Messy Deuteronomy Apology, and a Messy Vicki Scream Fest

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 2 eddie tamra vickiThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 2, One Apology, Another Betrayal

Tamra, and Eddie are in their kitchen, which is still under construction.  Eddie says he needs to sit down, and Tamra takes his blood pressure.Tamra tells us the surgery did not work, and Eddie will need another one.  It continues to be very hard for him, as someone whose life revolved around being an athlete, to have issues doing every day activities.
Food arrives, it is a gift from Vicki.  Tamra tells us Vicki feels horribly for spreading rumors that Eddie is gay, and had been trying to make it up to her and Eddie. She says she hopes Vicki will wash her car next.
Eddie refuses to eat any of the food, because Vicki sent it.  I love this, but Eddie, just eat it, do not waste good food.

Tamra, Emily, and Kelly go for a mani-pedi.  Tamra tells Kelly that Shannon is on a trip in Mexico with her children, and David paid for it.  Shannon is confused about this unusually nice gesture from David, but she need a vacation.
Emily tells Kelly about her husband, Shane.  He is part Persian, and is a Mormon.  Emily says Mormon husbands are great, they can’t gamble, cheat, drink, and since he can’t watch porn, he is great at sex.  housewives of orange county season 13 episode 2 emily confessionalEmily has a child, and stepchildren. She wants to have another child, but Shane refuses.  It is clear Emily does not feel right about that.

Tamra is at the car wash, and gets a call from Shannon.  Shannon is having such a great time in Mexico, she wants Tamra to join her.  She asks Tamra if it would be good if Vicki came down also, so they could work on rebuilding their relationship. Tamra says she will talk to Eddie about it, since he has not been feeling well.

Vicki and Steve are in the kitchen, and Steve serves Vicki dinner. Instead of thanking him, she tells him “it would make me feel better”, if he takes the skin off the chicken.  Was this bad editing, or did she really not thank him?
Vicki then talks about how she really hope Steve asks her to marry him soon.  Keep telling him to take the skin off the chicken he makes you, Vicki.  He will be looking for rings in no time.
He asks her how the outdoor obstacle course hang out session went. Vicki says it was good, but she is still worried about Eddie.  Steve asks why.  Steve, did Vicki not tell you about the rumors she spread about him?
Vicki tells us she needs to make things right with Eddie.

Tamra and Eddie are at the gym.  Eddie wants to help with teaching classes, since he is not able to fully teach one at the moment.  Tamra sets up a special class, so he can teach a workout, without working out.
We are introduced to Tamra’s friend Gina, who kind of looks like she could be Lady Gaga’s sister.
housewives of orange county season 13 episode 2 gina too
Just picture Gina in an outfit made of meat, or a pair of sunglasses made of lit cigarettes.
Kelly, and Emily join the class as well.
Emily is in hell, and is exhausted at the end of the workout. In that moment, we are all Emily.
After the workout, all the ladies sit on the floor to talk.
Gina is from Long Island, and has an accent.  She is asked to say “coffee”, which becomes instant entertainment for everyone else.
Emily talks about her career as a lawyer.
Gina says her husband is really busy, and is away during the week. She says she does a lot of play dates, and drinks a lot of wine.  I like LawnGisland Gina.

Gina is at home with her three young children.  She says she is a survivalist parent.  She loves her children, and says her three year old is a “badass little girl”.  housewives of orange county season 13 episode 2 gina
I like Gina!
She says she feels like a bit of an outsider in Orange County.  Her heart will always be in New York, but her husband’s job is in California.

Tamra and Eddie are lunching, and Vicki calls.  She says she is running errands, and asks if she can come by and say hello to Eddie.   Tamra says alright, thinking that Eddie’s facial expression meant that he was okay with Vicki coming by to lunch. This was not the case, but Vicki is already on the way. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 2 tamra eddie
Eddie asks Tamra if she apologized to her.  Tamra says Vicki apologized in her own way, and Eddie says a “half-assed” apology is not going to work.
Eddie reminds her of the sleepless nights she had agonizing over Vicki.

Vicki arrives, in an awful, shaggy fur coat.
Vicki tells Eddie they have had a good journey, she loves Tamra, she never meant to hurt him, she was wrong, and asks if they can be friends, and get to know each other again.  Vicki, take a moment to breathe!
Eddie tells Vicki she caused a strain on his and Tamra’s relationship. Tamra talks about her stepson coming home from school, being asked by a class mate if his dad is gay. Vicki grabs her bag and tries to leave.
Tamra asks her to sit back down, so they can continue their conversation.
Vicki starts talking about Deuteronomy, and pulls out a paper full of passages, and applies them to this situation.  She reads the laws about Lashon Ha’ra, which is gossip, and negative talk about other people.
Eddie keeps telling her about the harm she caused, and Vicki says at one point Eddie turned on her, and Tamra turned on her. Vicki, what are you doing right now?
Tamra reminds us that Vicki always tries to put the blame on others, on all occasions.
Vicki then full-on apologizes to Eddie and Tamra.  Eddie accepts her apology. Vicki cries, Tamra cries.  Eddie tells Vicki things will take a while, and she needs to do the work here.
They all hold each other’s hands across the table.
Tamra tells us that there is a part of Vicki that is learning, and growing.
Vicki leaves, saying she has to go sell insurance.
Eddie and Tamra deeply exhale after Vicki leaves, and Eddie says Vicki did sound sincere.

Emily and Shane go out for their anniversary dinner, nine years! Emily changes her meal order from tacos, because she does not want to find taco bits in her cleavage. Good move!
Shane talks about his day at work.  Emily says Shane is independently wealthy, but she makes him work so he is a good example for his children.  She tells us she is an attorney, so she can file her own divorce, if needed.
Emily brings up having another child.  Shane is not interested, and says if she wants to have another child she should leave him, and find another father for that child. Oof.
Emily reminds Shane they have nine frozen embryos, and Shane just says at least the embryos have each other.
Shane tells her to think about the children she has, and how wonderful they are.  They wish each other a happy anniversary.  Emily tries to give Shane a kiss, but he says he does not want to have her lipstick on him. Emily does not look happy about that.

Vicki comes over to Kelly’s. Vicki say she is really glad she was able to talk to Eddie and Tamra.
Kelly tells Vicki she needs to ask her a question. Kelly says she heard that Vicki set up her ex, Michael.  Vicki says she did.  Kelly asks why she did not tell her, and Vicki says it is Michael’s place to tell her. Vicky says they have gone out a few times, and Kelly gets more upset that Vicki did not talk to her about this at all. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 2 kelly  Remember, Kelly has been at Vicki’s beck and call with her issues about wanting to make things right with Tamra, and Eddie.
Vicki tells Kelly is it not her fault that her husband is seeing other people. She does her usual Vicki screaming at the top of her lungs denial that we have hated for thirteen seasons.  Kelly kicks Vicki out of her house, sobbing, and saying she is not a real friend.
Vicki tells us she does not understand why Kelly is so upset, when she is the one who dumped Michael.

What did we learn this week-  Vicki is still Vicki.  Do not be surprised, nothing changed with her.  I suppose this will be another season of Vicki constantly blowing up with other people.

I like our new Housewives! I do not like that the show is using Emily’s marriage as her  story line, which is probably going to be emotionally painful to watch, and only let us see one side of Emily.
I feel for Gina, as someone with an NYC  accent.  People ask you to say water, coffee, and orange all the time. We should all start charging people who ask.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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