No Mustache, New Shahs!

Shahs of Sunset season 7 episode 1 sherv dancing
Shahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 1, A Short Kiss Goodnight

A new season of Shahs!  Sadly, Reza’s mustache decided not to be a part of this season.  We also have some new Shahs!  Let’s see what happens!First, we are shown clips from the entire new season, including MJ’s wedding. Reza’s mustache is nowhere to be seen, and drama abounds.

We see GG and a mystery man talking about starting a relationship, but who is he?
Flashback to two days earlier, and the group is going on a ski trip to Big Bear. MJ, GG, Reza, Mike, and Destiney all pack for the trip.
Reza tells us Adam and he are starting a new chapter.  They have a new house, and Adam really wants a new child.  Reza says the stress of all of this is spreading him thin, and he needs this vacation.
Everyone gathers on the Shahs drama van to Big Bear.  GG brings a shot ski!
Reza has brought a vintage 2002 Dom for everyone to enjoy on the bus to the ski resort.
Reza says he did this trip every year with his family, and wants to continue the tradition.
Someone asks where Asa is, and Reza says she is with her baby.
Mike tells the group he met a girl named Mona, and really likes her.  He tells us she is a little intimidating, because she has a degree, and is vegan.  Mike says he invited Mona, and her brother, and Shervin to come up to Big Bear.
Reza tells Mike it is really weird he invited Mona’s brother, but all are welcome.

Everyone arrives at the lodge, and quickly scramble to claim their rooms.  GG marks her territory by rubbing the pillows on the bed all over her chest and crotch.
GG and Destiney go out on the porch.  GG fills Destiney in on her divorce with Shalom.  She says she tried with him, but it didn’t work.  She says at this moment, she does not want a relationship, she wants companionship.
Destiney tells us she can see right through GG’s nonsense.  Destiney tells us that GG puts her armor up when it comes to relationships, and she is the same way.
MJ tells us we are all invited to her and Tommy’s wedding, and we had better dress right, because it will be black tie. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 1 MJ
Her dad is still in the hospital.

Reza calls everyone down to dinner.  Reza makes a toast to everyone, and thanks them for coming.
Mike asks everyone if they are happy where they ended up.  Everyone tells Mike how much he has grown.
GG asks Mike, if she tried to seduce him, would he have sex with her.  The answer is yes, and GG is pleased.
Destiney, like the rest of us, wonders why GG asked Mike this question?

After dinner, MJ and Reza cuddle in their bed. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 1 mj reza GG comes in to say hello.
Reza and MJ tell us that they had sex once, before Reza came out. This happened when they were really young.
MJ wonders what Tommy would think about them sharing a bed because of this ancient, historical hook up.  Really?
Reza says if Shalom found out that she was sharing a bed with Shervin, he would freak out.  GG is upset that Reza even brought up her and Shalom’s relationship, but does not let anyone know as she leaves the room.

The next morning, Reza prepares a delicious Persian breakfast.  GG ends up crying in the pantry, thinking about past relashionships
We see two mystery people coming to the house.  Mike tells everyone to please be nice to his friends.
He introduces the girl he is seeing, Mona, and her brother Nema.
Nema asks Mike if GG is married, the answer is no, and he seems excited.
Reza wants to try to get GG and Nema to get together.
Everyone gets ready to hit the slopes.  Nema wears a yellow ski suit that is from the ’80s.
He tells the group he has a girlfriend, Erica.  After his divorce, Erica helped him get through it, and they started dating.  Nema insists he has not serious about this relationship.
In the bus, Reza tries to see how Persian Nema, is by seeing if he can do the beshkan, the Persian snap.

At the slopes, GG and MJ ride up the ski lift, and see Destiney wiping out on the bunny slope.  GG yells at her to get up, and keep going,
Reza says MJ has a very seductive skiing method, GG has an angry, tearing down anything in her way method, and both are like her personalities.
Mike tells us that once Mona sees him snowboarding,  she will be super impressed.  He snowboards, while she skis.
Everyone takes a break, and orders a meal.  Reza rates everyone’s skiing. They all eat and drink.
Nema is amazed by the amount of food they order, and is disturbed that they share sauces.  He feels like he is watching “National Geographic with Persians”.
Nema and Mona talk about their upbringing, their parents got divorced, and how they had to choose which parent with whom they wanted to live.   MJ says that is “fucked up”, and tells us it is wrong that their parents made them choose between them.
Reza announces that GG, Nema, Mona, and Mike will be having dinner that night at a restaurant, while the rest of them have a night at the lodge.  Mike wonders why Reza invited Nema, and asks us if Reza is trying to “cockblock” him. Fair enough, Mike, but Reza juts wants GG and Nema to have some vacation sex.

That evening, the shot ski is brought out!  Shervin has arrived.
Nema tells Mona that if Mike tries to date her, he is “going to ride his ass into the sunset, hard”.  Destiney finds this all weird.
Reza sees the double daters off  to dinner.
Golnesa is asked about her divorce, and she tells everyone at the table she wants to have a baby.  She says she wants some sperm, but same thing in this case. Nema volunteers!  GG tells us he is not exactly rich enough, he only drives a Lexus.
Back at the lodge, MJ and Destiney talk on the porch.  The topic is relationships. MJ tells Destiney  that she needs to break down her walls,  so she can have a meaningful relationship with someone.
Destiney talks about how she was only raised by her mother, and how it was hard for her to even hold hands with her other boyfriends.  MJ gives her a hug, tells her she is a “badass”, and just wants the best for her.
At the restaurant, Mona says she wants to be with one person, and wants kids who will be home schooled by a tutor, and summer in Europe.  Mike is a little worried, and tells Mona she needs to marry a very, very rich man.
MJ and Reza are in bed together.  MJ tells Reza she wants him to be her Man of Honor at her wedding.  Reza is excited, especially about having a photo montage!
It comes up at the dinner table that Nema has a girlfriend.  Mike asks him why he is flirting with his friend GG, if he is in a relationship.  Nema says GG is beautiful, why would he not flirt with her?

Back at the house, Nema tells the group that Mona wants a man who is extremely wealthy.  Mike crosses his arms, and Reza asks him why he is being all huffy about this.
Reza tells us when Mike goes out with a woman who “does not to drop to her knees within 12 minutes”, of meeting him. he has second thoughts about her.
Nema tells us GG has a power over him.  He says when he looks at GG, all rational thought leaves his mind.  He and GG go outside, and he asks her if he can take her out to dinner sometime.  He then says she has to let him kiss her now.  GG is absolutely giddy, but says she is not ready yet, and Nema says they will have dinner first.

What did we learn this week-  Nema is going hard to try and get with GG.  Given that GG does not want to be in a relationship, this may be a problem.  Also, he has a girlfriend!

Is Mike capable of having a relationship with an independent woman?  Ever?  Maybe?

-Aoife, TV Maven


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