Nema’s Confession, Reza’s Hair Care Obsession

shahs of sunset season 7 episode 3 nema
Shahs of Sunset – Season 7, Episode 3, A Date With Destiney

Reza goes to check out his and Adam’ house, which is not yet built.  MJ arrives, in high-heeled turquoise boots. Reza tells her she is not dressed for a construction site.MJ brings lunch, and champagne in mini bottles.
She and Reza run down their messiest moments from the night before.  He tells her they got on stage, and she talked about GG. MJ remembers that, and wonders what will come from it.  Reza says he wouldn’t “trip” about anyone else, but he does not know about GG, nor does he seem to care.
MJ says that since divorcing Shalom, GG does not want to see other people be happy.
They toast to Reza and Adam’s new house.

GG goes to get her Shalom tattoo removed.  GG, there were so many other words you could have put on your body!  She tells the tattoo removal dermatologist she likes the tattoo, but not the person.
Destiney arrives, and encourages GG to get this man’s name off her body.
The procedure looks very painful, GG says it feels like being stabbed by hot nails.  She jokes with us, and says she likes it.  GG will have to do this seven or nine more times, before the tattoo is removed. Kids, never get tattoos of your lovah’s name, ever.  Removal is expensive, and painful.

Mona and Nema go to dinner.  Nema says he and Mona are super close, and maybe closer than most siblings.  It makes them both feel physically ill when people think they are a couple.
Mona asks Nema what is going on with GG.  Nema says he has chemistry with GG, but he is with his girlfriend, Erica.  He says he still needs to tell Erica what happened.  Mona says this all puts her in a bad position, because she loves Erica.
Nema tells Mona he does not think before he acts, then overthinks after that. Nema, we can see that.

Reza and Mike go out for a walk with their dogs.  Reza met a lady in the dog park who told him he had great hair. It turns out she and her husband run a multi-million dollar hair care business, and wants to invest in their company. Reza thinks he may not want to say anything to Adam about it, because Adam will just bring up the face he wants a baby now.  Mike thinks it is a bad idea for Reza to keep anything from Adam, since keeping secrets ruined his marriage with Jessica.

MJ meets with Leora, her wedding planner.  MJ’s new assistant is there as well.  They have everything except the venue. MJ says she wants to look like a forest nymph in an enchanted forest, with harps, and “no one bitching at my wedding”. MJ’s advice for other people getting married is since they cannot be her, they should act like her. I want her to have a forest nymph wedding, but feel like it is not going to end up like that at all.

Nema and his girfriend Erica go for a walk with their dogs.  He tells her how happy he is to spend time with her.  Nema tells Erica he wants to tell her something that happened in Big Bear. He says he has been anxious about it, and he can’t escape how bad he feels. Erica tells him to get to the point. Shahs of sunset season 7 episode 3 erica Nema tells her there was “like almost a kiss”. Erica asks Nema how one would almost kiss.  He says they both stopped it before it happened.
Erica is clearly upset. She said it is not about what almost happened, but the deeper issue is they have been together for a long time, and why would he do this.
Nema says there are some conflicts from the past that has not been resolved, telling us it is from his first marriage.
Erica the next step in her life is engagement, marriage, and children.
Nema says he has always been honest about not wanting to have children.  He tells Erica he is not going to waste another second of her time.
Erica suggests they should take a break.
Nema apologizes, but Erica says an, “I’m sorry”, is not really working at the moment.

Destiney goes on a date, but is 45 minutes late.  Traffic! She tells us she needs a man whose pepito is bigger than hers.  It turns out they both have similar family backgrounds, Destiney’s father had to go back to Iran, and was never able to come back to the US. Her date’s father had the same experience, except he went back to Iraq.
The date seems to have gone well, Destiney is always fun.

Shervin, and GG  go out.  GG says MJ started texting her, and they want to work things out.  GG says she is done, and tells Shervin she has no more compassion left for her. GG tells all she wants is to hear MJ say she was wrong, and apologize.
They are joined by Mona, Nema, and Mike, who just happened to be going to the same spot.  Shervin’s friend Vahid also happens to be there.
Mike tells us every Persian in town seems to be at this bar, and it is an Iranian invasion.
Mike jokes to Nema that he had better not make a move on GG again. Nema says he told Erica what happened, and she is done with him for now.  He says wants to give her space, so he has moved out of their place.
Mike tells us he sees a lot of himself in Nema, and understands what Nema has been through with divorce.

Reza works at removing trees at his new house, and Adam joins him.  Reza tells Adam to come inside and look, since he has not been there in months. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 3 adam reza
Adam will be getting a small closet. Adam tries to bargain for more room, but Reza says when he pays for the house, he can have a big closet.
Adam asks where are the childrens rooms.  Reza says for now, they will have one guest room they can turn into a baby’s room.
Reza tells us he wants to invest almost all of his retirement money into this hair care product line, but told Adam they are over budget for the house.  Reza, what are you doing?

Mike says he wants to do more for homeless people.  He asked his friends to donate for items that homeless people he talked to say they need the most. He put together donations of socks, and blankets.  The whole group, except for MJ and GG, help Mike get everything on a truck.  They then go to Skid Row, and distribute everything.  This is a really kind gesture.

GG and MJ meet in a meditation garden to talk. GG tells us she had a friendship with MJ before the hurt, and thinks they need positive energy right now.
MJ tells GG she feels a great love for her, and asks if she feels the same for her.  GG says yes.  MJ says she was hurt by her not being happy for Reza, and then saying something nasty to her.  GG gets upset and asks why MJ brought up Shalom at her party, which was really low of her.  MJ says Shalom’s name again, and GG gets angry. shahs of sunset season 7 episode 3 GG MJ She yells at MJ for a bit, and MJ is cool, but cruel back.  At some point GG tells MJ to come at her. MJ asks GG if she really wants to physically hurt her like that, considering she has never done so before.
GG says the first night in Big Bear, MJ went after her, and she was hurt, and struck back.
GG ask if they can be sisters.  MJ asks for her hand, and tells her the next time they want to say something nasty to each other they won’t.
MJ then tells GG she needs electrolysis for her sideburns, and GG says she likes her sideburns and is keeping them.

What did we learn this week-  Nema seems like a total jerk, so it’s good for Erica that he told her the truth.  If she wants children, and Nema does not, perhaps they should not be together.

Reza should not be keeping huge financial secrets from Adam, while complaining about their house being over budget.

It’s great that GG and MJ were able to let each other know how much they have hurt each other in a small amount of time. I love that MJ was able to calm down an angry GG, and GG allowed MJ to do that.

-Aoife, TV Maven

Read more about how Reza’s hair care line is going here, here,   and here.


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