Reunion Part Two: What Karen Heard, and Flipping the Bird

housewives of potomac reunion part two chris monique ray karen
The Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 3, Episode 20, Reunion Part Two

Last week, at the end of the episode, Karen walked off the reunion stage.  We found out she had lost her father right before the taping of the reunion. Gizelle continues to comfort Karen in her dressing room. The women say they want to be there for Karen, but they do not know if they can trust her. Gizelle comes back from Karen’s dressing room.  She says that Karen does not feel like she has anyone now that her parents are gone.
The women say they feel for her, some feel bad about what they had just said to her.
Karen comes back onstage, and the set falls silent.
Andy mentions to the groups that her father recently passed, and Karen says she is having a moment  because she misses him.  Robyn and Ashley apologize, and offer their sympathies.  Karen accepts, saying it feels genuine.
Andy wonders if this means some of the others will get along, and the answer is no! Andy, you know the answer is no.

The focus turns to Gizelle, and her relationship with Sherman.  We also see clips of the drama involving Kyndall.
Charisse joins everyone for the conversation.  Hello Charisse! By the by, Charisse should have been a full Housewife this season.
Gizelle says that Monique planned on inviting Kyndall to her event months before the season even started.  Monique vehemently denies this.  Charisse says she recommended Kyndall for the show for the last two seasons. However, she says she had nothing to do with Kyndall being on the show this season. Monique tells Charisse she told her to invite Kyndall to her event to get back at Gizelle, and Charisse denies it.

The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 3

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC — “Reunion” — Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Boalch Darby, Robyn Dixon, Charrisse Jackson Jordan — (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Gizelle says Kyndall was too boring to be on the last two seasons. Gizelle says she dating Sherman is the only reason why Kyndall was on this season, and was brought “out of the closet”.
Gizelle is asked what happened with Sherman.  Gizelle says he got wary about being with Gizelle because he was in the spotlight so much.
After being asked, Gizelle says she never wants to get married again, and Karen thinks that is wise.  Gizelle says Sherman wants to get back together, and they talk four to five times a day.  They will be going to counseling.

Andy tells Monique she got a lot of flack for the Sherman situation.  Monique says she regrets everything she said.  Gizelle asks Monique which time she felt bad about saying something, since it was more than once. Gizelle also says Monique did not feel bad until she got “roasted” about it on Twitter.
Andy wonders where Monique and Charisse’s friendship stands.  Monique says she loves, and cares about Charisse.  Chrisse says Monique did things that were questionable to her.  Andy asks Charisse if it was because Monique was using her for her social contacts, and Charisse  says she never said that.  Monique and Charisse yell about this, and surprisingly, there is no resolution. Oh, reunions!

The husbands are brought out, and hold up, what in the Nine Hells is Chris Basset wearing? housewives chris bassett tuxUnfortunately, the first question Chris is asked is if he has a brown penis. Apparently, it is dark. I am fairly sure those of you who were wondering, and now know, realize you never really wanted to know this answer.
Chris Samuels is asked how he feels about the friendship problems with Monique and Charisse.  He says he really likes Charisse, but if someone does Monique wrong, she is not going to be in contact with that person.

Karen is finally asked about her living situation. Ray laughs, and when asked why he is laughing, says he is doing so to keep from crying.
Ray says he does not tell Karen about any of his business dealings. He did not tell Karen about the tax problems, because he did not think it would have had any effect on her at all. Ray says he had some problems “identifying” the tax issues, as did the government. Ahh, a mutual mistake that anyone could have made, we can all relate to that.
Ray tells Andy, “you all exploited the hell out of it”. Andy tells Ray this story was in the Washington Post. Ray, you and Karen signed up for this show.

Karen is asked her reaction to the pizza delivery.  Karen says she knows Gizelle, Robyn, and Wolverine Ashley were “being bitches”.  Ray tells them they got the “landscaping guy” in a lot of trouble, because Ray yelled at his workers. Ray thought they were lounging in the front of his house eating pizza, and had left it there.  We are dealing with some truly wonderful people on this show.
Robyn apologizes to Ray, and says they just wanted Karen to answer the door.
Karen tells them they did not have to do this, and it was childish.  All of them say it was fun. Karen says she has seven years left to press charge against them For what?

Assistant Matt’s part in all of this is brought up again. Karen tells Ashley that Matt never told her anything. Ashley tells Karen, Matt talks to the other ladies all the time.  Karen says this is because Matt is a very nice person.  Charisse tells Karen she likes Matt, but he does talk about Karen behind her back.
Ray says he absolutely lives in the Great Falls house with Karen. Michael shakes his head no, and brings up that living in a rental further away from work is a bad business decision. Karen says they do not owe him an explanation, and says she is about to say what she does know about him. Ray backs up Karen.
Ashley is told people say she is obsessed with Karen.  Ashley does not agree,
Karen tells Ashley, she wants to tell her something clearly, and from a good place.  She opens with something about Ashley being a millenial, but is interrupted by Michael. Karen tells Michael she is not talking to him and he should talk to his wife.  Michael keeps going, and Karen tells him to “shut the fuck up”. Karen is giving the camera amazing drama faces, throughout all of this.housewives of potomac reunion part two karen Michael says he wants an apology from Karen for spreading rumors of that fake photo of him that went around Instagram.  Michael says that he can prove with his passport that he was not in the country at the time he supposedly took that photo.

Ashley is asked if she regrets spreading second hand gossip about Karen. Ashley says Karen sent her a C&D about talking about this, and that she had a reliable source about Blue Eyes. Karen says she is sick of the lies about Blue Eyes, and she will sue Ashley because she went way too far  Ray says he has had Blue Eye’s number in his phone for fifteen years, implying he trusts him. Andy questions Ray some more, and Ray admits  he did hire a PI to make sure nothing happened. Ray says  things are fine.  Ashley tells Ray to trust his instincts.
Charisse leaves the stage, for no reason, why does Charisse have to leave?  Charisse, we shall see you next season!

Andy talks to Ashley about the issues with Michael and their marriage this season. housewives of potomac group and michael
Ashley says she and Michael are in a better place and are trying to have a family.  Ashley had a miscarriage, and thinks there is something “going on” with her body.  Michael cries, he is heartbroken about the miscarriage, and is actually being supportive toward Ashley.  Ashley says she is seeing a traditional Chinese medicine doctor.
Monique is asked if hearing Ashley had a miscarriage changes how she feels about her, a horrible question, which does  nothing but rehash extremely painful things for Monique sobs, and says she never wants to see anyone else go what she went through.  Andy, why did you have to do this?

Robyn asks Ashley how her mom felt about her situation on camera.  Ashley says it was hard for Sheila, but she wanted her mom to see herself in a differently light. She says her mother now talks about what a blessing it was to learn from watching herself.  Karen through tears tells Ashley she is happy that she and her mother have a good relationship, and tells her to hold on to that.  Ashley tells Karen that she called her mother when Karen was backstage.  Karen also tells Ashley she did not want to see her and her mother’s relationship end because of her marriage, and is glad that did not happen. This is a nice 180 for Karen.
We are shown a music video Ashley made for a song about her love for Michael.  Autotune for days, but another tune  to add to the Housewives songs for the ages.
The husbands are kicked off the stage, and the women reflect on what they learned this season . Basically, it means that “at the end of the day”, some are mortified by their behavior this season, and others do not mind.
Good night everybody, this was Season Three of Potomac.

What did we learn this week-  Bravo, please do not bring Kyndall on next season just to give Gizelle yet another person with whom she will constantly be fighting.

Is the Potomac crew going to stop asking Karen if she lives with Ray?  Will this go on until next season? Ray’s reaction to finding this pizza was supremely awful, as well.

-Aoife, TV Maven


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