O’ Columbia: Hats, Spats, and a Joker Mustache Like Jack Nicholson

The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 16, Guess Who’s Arguing at Dinner?

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 16 dorindaBethenny continues to cry on Dorinda, tells her she is crashing, and cannot deal.
LuAnn tells the others that someone is having a breakdown in the kitchen, and they should just leave, and go shopping.Dorinda comforts Bethenny.   Bethenny says she does not want to stay back, and wants to go shopping.  Carole tells us that if Bethenny is not the center of attention, then she makes things “hell” for the rest of the group.  She says Bethenny’s energy is toxic, and does not want to be around that.
LuAnn, Carole, and Ramona complain about Bethenny.  Sonja reminds the group that Bethenny is their friend.  Thank you Sonja!housewives of new york city season 10 episode 16 sonja
Bethenny walks with Dorinda, and tells her every once in a while she cracks.
Bethenny, and Dorinda join the rest of the ladies in a shop,  Sonja is happy to see them.
For some reason, everyone buys hats.  Is that what happens when you go shopping in Cartegena?  Is it time for hats?
Carole tells Dorinda says she can’t engage with someone who cries every time they have a conversation.  She says people should work out their issues, and then come to her and have an adult conversation.  Wow Carole, you have no empathy, or are at least edited to look that way.

Bethenny tells us she does not want to bring anyone down, but she notices the eye rolls, and the whispering.
Sonja gets Bethenny alone, and they talk off the street,. Sonja tells Bethenny that people were talking about her. Carole said she is a taker, which really upsets Bethenny.
Ramona tells Dorinda that it seems like Bethenny is antagonizing Carole.  Dorinda tells Ramona that the two of them just need to work out whatever is going on with them.
Bethenny thanks Sonja for being there for someone in pain, because that is what a friend does.  She says she is going to call Dennis, book a plane, and fly home.  She does not want to be on this trip anymore.

The ladies sit to lunch. Dorinda says she has low blood sugar, and really needs to eat.
Sonja and Bethenny rejoin the group.  Sonja sits at the table, Bethenny is on the phone crying on Dennis. But look at her new Cartegena hat!housewives of new york city season 10 episode 16 bethenny hat She tells Dennis she cannot deal with the trip, she does not want to be around Carole, and she wants to go home.  Dennis somehow calms her down, and convinces her to stay. We have no idea what magical words came out of his mouth!  A Housewives mystery.
Bethenny joins the other women, and they eat in silence.  Carole says it is awkward to be sitting around with the elephant in the room, and says she does not know “What the elephant is anymore”.  Why does every Housewife franchise have at least one episode where that phrase is overused?
LuAnn saves lunch, and Bethenny ends up making a toast.  This was so very awkward to watch.  LuAnn is really good at trying to salvage social events!

Later on, everyone gets ready for dinner, including Tinsley with her glam squad. I would rather watch an episode showing what Tinsley’s glam squad is up to in Cartegena.  It has to be more fun than this!
Carole comes to Sonja’s room for a private talk.  Carole gives Sonja a pair of earrings.  Sonja says when Carole comes bearing gifts, that is a red flag. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 16 sonja carole  Carole asks Sonja if she has some insight on why Bethenny has been acting like this.  Sonja says Bethenny feels like Carole has no interest in being her friend anymore, and thnink Carole is not empathetic when it comes to her.  Carole says she is focused on other things in her life right now.  Sonja says that is why Bethenny does not feel like she is a friend anymore, because she is not talking to her.
Carole tells us that this mission failed, and she has tried to do everything possible to understand what is going on with Bethenny.

Everyone sits down to dinner.  Sonja is wearing her new earrings. and tells Bethenny Carole came to talk to her.  Bethenny does not want to hear it, but is not surprised about the earrings.  Speaking of earrings…
Carole wears more bad craft store earrings, this time a pair of white curtain tassels made into earwear. Carole, what is with the horrid earrings on this trip. Again, I do not like to talk about fashion, but this is ridiculous.  You should have bought a pair when you bought Sonja’s bribery earrings.

Dorinda and Carole take a smoking break.  LuAnn notes that this is a good way to take a break from situations like these.  Carole tells Dorinda she does not understand what is going on, and that things are toxic at the table. Toxic is Carole’s word of the season.
The two sit back down at the table, and Carole says she wants to address the elephant in the room.  Carole tells Bethenny for the last few weeks, things have been really bad between them, and now it is at a point where it is worse.  Bethenny says it’s from her behavior in the past, and rumors. Carole is dismissive, Bethenny states her position again.  Bethenny tells Carole she does not want to talk about this at the dinner table.  They end up talking at the far end of the dinner table.
housewives of new york city season 10 episode 16 dinner
Dorinda and LuAnn start some minor arguing. Dorinda is drunk, asks LuAnn if she wants to get arrested again, and says all kinds of things relating to LuAnn’s recent issues. LuAnn tells Dorinda to not be aggressive.  They both say they now see the other for who she is.
Carole and Bethenny are also getting loud arguing about their situation. Bethenny says that Carole just does not care about her anymore.
LuAnn walks away from the table, and Ramona asks Dorinda what happened.  Dorinda cannot really explain, so she momentarily leaves the table.
Bethenny and Carole continue to argue.
LuAnn tells the others she called her a convict, talked about her mugshot, and it was awful  Tinsley reminds LuAnn she has a mugshot too.
Dorinda returns to the table, and LuAnn leaves to go back to her room.
Sonja talks to Dorinda, because she does not understand why she would treat LuAnn, one of Dorinda’s best friends like that.  Ramona tells Dorinda maybe the dinner was not the best time to talk about things, Dorinda tells her to “shut the hell up”.
Carole gives Bethenny a hug, and goes to the bathroom.  Bethenny is still crying, and says this was the worst vacation in her entire life.
Carole returns, Bethenny apologizes for everything.  Carole says she cannot have this negative energy in her life.  Carole tells us she is being gaslighted by Bethanny. No.
Bethenny leaves the table.
In the  French drama car ride home, almost everyone says it was wrong for LuAnn to get on Dorinda’s case about drinking, when she is newly sober herself.  Carole tells us she wonders how many times a person will have problems when drinking is involved, before they will admit they have a drinking problem.

Back in their hotel bedroom, Bethenny and LuAnn talk about this out of control evening.  LuAnn talks about how vicious Dorinda was, calling her a convict, an ex-Countess, that she is the one with the mugshot.  Bethenny tries to comfort LuAnn, saying Dorinda did not mean anything she said.
Bethenny tells LuAnn the story of Puerto Rico, when Dorinda got really drunk at dinner with Bethenny’s colleagues, and embarassing herself, and Bethenny. Bethenny’s vault is sealed unless she is simply forced to open it.
LuAnn asks Bethenny what is going on with Carole.  Bethenny says that it just seems that Carole and her are just going in different directions.
Bethenny, and LuAnn wonder when Dorinda will get help.

Carole comes back from a swim, and joins Dorinda at a table downstairs.  She asks Dorinda what is going on.  Dorinda plays with her purse, and says she said some bad things to LuAnn.  She does not like that LuAnn was judging her for drinking, says she will not apologize to her, because she has been a good friend to LuAnn.  Dorinda says she just wanted to have a good dinner and not be shamed.
Carole asks Dorinda if maybe LuAnn wants to help her.
Cut to Bethenny and LuAnn who hope Dorinda gets help.
Bethenny comes downstairs, and joins Carole and Dorinda.
Dorinda tells Bethenny, she “fucked up her relationship with LuAnn”.  Bethenny says Dorinda has a, “Joker mustache like Jack Nicholson”, meaning she has wine stains on her face.  Bethenny cleans off Dorinda’s face, and they all talk.  Bethenny reminds Dorinda that LuAnn really loves her, and that Dorinda makes it nice.
Bethenny says that Dorinda and LuAnn both have their own issues to deal with, and they should each focus on that.

What did we learn this week-  Carole, if you don’t want to deal with feelings of empathy, do not make friends with anyone who has a shred of empathy.
Also, please tell us what craft store you raided for all of your earring supplies.

Oyyyyyy, Dorinda.  LuAnn is genuinely concerned about Dorinda, friends should be able to express concern to other friends, but oof.  Dorinda has a habit of getting drunk and going off on people, so of course Dorinda’s friends are concerned about her.
This all shows how complicated these issues can be, when a loved one is having substance abuse issues. It is hard to talk about these things, but they need to be talked about, especially by the person having these issues.
Dorinda says she knows she has a problem, I hope she takes another step toward making things better for herself.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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