator! Somehow, none of the other women hear her. Ramona rightfully freaks out.
Carole is wearing an atrocious large, green, earring with cheap-looking fake feathers, as if there was a bloody battle in a craft store, and it was her trophy.  housewives of new york city season 10 episode 15 carole earringAgain, I do not like to comment on fashion, but what is this??
Ramona emerges from the elevator, and is not pleased that no one heard her yelling.
LuAnn arrives wearing a blonde wig! housewives of new York city season 10 episode 15 Luann blonde wig reveal
She says she is trying to channel Sofia Vergarra.
The ladies walk to the restaurant.  On the way, Bethenny asks LuAnn if there is a possibility of her going to jail, and LuAnn says it looks like that is not going to happen,
At the restaurant, the ladies talk about speed dating, and of course, Red Scarf Brian comes up.
Carole says that Red Scarf Brian has been calling her.  Bethenny finds it odd that Carole knows Brian, but has not told her that until just know.
Ramona claims she does not like Brian, but everyone tells her it is alright that she was into him that night.  There is no shame in Ramona’s incredible game.
Carole is asked how many people in the group know Brian, and Carole casually says that Bethenny and Brian are friends.  Bethenny vehemently denies this.  Carole tells Bethenny that Brian said they were friends. Bethenny asks Carole if she believes her or some random guy she does not really know.
Bethenny then tells Carole she thinks it is odd that this man and his red scarf are circling this group. Carole disagrees, and the two of them argue about Brian’s intentions.  Bethenny keeps insisting that Brian is a player. Carole thinks Bethenny is upset that Brian is interested in her. No Carole, she is trying to look out for you.
LuAnn reminds everyone they are in Columbia. LuAnn tells us they usually have a good tie before they all start fighting.
After dinner, Bethenny says that dinner was two hours of torture.
On the walk to their bar destination, Ramona is still in a wheelchair, being wheeled by Dorinda.  Bethenny says they are a motley crew, and look like they all came from a circus.
LuAnn, Sonja, and Bethenny decide to walk around together.  LuAnn agrees with Bethenny about Brian.  Bethenny tells us she is having fun with LuAnn and Sonja, because they are interested in having fun on this vacation.
Everyone arrives at the bar, and Ramona has issues parking her wheelchair outside, and it falls on the ground. I feel bad for both Ramona, and the wheelchair.
Inside, Tinsley grills Bethenny about if she wants to be on this trip.  Bethenny says she is just tired on their first night there. None of the other ladies buy this answer.
Bethenny and Dorinda actually get into an argument about whether or not Bethenny wants to be there.  Bethenny starts to cry, and everyone leaves the bar.
Carole tells us if someone is not interesting in having a good time, they should stay home. Carole, go back to A.C. Moore with that earring.
Sonja and Bethenny stay behind at the bar.  Sonja comforts Bethenny as much as she can, and says she feels for Bethenny because the other women make fun of her all the time.

The next morning, everyone goes down to breakfast.  Ramona says her foot is feeling a bit better, and she can walk again.  Bethenny goes for a swim, and then apologizes to Tinsley.  Bethenny tells Tinsley she is sorry if Tinsley feels like she is ruining the trip.  She gets real and tells Tinsley she is having a hard time because she is under too much stress.  Bethenny also says it is difficult being around Carole, because of what they are going through right now.  Tinsley is very empathetic, and tells Bethenny she is sorry for what she is going through.
At the breakfast table, Tinsley gets an anniversary surprise from Scott, a heart- shaped bunch of roses, 365 to be exact, that read their initials, and a bracelet. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 15 tinsley
Bethenny says she wants to come back in another life as Tinsley.

Bethenny talks to Dorinda about her custody situation, and tells Dorina the incredible amount of stress she is under.  Bethenny says she feels like she is going to explode. Dorinda asks Bethenny who is going around saying Dorinda is talking about her.  Instead of answering that question, Bethenny  just lays it down. She tells Dorinda if she tells her something, to not tell anyone. Dorinda agrees.
Everyone leaves to go shopping, but Bethenny ends up crying, and running off to the kitchen to sob.
Dorinda tries to calm her down, but then LuAnn comes in to ask if everyone is going shopping. Bethenny says there are too many people in the room, and leaves.  She seems to be having a panic attack.

What did we learn this week-  It is really hard to watch Bethenny going through serious anxiety, and panic attacks, especially when some of the group is dismissive about it.

PSA of the Day: Wheelchairs.
Most people who need wheelchairs are not paralyzed. Some chair users are able to get around with other mobility aids, or nothing, but need wheelchairs for any kind of distance walking, or commuting.
Also, If someone had the nerve to say something to me about using a wheelchair at an airport, I would have something to say about it.  Let us hope I never run into Bethenny in that situation, because conflict is not fun.

Wigs are fun to play with!  I like fun, Cartegena LuAnn!

-Aoife, TV Maven


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