It’s Not Delivery, It’s Wolverine

housewives of potomac season 3 episode 17 pizza disguisesThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 17, Hot Gossip, Cold Pizza

Sweet Home Potomac, where the eyes are so green. The trip to Cannes was certainly a trip. As usual, all the Housewives bonded, had a great time, and are closer than ever.  Just kidding, here we go!Gizelle and her friend, and hairstylist Kal have lunch. They have been friends for twenty years, knows all of Gizelle’s secrets, but Gizelle says he is a true friend who she can trust.
Gizelle tells Kal she just came back from “Cannes baby, Cannes”. Gizelle tells Kal the word on the street is Karen is living in an apartment, and not her house in Great Falls.  Gizelle tells us that Karen will not be truthful with her, and she cannot be a real friend to Karen, unless she knows with what Karen is dealing.

Ashley unpacks from the trip.  She wishes Michael would have been waiting to see her and welcome her back with a romantical embrace.  There is no “pitter patter of little feet”. She wishes her home was a much warmer place.
She calls her mom, Sheila.  Ashley tells us Sheila is still with her boyfriend, but has moved out of her hotel room, and into an apartment. Sheila did this without any assistance from Ashley.  Ashley tells us it nonsense for Michael to say he is afraid Ashley will parent like her mother, as an excuse for not wanting to have children.

Karen has lunch with her assistant, Matt. It is always good to see Assistant Matt.  Things start out well, with kisses as greetings, before they sit. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 17 karen matt
After ordering, which was absolutely fascinating, Karen toasts Matt, telling him he is a “hot topic”. She tells Matt, Ashley was talking about him.  Matt asks why, and Karen tells him Ashley said he was running around town gossiping about her. Karen says apparently, she lives in an town home, and has rented furniture. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 17 matt also
Matt bursts out laughing.  He tells Karen years he did tell Ashley that years ago, Karen lived in Ray’s bachelor pad, and not at present.
Karen says that this was twenty five years ago.  She tells us she does not understand why this group of women, especially Ashley, are constantly thinking of her. She tells us if Ashley met Jesus, she would lie to him.
Karen tells Matt all of this just makes Ashley look bad. Somehow, Karen forgot to tell Matt to stop talking about her behind her back.

Robyn visits her investment property.  She is joined by Gizelle, who immediately tells her the house is a “W, T and a F”.  Robyn admits, the place is a dump at the moment, but it will not be like this for long.
Ashley arrives to help out, and ask if the floors are safe.  Ashley was told to wear boots, but is wearing  nice boots with heels.  Ashley says she is still wearing boots.
The ladies get their safety gear on, and sledgehammer a small section of a wall.  It is more like therapy, than helpful.  After making a few holes, the women are done, and go outside.

The three toast to Robyn’s success!  Gizelle asks Robyn and Ashley if they have missed her since they all got back from France. housewives of Potomac season 3 episode 17 schemingAshley says she missed both of them after the trip, and asks if they had a good time.
Gizelle says she did as well, but they need to have a discussion about Karen because of  “all this weirdness”. Robyn says it is impossible to communicate with Karen because she “just won’t go there”.
Gizelle tells us that Karen is a mystery, and it is hard to believe anything she says.
Robyn says she does not want to deal with that whole mess.
Gizelle asks if they are all down to go sneak out to Karen’s house, to see if she really lives there. Robyn and Ashley say yes.
Ashley suggests disguising themselves as a singing telegram.housewives of potomac season 3 episode 17 ashley Ashley thinks that Karen will have a laugh about this.

At their home, Monique takes Chris outside, where there is liquor, and cigars waiting for them by a crackling fire.
Monique rubs Chris’s feet, and Chris asks when they can have another baby.  Monique tells Chris not until after football season.
Monique says she wanted to something nice for Chris, since he sent her on the trip.  housewives of potomac season 3 episode 17 monique cigarMonique tells him that she went into the trip upset, because of their fight before she left.  She tells Chris she needs to just listen to him when he says he is feeling hurt. Chris tells Monique sometimes he loses his temper, and says things he regrets later.
Chris goes inside, and comes out with a cupcake with a birthday candle in it, and a birthday present! Boots!

Ashley sees her mother’s home for the first time, and brings flowers.
Sheila says she is hungry, and Ashley has brought tabouleh!  Sheila thinks it tastes like grass. Ashley says grass should be a part of our diet, since people. smoke it, eat it, and “whatever”.
Sheila asks Ashley to tell her some “positive stuff”!  Ashley says the trip was great,and tells her mother about the essential oil distillery.  Sheila asks if she brought any home, and Ashley says she is sorry, and forgetting was “messed up”.
Ashley gets serious.
housewives of potomc season 3 episode 17 Ashley mom
She tells Sheila, that Michael said he is reconsidering having kids with Ashley, because he is afraid Ashley will become, “an irresponsible person”, like her mom.
Sheila is simmering, telling Ashley she must be lying, and must be “fucking joking” with her.
Ashley sits quietly, since this is a really hard thing to tell your mother. She tells Sheila Michael’s comment really bothered her, and she had never heard anything like it in her life.
Sheila basically says this is completely unacceptable, which it is.
Ashley says that she wants her mom and Michael to have a good relationship, but they cannot do that without talking about these issues.
Sheila asks Ashley if she sees her and Michael having children in the future.  Ashley says she does not really see her and Michael going forward together.  She does not want to wait much longer to have a baby, and she is just trying to stick it out.
Sheila tells Ashley to think of what she wants for her life.
Ashley tells us this is a hard situation.  Michael is not getting any younger, and Ashley is getting older.  She says she will soon have to make a decision.

Karen, Monique, and Candiace meet at a outdoor event.  Karen says Monique and Candiace are a breath of fresh air, and they are a lot of fun.
Candiace is asked about her wedding.  Candiace says Chris has been supporting, while keeping her in line.  He has been talking to her mother about the wedding, because Candiace cannot handle dealing with her mom about it.
Monique says the only thing to worry about at a wedding should be the gown.
Monique asks Candiace how her and Chris are doing in their relationship, because all they hear about is the wedding.
Candiace says it is hard to get Chris to go out with other couples.  She tells us that lately, she has paid more attention to the wedding, than to Chris.

There is intrigue afoot at the House of Gizelle, The Green-Eyed!  Karen is going to get a fake pizza delivery.  This Scooby-Doo gang of three are going to find out once and for all if Karen lives in the Great Falls house.  Ashley has the disguises, and Gizelle has the pizza.
Robyn will deliver the pizza, and the other girls will be peeking through the windows.  Robyn wears a pizza delivery person disguise, along with a beard, and glasses. From the neck up, Ashley looks like Wolverine, with a nice cross-body purse. Gizelle wears a curly wig, kind of sexy outfit, and a motorcycle jacket.  It is not much of a disguise
In the car, Ashley starts eating the pizza.  They are all eager to find out the truth about Karen.
They find her house, but park outside the gates. Robyn walks to the door, as Gizelle and Ashley sneak around in the bushes. housewives of potomac season 3 episode 17 pizza deliveryRobyn rings the doorbell once, and no answer.  She rings the bell again, as the episode ends.

What did we learn this week?  This scripted pizza delivery prank is very silly, but I do enjoy the disguises, especially Ashley as Bougie Wolverine. I also would have eaten some of that pizza on the drive from Potomac to Great falls.

It’s good that Ashley is thinking about what she want from life, even if it does not involve Michael.   I hope she can meet someone who appreciates her, and she can have the family she wants.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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