Amygdalas, Mama Dee, and Pink SparkleDog Food

housewives of dallas season 3 episode 1 Brandi baby
The Real Housewives of Dallas – Season 3, Episode 1, Your Amygdala Is Showing

The Dallas crew is back! We have missed them tearing up the town, and throwing things!
These ladies are always out of control, so let us see what they have in store for us this season.Brandi and her husband have a adopted a baby boy, Bruin! Stephanie is the one who arranged it all, and it kind of just happened. Someone came to her asking if anyone wanted to adopt this baby.  He is an adorable little peanut. and is also a ginger.
This all happened very quickly, so there was no time for a shower or any event celebrating Bruin’s arrival into the world.

LeeAnne has a private mindfulness meditation session with David Sunshine.  This is part of her continuous quest to get a hold of her issues, and thrive. D’Anrdra arrives, and asks LeeAnne how she is going to keep silent for an hour.
David asks LeeAnne why she is there for mindfulness meditation.  She tells him she has anger issues because she of her enlarged amygdala.  D’Andra tells us it is not LuAnne’s amygdala, it is her.
The have a  meditation session peppered with flashbacks of all kinds of things LeeAnne has said and done over the last two seasons.  housewives of dallas season 3 episode 1 Leeeanne meditation
LeeAnne tells D’Andra afterward that she can see why meditation can effect ones amygdala. D’Andra makes a face, and is clearly trying to stop her eyes from rolling in the back of her head.  D’Andra, remind us, do you have a medical degree?

Stephanie joins Brandi to go baby shopping, and meets Bruin for the first time. Stephanie cries tears of joy, and holds him. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 1 stephanie brandi baby  Stephanie tells us she how happy she is for Brandi, and where she is in her life right now.  Brandi says she has not told Cary, or the other women about Bruin, and will do so when she is ready.

Kameron and her husband Court have a discussion about the amazing pink SparkleDog dog food. Kameron says right now it is only being sold in a few boutiques and on Amazon, and Court wants her to make more money with it.
Kameron tells us yet again that everyone thinks she is a dumb blonde, but this time, the twist is she turned down a chance to go to college to major in “textiles”.
Court tells Kameron she needs a new distributor, because her business is not doing well.  Their daughter interrupts, shouting about the conversation being awkward..  The children are asked if they like SparkleDog dog food, and they say no, they want more time with their mom.
Court asks the children if they want mommy to stop with the SparkleDog and stay at home.  Their daughter’s answer is once again to scream about how this is all so awkward.

LeeAnne and Rich are in his car, and she tells him about being wary about going to D’Andra’s upcoming anniversary party.  She says she feels horrible about the things she said to Cary in the past, and would like to discuss things before the anniversary party.  Rich tells her to call her right now, and meet with her.
LeeAnne immediately calls Cary, and asks if they can talk before the party.  Cary seems reluctant, but agrees.  This is awkward, but hopefully something good will come out of it.

Brandi and Stephanie get mani-pedis, and Brandi brings Bruin.  Stephanie tells us she is happy Bruin is there, and hopes one day he will think of her as an aunt. housewives of dallas season 3 episode 1 stephanie
Stephanie asks her if she is going to D’Andra’s anniversary party.  Brandi says she is not going, and does not want to accept an invitation from someone who does not like her. She says D’Andra was horrible to her, Cary was horrible to her and does not want to see her. She is also wary of seeing LeeAnne again, after the last reunion.

Cary and LeeAnne meet for coffee. Cary tells us she has not seen LeeAnne in months, because she has not gone to every charity event in Dallas.
LeeAnne says her concerns with having coffee is that she will say what she wants to move forward, but will get on the phone and talk behind her back the second she leaves.
LeeAnne asks Cary where they are.housewives of dallas season 3 episode 1 LeeAnne Cary says she is still hurt, and does not want to be friends at this moment in time.
LeeAnne tells her she wants her to be happy, and Cary says she needs to see if LeeAnne is going to respect her.  Cary says actions speak louder than words, LeeAnne says she owns those actions.  Cary says she does not want to rehash it, because it makes her sick.
There is a moment of silence.  LeeAnne apologizes, and tells her they want to move on, and just be civil.  Cary says she would like to be able in the same room with her, but is not ready to have lunch yet.
They are being real with each other, and they both appreciate it. Cary agrees to take it one day at a time with LeeAnne, and they toast to that.

LeeAnne and Rick head to D’Andra’s party.  LeeAnne is very happy about being able to be in the same room as Cary now, but is worried about seeing some of the others.  Rick says, “it’s all good in the hood”.  Did any of you groan when he said this?
D’Andra and Jeremy arrive slightly early, and tinker with the seating cards.  D’Andra gets a text from Brandi, saying she will not be coming. D’Andra wonders why, and gets a little upset for a moment, but Jeremy gets her to relax.
Mama Dee walks in!  D’Andra avoids greeting her at first, but gets around to it.  Dee tells her date she has been married fourteen time.  Mama Deeeeeeee!
Mama Dee tells her group she is bored, and wishes they would do something.  Dee crashes the Housewives conversation for a bit, and D’Andra notes that everyone wishes her mother was their mother.
Kameron is relieved that LeeAnne and Cary are good at this party, because in the past,  watching them fight was exhausting.

Dinner time! Stephanie has been seated next to LeeAnne on purpose.  Stephanie tells us she had a dream she was seated next to LeeAnne the night before, and now her nightmare is coming true,
LeeAnne tells the table that D’Andra spelled her name wrong, and jokes about it.  LeeAnne and Stephanie toast to getting ridiculously drunk together in the future.  Stephanie tells us it is weird that LeeAnne is so nice tonight, but she wants to give her another chance. Cary tells us that she is happy LeeAnne and Stephanie are getting along, but that after four drinks, Stephanie will get along well with anyone.
As the party wraps up, D’Andra announces there will be a surprise wedding that night, LeeAnne and Rick.  Rick seems really embarrassed, but LeeAnne laughs.
D’Andra’s party was not full of overt drama, and it was mostly Mama Dee who was being super passive aggressive more than anyone else.  In the world of the Housewives, this party was a success.

What did we learn this week-  Let us hope that Cary and LeeAnne’s agreement to be civil to each other holds up.

I hope we do not hear about pink SparkleDog food again for the rest of the season…but we will. For more thoughts on SparkleDog, please enjoy Deidre’s focused recap from last season. Sparkle dog food, smart

-Aoife TV Maven





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