Getting Messy in Mexico

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 3 shannon tamra vicki shotsThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 3, Tres Amigas

Vicki continues her screaming, and Kelly tells her to leave.  Vicki tells us that Michael told her not to tell Kelly about him seeing someone else.  What is the first thing Vicki does after she leaves Kelly’s house?She calls Michael and tells him Kelly was being just horrible.
Kelly calls Tamra, and tells her what just went down.  The two of them do imitations of what Vicki sounds like when she does her demonic shrieking.

The next day, Vicki and Tamra head down to Mexico.  In the car on the way to the airport, Tamra tells Vicki that Kelly told her what happened with them.  Vicki tells Tamra that she did not tell Kelly, because Michael asked her not to tell Kelly.  Tamra thinks it all breaks girl code. Tamra tells Vicki that her loyalty is not toward Michael, and should be to Kelly.  They both agree not to talk about it anymore, since it is time to party in Mexico.

Kelly and her daughter Jolie are going to Aspen, for a mother-daughter trip.  She has already told Jolie what happened with Vicki. Vicki left an apology voice mail for Kelly. Kelly plays it for Jolie, and asks her what she thinks. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 3 kelly
Jolie tells her mother that if someone is doing things like that, they are not her friend.  She tells Kelly to forgive Vicki, but that god does not want people to be fake with each other, so they do not have to be friends. Kelly tells us she loves having her own young therapist around.
Kelly tells Jolie it would have been so much easier if Vicki had just told her, since Jolie’s father and her are not friends.
Jolie seems pained by this, but again tells her mother, she does not have to be Vicki’s friend.

With all of their children in tow, Gina takes Emily to an outdoor fitness class.  Emily is not able to do her workout. Her three young children do not care about a fitness class for adults, when there is a playground right there. Emily tells us she needs therapy, and medication to deal with her children.
Gina is able to do her workout.  After she is done, they both tell us how happy they are to have meet each other.

Shannon is in Mexico, and puts her children on a plane back to Orange County. After the girls have left, the first thing Shannon does is get some tall shots, salt, and limes on a plate.  She waits for Vicki and Tamra to get off their plane.  When they see her, they get extremely excited, and the shrieking in joy starts.  They all put on sombreros, down the shots, and then Shannon falls down and breaks all the shot glasses, and dishes. Vicki says she hopes they do not get arrested in the airport.
These ladies are always falling in Mexico, when doing shots. It is a Housewives tradition.

The trio arrives at their hotel.  Their apartment hotel room has incredible views of the beach.
Later, the women are ready to go out.  They pre-game some shots, and Vicki makes sure they all know their room number.  Their first stop?  Andele’s!
Vicki tells us this bar has so much history, and they are going to “Whoop it the hell up”.  Tamra gets special shots, and then gets her breasts felt up by the woman giving out the shots.
All three of them get on the bar top.  Cut to a scene of Steve in Orange County, telling her not to get on the bar, or doing anything she would not do in front of her grandchildren.
Outside, they all get lovey-dovey emotional , which also ends with Tamra getting her breasts squeezed.
Will everyone stop touching Tamra’s breasts?  Anyone who has done it on this night has their own beasts they can grab!
The ladies get some food cart goodies.  Shannon and Tamra cry on a bench, while Vicki gets their meals from a cart.
As they eat, the three talk about relationships, and Vicki talks about Steve.  Tamra tells us that she feels like Vicki’s love for Steve is “mechanical”. and there is not anything there.

The women get back from the hotel.  Vicki and Shannon are hugging each other, because Shannon is extremely drunk, and hugs are good.
They find Tamra, naked in the hot tub.  Shannon does not want to go in, because she does not like the way her body looks.
Tamra gets out of the hot tub to get Shannon, and falls on the floor. Vicki and Shannon have to help her to get up.  Shannon goes into her hot tub in her underwear, and Vicki decides not to go in.  Shannon drunk cackles, Tamra gets out to jump in the hot tub. Tamra says her foot hurts, and she needs another shot.
Vicki sits alone in the living room., and Shannon loudly calls for her.

The next morning, everyone is inn matching pajamas, provided by Vicki, and extremely hungover.  It turns out, Tamra broke her foot, and had to take a cab to the hospital alone, because Vicki and Shannon were passed out.
They are so hungover that Shannon has trouble remembering the word for pancakes in English.
They try to count the amount of shots they did, and Vicki counts fifteen, and there are still drinks not counted.
Shannon suggests going to the beach, but Tamra says she has to stay in her hotel room. Shannon tells her they will take her down themselves, and help her get around. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 3 shannon vicki tamra wheelchair
They end up getting a wheelchair for Tamra. Shortly after, the women face an obstacle many chair users face every day,  a flight of stairs making it inaccessible for them to do things, like get on this beach in Puerto Vallarta. Vicki and Shannon carry Tamra down the stairs,  because that is what real friends do.
After they have all settled in their lounge chairs, Tamra tells Eddie, and tells him what happened to her foot.  Someone mentions that Tamra was naked when she fell, which does not surprise Eddie.
Someone mentions Kelly, and Vicki says she does not want to talk about Kelly.
Tamra asks what happened with them, and Vicki gives her side of the story.  She asks the other women why she should have to choose sides after a divorce.
Vicki tells them Kelly thinks she can be rude to her, and yell at her all the time. Where do we even start with that comment?
Shannon tells Vicki it hurts her to know that David is with someone else, and tells Vicki she sees how Kelly is hurt.  housewives of orange county season 13 episode 3 shannon She tells Vicki to talk to Kelly about it, and Vicki says she will do that when they get back.

Poor Tamra is out of it on the last night of the girl’s trip to Mexico. The pain medication is knocking her out, and she took a nap during dinner.
Shannon and Vicki put Tamra to bed.
Shannon arranges a tequila tasting for her and Vicki.  Years ago, on a trip to Mexico, Vicki arranged a tequila tasting, but it was while David was having an affair.  Shannon tells Humberto from guests services, this time, they are going to have a good time, and are no longer with the men they were with back then..
Shannon and Vicki gets drunk, and Shannon gets loud.  Shannon tells everyone she gets loud when she is drunk.  Girl, we know!
Shannon tells Vicki how much this trip has meant to her.  She tells Vicki how much she is hurting right now, that David is with someone so soon after they divorced.  Vicki tells Shannon she is proud of her. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 3 vicki hola hat
Shannon tells Vicki her children were happy that she was having this girl’s trip, and that she would have a talk with “Auntie Vicki”.  It is nice to see the two of them being good to each other. Will it last when they return to Orange County?

What did we learn this week- The issue with Vicki and Kelly is complicated.  Vicki should not have to choose between Kelly or Michael, but if she wants to be friends with Kelly, she has to be honest with her.
Vicki should also stop the demon shrieking, as it is not an effective form of communication.

It is great when a child can be there for their divorced parents.  Divorced parents, please watch that line between what is inappropriate to say to your children about their other parent. Your children want to be there for you, and support you, but do not need to deal with adult problems more then they already are. Also, they do not want to hear anything negative from you about their other parent.  I say this from experience.

PSA of the day: Stop touching Tamra’s breasts unless she says it’s alright without you asking! Apparently, this is a problem!
This seems to be something the public at large needs to be reminded about in general, not just with Tamra. In this case, it is all about Tamraa.  Be kind to Tamra.

-Aoife, TV Maven



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