LuAnn’s Cabaret, and Sonja’s Lingerie

housewives of new york city luann sonja cabaretThe Real Housewives of New York City – Season 10, Episode 19, Life is a Cabaret


LuAnn prepares for her cabaret show!  There will be special guests, like comedians  Rachel Dratch, and Bridget Everett.  Sonja’s duet with LuAnn will be spectacular no matter what happens.  We know that much about Sonja Morgan.

Bethenny is excited for the event, and expects it to be over the top theater.
LuAnn’s daughter brings her flowers back stage, and the makeup news is that LuAnn will be wearing the Cabaret Red color she made at the lipstick blending shop.

Tinsley throws a pre-cabaret gaming session.  Dorinda arrives in sequined jumpsuit glory.  She teaches Tinsley how to properly open a bottle of champagne. Dorinda knows from former experience as a waitress.
Tinsley asked if John is invited, but Dorinda says no.  Dorinda says it would have been a nice gesture.
Carole shows up, also decked out in sequins  Tinsley takes a photo of our two sequined ladies.
Dorinda says that LuAnn told her if she wanted John to come, he would have to buy a ticket.  This is after Dorinda arranging for LuAnn to get all the outfits she needed for her cabaret show.

Everyone arrives at Feinstein’s 54 Below, for the event!  LuAnn looks statuesque and ready to perform!
The women gather at their table.  Tinsley tells Carole that LuAnn did not invite John, but LuAnn called her that day to invite Scott.  Carole tells us this is just not nice.  Tinsley asks Carole if she should tell Dorinda.  Carole says she believes in transparency, so she says Tinsley should absolutely tell Dorinda.
Bethenny and Ramona are in black sequins. Everyone is so sparkly for this occasion.
Sonja comes in wearing a red dress for her performance.  She is the lady in red when everybody else is wearing sequins.
Tinsley calls Dorinda over to tell her about LuAnn’s invite faux pas.  Tinsley tells her earlier that day, LuAnn texted, asking if Tinsley wanted to invite Scott.  Dorinda puts on her reading glasses, so she can read the receipts. After seeing the texts, Dorinda says that is really hurtful.  Carole tells Dorinda that Tinley really wanted her to know, but did not want to add to her stress earlier on.
Bethenny wonders if it may have slipped LuAnn’s mind before the show, and Dorinda tells her she spoke to LuAnn that morning. Bethenny tells us this was not some “demonic plot” to leave John out.
Sonja thinks Dorinda should let it go.

Cabaret time, out walks LuAnn, and Dorinda gives her venom-tipped dagger eyes. housewives of new York city season 10 episode 19 dorinda upset
LuAnn makes a jokes in her monologue about her arrest, and staying sober.  It’s not funny, but Rachel Dratch steps in so save the day.   We see small clips of other performances.  Do yourself a favor, and find a clip of Bridget Everett singing to the Housewives!
LuAnn does a costume change, and a bad comedy act about being arrested. If I was there, I would be so blissed out by Bridget Everett, I would not have cared.  It is all cheesy fun.

It’s time for LuAnn and Sonja’s duet!
housewives of new york city luann sonja cabaret dress issue too
Their comedy routine is so bad, but fun to watch if you are a Housewives watcher.
They sing Money Can’t Buy You Class.  But then Sonja’s dress decides to completely come apart.
housewives of new york city sonja cabaret dress issues
Sonja gets it all together, and keeps singing like there is nothing happening, while keeping her dress on in one piece. Sonja you are a professional!
This was all fun to watch, especially Bridget Everett, and Sonja.
Carole says she is having so much fun, she does not even care that LuAnn sings off-key.
LuAnn sings Chic C’est La Vie!!  Thank you Bravo, for showing us that clip.

After the show, everyone celebrates.  A mystery man from the show gave Carole flowers.
Bethenny and Sonja have a conversation about how Dorinda should go to rehab.  Fun post-cabaret conversation!
Bethenny and Carole talk at the bar, and Ramona comes over to join them.  Bethenny tells her she and Carole are having a private conversation, and will she please go away. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 19 ramona carole Ramona says she needs to talk to Bethenny too.  Bethenny tells her to call her secretary, and make an appointment, because she is busy at the moment.
Ramona decides to talk anyway.  She tells Bethenny she is disappointed that Bethenny did not even call her to congratulate her on her skincare line event.  Bethenny tells Ramona she is sorry she is disappointed, but does not apologize. Ramona cannot believe this, and tells her she does not believe in empowering women. She storms away from the bar.

Ramona talks to Carole away from the bar.  Carole tells Ramona not to take Bethenny’s comments seriously, and this seems to help Ramona.
Everyone else joins them, and LuAnn makes her party entrance. housewives of new york city season 10 episode 19 party
Dorinda notes that LuAnn is wearing another dress John got her for her performance. Bethenny tells Dorinda to let it go, and Dorinda says no, she is upset about this situation. Dorinda says she would have had a much better time if John had come with her.  Bethenny tries to defend LuAnn’s decision to invite Scott.
Bethenny ends up going up to LuAnn and asks her straight out why she did not invite John, but invited Scott. LuAnn did not want to invite John because of their issues. As for Scott, she thought of it last minute.
Bethenny goes back to report to Dorinda, and tells her what LuAnn said.
Carole tells LuAnn that there is drama afoot, and LuAnn says nobody is ruining her night tonight. LuAnn claims that she never said John could not come because there were not enough seats.
Dorinda comes over, thanks LuAnn, tells her she looks gorgeous, she loved the show, and says she is leaving, but thanks LuAnn for inviting Scott last minute.  This does not sit well with LuAnn. Dorinda is upset, and continues thanking for hosting such a wonderful evening, and inviting Scott, then leaves.
LuAnn tells Bethenny she feels sad about Dorinda’s drinking.
Dorinda says she is out of this friendship, if this is how LuAnn is going to act.
Bethenny and Carole end up hugging, and seem like they are trying to be good with each other again.
Tinsley gives LuAnn a gift, a pair of pillows that say What Happens in Palm Beach Stays in Palm Beach.  LuAnn reflects on how far she has some since rehab.
We see at the end of the episode that LuAnn decided to go back to rehab, and will not be at the reunion.

What did we learn this week- Say what you will about Sonja, she can turn any situation around.

I am not looking forward to the inevitable does Dorinda have an alcohol problem at the Reunion, nor Ramona yelling at Bethenny for not calling her about her skincare line event.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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