The Columbia Diet, Mr. TV Guide, and Burnt Marinara

housewives of new york city season 10 episode 18 tinsley cryingThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 18, There’s No Place Like Home

The Housewives are home, but still a bit sick because of that paella in Cartegena.  Hopefully, they aren’t staining their floors.
Ramona and Dorinda are at Ramona’s Hamptons House, for the reveal of the renovation!  Dorinda, and the world love it, but Dorinda asks if she can pee on the rug.This is, of course, a reference to Ramona letting her dogs go to the bathroom all over her expensive rugs.
Sonja and LuAnn arrive.  Sonja loves the way the house looks.
LuAnn tells us she is surprised at Ramona’s decor, and complains that there are no plants, or even a Chia Pet.
Then, they talk about how they have all stopped going to the bathroom all the time since eating that paella in Cartegena.
Sonja wore a diaper on the plane ride home, and wonders why other people do not use them more.  She tells us she even uses them on the Jitney to the Hamptons, because she does not like going on the bus.

Tinsley and Carole are in the city, talking about when things got rough on the boat.  Tinsley repeats she does not understand why everyone was so scared when the waters got rough. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 18 tinsleyCarole tells us she does not understand how Tinsley was not afraid, and that she was so dismissive that the rest of the group were frightened..  She tells Tinsley that she was in abusive relationships, and is now talking like an abuser, saying things are okay, when they are not. Tinsley starts to cry, and Carole tells her she is not a bad person.

Dorinda brings flowers as a housewarming for Bethenny’s new apartment.  Bethenny says coming home to her apartment after a trip like that was “so sweet”.  This apartment is amazing. One room has been turned into an amazing walk in closet, and there is a makeup station, which is also a former room.
They talk about the trip.  Bethenny did not get food poisoning in Cartegena, but still felt sick from everything that happened between her and Carole.
Dorinda says that LuAnn was out of line saying what she said in Cartegena, and they need to talk about it.  Dorinda wants an apology from LuAnn, and she wants to apologize to her.
Dorinda talks about not having John around as much.  Bethenny says she is not talking to Dennis for ninety days, because they love each other, but are wrong for each other.

LuAnn and Bethenny are at a store where you can make your own lip color. I want to visit this store!
They talk about Dorinda.  LuAnn talks about how much Dorinda’s comments hurt her.housewives of new york city season 10 episode 18 luann
Bethenny talks about Carole.  She says Carole only wants “lite” friends, and does not want to get into a deep friendship with anyone. Bethenny says their relationship is like burnt marinara sauce, you cannot fix it.  You can add sugar, or vinegar, but it will still be “burnt from the bottom, and you can taste it all the way on top”.
LuAnn complains about every single thing about Ramona’s Hamptons house, and Bethenny likes that LuAnn feels comfortable enough to say these things now.

Dorinda and Carole lunch.  Carole says she was contacted about having Widow’s Guide being turned into a TV series.  There is also a party for Carole the next night, to celebrate her new article in Cosmo.
Carole tells Dorinda that Bethenny texted her twice since they got back from Cartegena. She complains that Bethenny wants to talk, after what happened on the trip.
Dorinda says she went to see her new apartment.  Carole changes her tune a bit, and tells us this shows her where their friendship is now, since she would be the one Bethenny would invite over.  Carole, either you want to be friends with Bethenny, or you do not.

It is the night of Carole’s Cosmo party! Carole is co-hosting, and says she wanted to throw a party where  athletic wear is encouraged.
Heather Thomson is here!  It’s so nice to see her, and she gives Ramona a big hug.
Tinsley is in pigtails, wearing a sweatshirt from her alma mater, Columbia University.
Adam came to the party, and tries to talk to Carole throughout the night.  They have the most awkward conversation about athleisure wear.
Tinsley is happy that Adam is at the party to support Carole, and hopes they can remain friends.
Carole tells Heather about her issues with Bethenny.  Heather knows Bethenny from her Housewives days of yore. Heather says when people are self-absorbed, it can be hard to work things out. Heather come back to the show!
Thank to bad editing, seemingly out of nowhere, Tinsley says there is an upside to diarrhea, the Columbia diet made her lose a few pounds. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 18 tinsley confessional

The next day, Bethenny takes Sonja to the Skinny Jeans factory, to see how the jeans are made. Bethenny says Sonja loves her jeans, and she is happy to take her along.
Sonja says Mr. TV Guide was over the night before.  She tells us that she does not need to tell anyone his real name, and for now, they “Netflix and chill”. With that, this phrase is not only dead, but reincarnation is now impossible. Also Sonja, no one knows what TV Guide is in the year 2018.
When they arrive, Sonja thinks their guide is attractive.
Bethenny says Sonja is a “Wack job”, and so is she.  Bethenny says they get along better than her and Carole, because Carole takes herself so seriously all the time. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 18 bethenny
Sonja is out of control at the warehouse, like anywhere else, but she loves these jeans.

Ramona has an event for her skincare line, Ageless, by Ramona Singer.  This is a testing party, so people can try the products, and they can get feedback.
Dorinda gives Ramona a big hug, and tells her how proud she is of her.
LuAnn arrives wearing a purple, short sleeved fur, which looks like a bathmat, turned into a crop top bathrobe.
Sonja brings shoes for almost everyone, from her shoe line. Did you hear about Sonja’s shoe line?  She has a shoe line!
Sonja tells us the same people who will be buying Ramona’s skincare line will be buying her shoes.
Ramona calls her out on bringing  her shoes to her event, but may have been placated by shoes.
The two then discuss whether Bethenny is angry, or sad.  Ramona says Bethenny does not really support other women, or she would be at the event, or would have called and congratulated her.
LuAnn talks to Carole about rehearsing for her cabaret performance with Sonja earlier that day. We see footage of Sonja being a hot mess, and cannot wait for this performance.  Whatever happens with Sonja at the cabaret, it will be entertaining.
Dorinda gives LuAnn a huge apology.  LuAnn tells us Dorinda is not making a genuine apology.  Dorinda wonders if LuAnn lacks self-awareness, or if their friendship is not as good as she thought, since LuAnn did not offer an apology. They both need to tell each other these things, and not the Housewives confessional.

What did we learn this week-  This is either bad editing, or Carole seems to be confused, and contradicting herself.  If she does not want to get heavy with friends, why did she do so with Tinsley, which of course, ended with Tinsley crying!  Carole hates tears.
Why was Carole making fun of Bethenny for texting her, then was hurt that she had not been invited to her new apartment?

Dorinda and LuAnn need to work this out, because both of them can not stop talking about it, and how hurt they feel.  Again, editing plays a part in this, but they really talk about each other a lot.

-Aoife, TV Maven

Our statement on the tragic passing of Dennis Shields –


6 thoughts on “The Columbia Diet, Mr. TV Guide, and Burnt Marinara

  1. (Probably not a great time to mention my side eye when you said Sonja wore a diaper? But you know, I gotta mention it all cuz Team Bethenny.)

    This is so far ahead of where I am in the season that I had to stop reading at the word “Dennis” – I feel for Bethenny. Did you hear Dennis passed away at Trump Tower? So sad. I hope his family is okay and my heart goes out to Bethenny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so sad, he has children, I can’t imagine what his family is going through. I can’t imagine what Bethenny is going through. It’s awful.


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