Reunion Part One: Going Off, Walking Off

housewives of potomac season 3 reunion part one groupThe Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 19, Reunion Part One

Reunion time in Potomac!  This season has been full of drama, high level nonsense like Karen’s Press Conference, charity event wars, the trip to Cannes, and pizza delivery mysteries. Let’s get into this reunion!Andy starts with the news!  Monique is pregnant, Robyn has a new haircut, and Ashley spent her 30th birthday on a spiritual trip to Bhutan. Karen is wearing her wedding ring.
Karen is asked about how she feels about everyone not believing she lives in the Great Falls house.  Karen says she is hurt by those comments, which are not true.
We are shown clips, including the one of Ashley wearing Karen’s wig, and a side by side shot of Karen’s wig coming off and Ashley wearing  the same wig.  Karen says she needed a good laugh the night that Ashley did this, and that hearty laugh is how she really laughs.

The topic of Monique supposedly drinking and driving, and also drinking too much comes up. housewives of potomac season 3 reunion part one candiace monique karen Monique says after those episodes, people said her miscarriage was because of her drinking. Monique sayd was not true, and is an awful thing to say to someone.
Ashley says she does not feel bad about what she said about the time Monique drank at lunch, then drove home, because others have said Monique has problems with alcohol.  Monique and Ashley yell at each other.  Andy asks Ashley if it is hypocritical that she drinks Coronas, and says no, but Monique is an alcoholic
Gizelle tells Monique she goes into “Bathesda mode” after two drinks. Andy tells Monique she is being “crazy defensive” about this, and Monique says that because this is an attack on her.
Karen says she believes Monique, and Ashley is a pot stirrer.  Ashley pipes up, and Karen tells her to “shut the fuck up”.
Monique gets asked about the title of her blog, and if it implies that other moms are lazy.  Monique  says no, except for lazy moms. No, Monique, no.
Robyn asks if mothers who do not use essential oils on her children, and Monique says no.
Gizelle is asked why she has such a problem with Monique.  Karen tells Gizelle nothing Monique will ever say will ever be good enough for her.

The focus turns to Candiace.  The first thing that is discussed is that Candiace said Chris has a brown penis, with a pink tip.
Andy asks what it was like for her in France, when all the women were laughing at her.  What kind of question is this?  How do you think she felt?
Ashley starts coming down on Candiace, because she got so upset about Chris not wanting to hold her purse, then called her a princess. Candiace tells her that everything Chris said to her about the princess comment was edited, and he said she “ain’t shit”, which did not make it on the show.
The women wonder if they will see Chris’s penis, and Andy insists they will see Chris’s “dick” tonight.  Please, no.
Candiace and Ashley argue about pageants.  Ashley says she was in Miss America, and that Candiace does “off-brand” pageants. housewives of potomac season 3 reuion part one candiace
Gizelle suggests that Candiace should talk to Chris’s ex-wife, for the sake of the children.
Candiace is asked who was not invited to her wedding, and the answer is Gizelle.  She invited Ashley, and says even though Ashley is “messy”, she has a good heart.

Robyn is up next.  We see everything her and Juan have been through this season, including everyone’s favorite person, medium Psychic Justin. We also see her umbrella fight with Monique.
Robyn says she and Juan have gotten closer, because their financial issues have gotten better.  This is all thanks to Robyn.
Robyn insists that Psychic Justin did not get any information online, and it was just his psychic powers. Oh Robyn, no!
Andy brings up Robyn and Monique’s event wars.  Robyn claims that Monique’s event was not special to Monique, and Monique obviously disagrees.
They argue over whether or not Gizelle controls Robyn, which is a fast forward moment.  Monique says that Gizelle is only friends with people she thinks are beneath her, especially Robyn. housewives of potomac season 3 reuion part one robyn
They get into the meme of Robyn that ended up on Monique’s fan page, run by her brother.  Everyone thinks Monique should have asked him to take that meme down.  As Gizelle talks over her, Monique apologizes to Robyn, and says she will talk to her brother about the meme.

Karen is asked about Ray’s tax evasion issues, and how she felt about the group insisting that Karen knew about everything.
Andy asks what the debt is that Ray has to repay. and Karen says Ray will answer that when he gets on the stage.
The press conference comes up.  Gizelle says she was there to support Karen, even though she was wearing the t shirt with the hastags on them. Gizelle says all the women had already seen the news in the local papers, before they went , and she just wanted to make a joke.
Andy asks why Karen even had a press conference, and Karen says she wanted to see who among the group were her friends.  Andy asks if it would not save her grief if she was just honest about these things in the first place.  Karen says she was too busy to tell anyone, because she was dealing with two dying parents. Karen, none of these are answers to the questions asked.
Gizelle says it is hard to have a relationship with Karen, because she cannot trust Karen to be honest in any way.  Gizelle also tells Karen as someone who is supposed to be a friend, she does not “allow” her “to be”.
Karen says she is not lying, she is surviving. She says Gizelle does not know what is going on with her. Karen claims just because she did not speak to Gizelle for a few months does not mean it was personal. She says Gizelle does not care about her, and just cares about “being messy”.
Karen mentions her parents are now gone, and she walks off the stage crying. housewives of potomac season 3 reuion part one karen walking off Andy explains to the women that she just buried her father a few days before the reunion.
Gizelle goes back stage to comfort Karen, the rest of the group sit silently, some of them crying.
Gizelle gives Karen a big hug.  Karen says she cannot do this reunion.  Gizelle encourages her to stay.  Gizelle tells Karen her parents raised a strong, badass, black woman.
The first part of this reunion ends with a closeup of Karen’s dressing room door.
Everybody breathe.

What did we learn this week-  Andy, no one wants to spend time talking or thinking about Chris’s penis, except Candiace. Unfortunately, this will be talked about again next week when the husbands are paraded out.

I don’t think anyone can watch this and not feel for Karen losing her father.  It makes sense that Karen is being a little extra snippy.
As for Karen answering any questions, we all know this is never going to happen. This house drama is going to continue next season, and Karen still will never answer anything.

-Aoife, TV Maven



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