Valentine’s Day Bridesmaid Massacre

shahs of sunset season 7 episode 2 reza mj partyShahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 2, It’s My Party and I’ll Make You Cry if I Want to

It is the last morning at Big Bear.  Nema wakes up a little freaked out, because he has a girlfriend, but kissed GG the night before.Everyone else gathers for breakfast, and talks about Golnesa’s breasts.
Before they leave, Reza announces he is honored to have been asked to be MJ’s Man of Honor at her wedding.
GG asks how Tommy will feel about MJ asking someone she had sex with to be her maid of honor.  MJ tells us this is not a way to get into her bridal party.
MJ says she cannot deal with GG’s “bullshit”, GG tells us she was really hurt by MJ, these two need to talk.
shahs of sunset season 7 episode 2 MJ

MJ returns to her new home after a workout, to find Vida and Tommy talking poolside. Vida loves Tommy now, and has told MJ if she does not marry him, she will.
Vida goes over some things she wants to see at her wedding, but MJ does not want to hear any of it.  Again, Bravo, please give Vida her own show!

Destiney and MJ go to a candy supply store! Destiney says this is the place she comes to for inspiration.  MJ wants Destiney to throw a Valentine’s Day Party for her.  MJ says she like red candies, they are the best.
shahs of sunset season 7 episode 2 mj destiney
MJ takes a look at Destiney’s Tindr profile, and makes some changes.  Destiney tells us her deal breakers include men with dirty nails, and those who are not circumcised.  They end up buying over seven hundred dollars in candy for the party. Destiney, please send me a bag!

Destiney and GG go off in the wild night.  GG tells Destiney she was hurt when MJ made the maid of honor announcement, and did not choose her.
They get to their destination, a very cool looking bar with a library.  Destiney flirts with the bartender, and adjusts his bow tie.  GG whispers to her that she thought she was going to play with his mustache.
Reza, Mike, Nema and Shervin all go out to dinner. Nema tells them he has not told his girlfriend about kissing GG yet, but feels he has to do come clean about it.
Mona joins Destiney, and GG at the bar.  GG says it was interesting to see the brother-sister dynamic between Mona and Nema at Big Bear.  Destiney tells us it is a little creepy, and she wonders if Nema likes his sister a little too much.
Shervin FaceTimes GG, and everyone at the men’s table say she is “showing her boobs”, especially Nema. Reza tells GG Nema is going to tell his girlfriend about what happened. GG tells us she does not know why Nema is going to do this, since nothing really went on between them. She tells Shervin they are all trying to have fun at the bar, and ends the call.

The next day, Vida and MJ go to MJ’s fertility doctor.  MJ says Vida is there because she wants her to be involved in the whole process.  The doctor explains that they have some embryos ready to go. They organize a time to do this in the next two months.
Vida asks if there is an expiration date on the embryos.  When the doctor says know, Vida asks MJ what is the rush?
The doctor tells her there is no rush, MJ has been doing everything she should be, and that it should be fine going forward.  Vida says MJ’s father is sick, and is worried that if something happens to him, she might have a problem with the pregnancy. Again, the doctor calms her fears, to the extent anyone can with any parent, especially Vida. He is a really good doctor!

Destiney found a great place for MJ’s Valentine’s Day party, CIA bar, and sets up the space. I want Destiney to plan a party for me!
Everyone arrives, and loves the bar, and the decor.
Adam sees Nema and Mona arrive, and tells Reza they seem more like husband and wife.
GG tells us she is a little nervous about seeing Nema on Valentine’s Day, and wonders if his girlfriend will  end up calling her and yelling at her.

Destiney herds everyone into a room, and she and MJ get on the stage.
MJ says she threw this party to announce her wedding.
MJ Calls up Reza, her man of honor.  She calls up Craig, her trainer, and his husband Brandon as her bridesmen. MJ tells the crowd her wedding is going to be very small.   Adam shouts “What about me”, which we are all wondering.  GG is hurt as well.
GG and Adam both talk about it at the bar, then Craig walks up to them.  Adam tries to be polite, and GG asks if MJ had told him about this before the announcement. Craig tells them this  was all a surprise to him.

MJ takes Vida aside to talk.  She says she wants to be closer to her, and include her more in her life. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 2 vida mj She asks for Vida’s support going forward, and Vida says she cannot do that. Vida what is this?

Reza asks Adam if he can be happy, because Reza is happy.  Adam tells Reza how hurt he is, and he cannot be happy in that moment.  Adam and GG try leave the party, but Reza and some others stop it.  GG stirs the pot, and asks Reza how Adam would feel about having someone he had sex with in the wedding party.  Reza does not understand why GG keeps saying that to MJ and himself, especially in front of Adam.

Reza gets up to make a speech, and calls out Adam and GG, as two people who should be celebrating this night.  He directs everyone’s attention to GG, which ends up with MJ telling the entire party that GG is still married to Shalom.  GG gets furious, throws a glass, and tells Shervin to take her home.
GG and Sherv go outside.  GG says she cannot take these people anymore. GG asks Shervin why Reza and MJ would do that, and Adams join the conversation.  shahs of sunset season 7 episode 2 GGShervin tells GG to let it go.  GG tells us she upset because two of her closest friends brought up Shalom in front of a whole room of people, and she cannot let it go just then.
Apparently, Shalom’s ex-wife was at the party, and no one told GG.  Reza goes out to apologize to GG for everything.shahs of sunset season 7 episode 2 gg reza
MJ comes into the room.  She tells us she is disappointed with GG’s behavior, but asks GG to talk to her alone.  They sit in angry silence for a minute. It is not awkward, because unfortunately, they are both seething.  MJ tells her she knows where her heart is, and MJ loves her.  MJ tells GG she needs her  to reciprocate.  She says she is going through a lot,  she has a dying father, and wants to know if GG will be with her or against her.  GG’s response is to laugh.  MJ is really upset by that, and leaves the room.

What did we learn this week- It is not cool that people are saying there might be something going on with brother and sister, Nema and Mona. This kind of thing is malicious gossip, and I hope this is the last we hear of it this season.

Why did MJ not choose Adam as a bridesman?  He has been friends with MJ, even when Reza had his times where he was not speaking to her. I can see why Adam is hurt.

GG laughing at MJ talking about her dying father was obviously low.  We all know how GG can get in a moment of fury, so it could have been even worse if she had talked more.
It would be nice if they could work things out when they both are not extremely furious at the other.

-Aoife, TV Maven


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Bridesmaid Massacre

    • It’s full of drama, and a group of friends who are like family. GG has RA and there has been a lot of ableist bs at points in terms of her friends not believing her, but things improved with that, thankfully. She also showed a lot of what she went through with treatments, like having chemo.
      I’m hooked on this show! I am so sad you do not get to see the glory of Reza’s mustache this season.

      Liked by 1 person

    • All the food on this show looks delicious always, and there is always a huge spread everywhere. I am unable to eat most of the food they show, but I can still dream!


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