Poker, Pary, and Pusses

housewives of orange county season 13 episode 5 shannon tamra pokerThe Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 13, Episode 5, Orange County Hold ‘Em

Vicki is at work, and her son Michael now works with her at Coto Insurance. Vicki says she could have picked anyone for the position, but picked her son.  As a mom, she has no shame about this at all, and owns it.  Vicki asks if he will go out for dinner with her.  He wants to go back home to his girlfriend Dani.  Vicki assaults Michael with mom questions about his relationship with Dani, as he hands her paperwork. Michael is very good at just not answering his mom’s questions.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 5 vicki MichaelVicki tells us he has empty nest syndrome.  She says she even bought Brianna a house in Orange County so they could see each other all the time.  Will one of Vicki’s children please voluntarily move back to Orange County?

Shannon and Kelly go to dinner.  They talk about dating, and they clearly have two different ways of handling dating after divorce.
Kelly tells Shannon she seems like she is going through a funk. Shannon says she is not ready to date, because she is not comfortable enough with her body, and was told she was horrible in many ways for years.  Kelly tells her she heard those things too, and she has days where she is lonely and depressed.  Shannon says she does as well. Kelly tells us it looks like she has a good time going out with guys, but the truth is she just got out of a long marriage, and does not want to be alone.  Shannon and Kelly cry, and hold hands.  They are happy they have reached a point in their relationship where they are supportive friends. This is one of the best moments in the entirety of OC Housewives history.  We rarely see this level of support or comradery.

Gina and her friend Tatiana go to an antique store. Gina is looking for a gift for her nanny, Lupe. housewives of orange county season 13 episode 5 gina Gina tells Tatiana she has been hanging out with Tamra’s friends lately.  They talk about Vicki.  Gina says she can understand the best way to start a new friendship, is not to state opinions the way she did.  Gina says where she comes from, it is normal. Gina is correct.
Gina says Orance County girls are serious, and not authentic. Tatiana agrees.  They try on hats and jackets, and completely forget why they are at the store.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 5 gina shopping

Tamra joins Shannon, who is shopping for fitness equipment.  Tamra tells us Shannon does not like to work out. Tamra shows her how to do some lower body exercises on one home gym.
Tamra asks Shannon why she went out with Kelly the night before. Shannon tells her they have mended their friendship, and were bonding over being newly divorced.
Tamra tells us she is feeling a little jealous, and wonders why she was not invited.  Tamra tells us Shannon calls her crying all the time, but has never called to see how Eddie is doing.  Tamra tells her that going out with Kelly, and getting drunk on social media is not a good idea. Shannon reminds us that Tamra broke her leg after getting out of a hot tub drunk, and should not be lecturing her about one night out with Kelly.

Emily throws a poker party for the group, with the help of her sister in law Shireen. Emily says during the day she is an attorney, but at night, she is a party planner.
Shannon and Kelly are the first to come into the house, and Shannon wears her green poker suit! Tamra calls it a “green mess”.  It is so ugly, but perfect for poker night.
Emily’s mother in law Pary arrives, looking fabulous. We love Pary Joon!
Everyone sits down to dinner before poker. Vicki arrives late, because she runs on “Vicki time”. Vicki compliments Shannon on her poker suit before she sits at the table. Thank you Vicki!  Appreciate the poker suit.
Kelly says someone from the Houston Rockets asked her out, and she is dating a bunch of people.  She tells Pary dating a bunch of people means she is not seeing anyone.
The topic turns to old men scrotum sagginess, always great dinner talk.
The topic of Michael comes up ,and Kelly tells Emily. Gina, and Pary what happened with the divorce. Pary asks if Michael is seeing anyone now.  Kelly tells Pary that Vicki set Michael up with someone, and Pary seems shocked.  Vicki immediately gets super defensive. Vicki asks  Kelly if she really wants to go there again and talk about it.  Kelly says she does.  Vicki says she is over it.  Pary basically tells Vicki she was wrong. Vicki tells Kelly she is acting crazy, is crazy, and is being ridiculous. This is typical nasty Vicki deflection.
Shannon jumps in, and Vicki says she would never set David up with anyone, because David was not good to Shannon.  Everyone at the table talks about how messed up this was, and how none of them would ever do that to a friend.  Kelly cries, and tells Vicki she has been a constant let down to her.  Pary Joon comforts her. Vicki and Kelly decide the best way to deal with this for now is to not talk about it at all.
The topic is changed, as Shannon tells the women her QVC food line is coming out soon. Everyone congratulates her, and Tamra thinks it is wonderful that Shannon has come so far, and loves the business side of Shannon.

It is poker time!  After Gina makes a joke about STIs, Emily says Gina is extra loud and opinionated when she is drunk.
housewives of orange county season 13 episode 5 vicki gina poker
This is true! As the ladies drink shots, Gina tells everyone they are “pusses” for not drinking more.
Gina says the woman with the most Botox should start. The over forty women at the table do not appreciate this comment.
Tamra tells Vicki to come outside, and Shannon joins them.
Tamra says they need to talk about the Kelly situation, and Vicki is saying the wrong things to her. Vicki says she does not want any problems. Kelly is called outside, and Pary joins her.
Vicki does a Vicki apology, which includes how sorry she is and how much she loves Kelly.  Kelly says she was just hurt by all of this, and Pary hugs her like a mom.
Kelly says she needs friends when her children are visiting with Michael, and everyone offers support.  Poker night!

The next morning, Tamra drives Eddie to an appointment for a procedure for his heart.housewives of orange county season 13 episode 5 tamra driving Tamra tells us Eddie has been resistant to treatment, and nothing the doctors are doing is working. Eddie says medicine is “fucking bullshit”.  He is not entirely wrong.  The whole situation is extremely frustrating for both Eddie and Tamra. Eddie says he cannot think about it all the time, which is a good way to be, if one is able.

Emily and Shane talk about poker night. Gina was the last to leave,  and she was very loud. Apparently, Shane and also their  daughter could not sleep. Shane actually yelled at Gina to get out of the house.
Emily tells Shane she is from New York.  Shane asks if he goes to New York, will he meet a lot of loud, “obnoxious”, opinionated women.  Yes Shane, you sure will.  Shane tells Emily he does not like “loud, cackling, older women”, and that Gina appeared “drunken”. Shane, you are clearly a delight of a human being.

On the way home from Eddie’s appointment.  Tamra tells Eddie he has to go to the hospital for four days, in order for the doctors to try and shock his heart again.  She asks him if he wants another opinion.  Eddie says he wants to talk to a doctor in San Francisco.
Eddie and Tamra are understandably, extremely frustrated, and overwhelmed by the whole situation.

What did we learn this week-  I love Pary Joon so far!  She does not seem to be judgemental like Shane, which is a very good thing.  Let us hope this is true.

It is really nice that Kelly and Shannon are bonding.  I feel bad that Tamra feels left out, and she could use the support.  Maybe all three of them will end up hanging out together this season.

– Aoife, TV Maven


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